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Query Targetdevice (Pascalscript)

The "TargetDevice" output unit can be queried within a report template. This property is set in the "Basic values" data source after confirming the preceding print dialog.

The"TargetDevice" property currently supports the following values:

If the value "UNKNOWN" is returned, the output unit cannot be determined. This is the case, for example, if the value is queried within the development environment, that is, the report designer.
If "Preview" has been selected, "TargetDevice" takes the value "SCREEN".
If "Printer" has been selected, "TargetDevice" takes the value "PRINTER".
If "Fax" has been selected for print output,"TargetDevice" assumes the value "FAX".

Future versions of EULANDA® may support additional TargetDevices. If in doubt, you can retrieve the values by inserting a report template into an object "DbText" and assigning this object the data source Basic values and TargetDevice as the field value.

Set the desired output unit in the print box and request the value accordingly.

If the print dialog contained in the preview is called, the value of "TargetDevice" is not defined. "TargetDevice" is only initialized by the EULANDA® print box.