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eulanda URL protocol (developer)

Internet Protocol: eulanda:

Besides the standard protocols http: file: etc. the eulanda: protocol is available within the running EULANDA application for accessing websites and other resources on the Internet. This can be used to display or execute database-driven contents as well as certain program functions of EULANDA.

      eulanda://client/[<path>][<filename>] [?<query>]

These special URLs can be used as hyperlinks within the EULANDA homepage or a short info page, for example. In the standard brief information, it is thus possible to jump directly to the data set displayed by simply clicking on it.

Special pages


Displays the EULANDA homepage valid for the current user.


The previous page with current information is switched off and the originally stored page is displayed.

Access to files in the registry

Certain parts of the registry will be displayed one-to-one in the Eulanda protocol. The files are stored as registry values. Here you can store web pages, graphics or scripts that are required for displaying on web pages. Compared to websites in the file system, the registry websites have a clear advantage. Like the entire SQL registry, they are stored in the client database and are thus protected by a database backup. No additional files need to be copied when transferring a backup to a mobile notebook. And they are always available for the Eulanda user. File-level shares or permissions do not need to be set up and maintained.

eulanda://./registry value

The content is overwritten with each update. The following registry key can be used to store your own web pages:

eulanda://./ALLUSER/registry value

In the registry under \USER\.ALLUSER\WEB

eulanda://./CURRENTUSER/registry value

In the registry under \USER\current_username\WEB

eulanda://./USER/~username/registry value

In the registry under \USER\username\WEB

eulanda://./VENDOR/~vendorname/registry value

In the registry under \VENDOR\vendorname\WEB

Displaying Help Pages


With this call you can call up a help page from the Eulanda.chm file. If the help file is not installed locally, the corresponding page on the Eulanda website is automatically called instead. Calling via "HELP" always displays the help page in a new browser window. "HELPHERE" remains in the current browser.


eulanda://./HELP/inside/operator's manual/operation/search.htm

calls either

mk:@MSITStore:eulanda_path\eulanda.chm::/inside/operator's manual/operation/search.htm

or the website


Access to program functions

View property pages from Accessories\Settings
eulanda://./APP/SETTINGS/feature page

Displays a single property page of Accessories Settings.

A list of valid values is attached to the API.

Calling individual data records
eulanda://./DOC/object name/id



calls up the address with the ID 545

Calling a Single Information System



Displays the information system "Items purchased" for the address with the ID 545. General information system pages (information system all data) can also be called up. For this, only 0 (zero) must be passed as ID.

Calling up the complete information system window


eulanda://./Eulanda.address/545?information system

Displays the information system for the address with ID 545. This corresponds to the call of CTRL+I for the selected address

Calling a program module
eulanda://./FORM/form name

A list of valid form names can be found in the number of APIs. Example:


starts the cash module