Base Station

The RF601 base station connects the handsets to the network.

Manufacturer: NORDIC ID
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The radio base station connects the RF 601 terminals with the EULANDA radio server module via the network. Base stations can be combined with other base stations to form a radio network, so that the coverage of the reception coverage can be increased as desired. The terminals can move freely in the radio cells thanks to the integrated roaming support. Each base station is equipped with an integrated TCP/IP network connection.

The radio frequency in the 433 MHz range achieves a very good penetrating power, especially in warehouses with steel shelves.

Technical specifications


Size L x H x W: 96 x 34 x 83 mm

Power supply 7.5V DC, 800mA

Connections TCP/IP, modular 5-pin RJ11 for RS232, DC connectors


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