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Floating point number (Pascalscript)

A real type defines a set of numbers that can be displayed in floating point notation. The following table contains the ranges and storage formats of the real types defined in EULANDA®.

The Extended model offers higher accuracy.

The Currency type is a fixed-point data type that minimizes rounding errors in financial mathematical calculations. It is stored as a scaled 64-bit integer in which the four least significant digits implicitly represent four decimal places. When combined with other real types in assignments and expressions, currency values are automatically multiplied by 10000.

Typ Range Digits Bytes
Single 1,5x10-45 .. 3,4x1038 7-8 4
Double 5,0x10-324 .. 1,7x10308 15-16 8
Extended 3,6x10-4951 .. 1,1x104932 10-20 10
Currency -922337203685477,5808.. 922337203685477,5807 19-20 8