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Bar Code Object (iScript)

The barcode object is automatically generated when a barcode is received via the serial interface and is available within the VBScript code of the OnScan.VBS event handling routine. The prerequisite for this is the software option "Serial barcode readers".


property RawData: string read

Raw data as it comes from the scanner including all meta data, such as prefix or suffix

property Data: string readonly

without prefix, postfix, AIM

property Quantity: Integer readonly

An integer quantity specification, if supported by the barcode scanner

property AIM: string read

AIM Code+Modifier, but without square brackets "]"

property AIMSymbology: string read

AIM code only (letter)

property AIMModifier: string read

AIM modifier only (digit)

property SymbologyName: string read

Display name of the symbology, for example "Code 128"

property Prefix: string read

Prefix/Postfix, if available

property Postfix: string readonly

Prefix/Postfix, if available

property IsHandled: Boolean readonly

Checks whether "Handled" has been called

property Action: string read/write

was to become a sollent attorney - instantan 'NAVIGATE', 'INSERT', 'PASTEORINSERT'.

property ActionData: string read/write
property ScanTime: DateTime readonly

Exact time of the scan.

property AcknowledgeText: string read/write
property StampingAddress: string readonly

For some radio scanners, the unique address of the scanner that triggered the scan is stored here.

property Acknowledged: Boolean readonly
property HasDisplay: Boolean readonly


procedure Acknowledge

Confirms the scanned barcode to the barcode reader if this is required or supported by the device. The text stored via AcknowledgeText is transferred to the device. This text can also contain control codes for triggering a beep or activating a colored LED. For more information, refer to the documentation of the respective scanner.

procedure SendMessage( Msg: string)

Sends a text to the device that scanned this barcode - if supported by the device.

procedure Handled

If treatment has already been performed in the OnScan event, "Handled" must be called to inform EULANDA that no further processing is to take place.

Methods for accessing the Application Identifier (AI)

Datamatrix or Code 128 according to the GS1 standard can contain different information simultaneously - for example serial number and expiration date. The individual data is identified using application identifiers. These AIs are defined by the GS1 organization. For example, with "01" the GTIN (formerly EAN) and with "10" a batch number is initiated.

function AiIndex(aAI: string): Integer

Index of a specific AI or -1 if it does not exist

function HasAI(aAI: string): Boolean

AI available?

function AiValue(aAI: string): Variant;

Value of an AI (float, string or date) or NULL, if not found

function AI(Index: Variant): Variant;

The AI as options. Index can be integer or string

function AiCount: Integer;

Number of existing AIs

Global barcode-relevant methods

function Client.CreateObject("LASTBARCODE"): Barcode

returns the barcode object of the last scanned code or triggers an error if no code has been scanned yet

procedure ellib.internlib.HandleBarcode(BarcodeFragment: string)

Simulation of a bar code reading event. The complete code must be specified as a fragment - including any stored prefixes, suffixes

function ellib.BarcodeSendMessage(StampingAddress,Msg: string): Boolean

If the reader supports the display of messages, a text can be sent to the device. For this the radio address of the scanner is necessary.

function ellib.BarcodeBroadcast(Msg: string): Boolean

If the reader supports the display of messages, a broadcast call can be sent to all connected devices

function ellib.InitBarcode(Options: string): Boolean

Opens the serial interface. If Options is not specified, the default options stored in the registry are used.

Example: ellib.InitBarcode "port=COM4"

procedure ellib.FinitBarcode

closes the serial interface


If EULANDA is started with the parameter -debugconsole, all barcode events are displayed in the console window.

Sample output

[BARCODE] RawData 00000017066B@]d2è90AT001↔25009E310120000001↔11090131240PRODUCT_CODE↔37500
[BARCODE] AddressStamping 00000017066B
[BARCODE] AIM d2 (Datamatrix)
[BARCODE] Data è90AT001↔25009E310120000001↔11090131240PRODUCT_CODE↔37500
[BARCODE] ParseAI: 90 AT001
[BARCODE] ParseAI: 250 09E310120000001
[BARCODE] ParseAI: 11 31.01.2009
[BARCODE] ParseAI: 37 500