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The Administration module has general database administration functions.

Module Management


In the Administration module you can mainly delete temporary data under "Database Maintenance Tasks". This reduces the amount of data to be stored. Simply click on the desired action, which is then immediately executed and confirmed with a feedback message.

Under "Other" you will find the items "User messages and languages" as well as the "User dictionary" and "Defragment index".

User dictionary

The user dictionary can be found in the "Administration" module. There you can change the field names that appear in the reports. Like e.g. Date, Ordered by or similar.

The user dictionary

Add dictionary

First select the source and target language. Then enter the German word in the Source text field. In the field Target text enter the desired word in the target language (English, French,...).
A table appears below showing whether an adjustment has already been made and in which language. The current translation appears in the"Text" field. If you have already made a change, the word"YES" appears in the"Custom" field.
In the last step, click on "Save translation" and "Reread dictionary in EULANDA". The message "The translation memory has been reloaded" completes the process. The change is immediately available so a restart of EULANDA is not necessary.