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Error memory

Error message "...not enough memory..."

If you receive the following error message in Eulanda, the cause does not necessarily have to be missing main memory.

Note There is not enough memory available
for this command

Possible cause

Especially if the error occurs when displaying the print preview or when enlarging the print preview, this can indicate a lack of video memory. However, you should check the available main memory. You can see this in the Windows task manager.

Check the main memory

Right-click the time displayed in the Windows taskbar. Now a small menu opens. Select the item "Start Task Manager".

Now a window should open with the Windows task manager. The display differs in the individual Windows versions. Basically there are different index cards to choose from. These include "General", "Processes" and "Performance" (sometimes also called "System Performance").

Select the "Performance" tab (or System Performance tab).

Search there for the area "Physical memory". Depending on the Windows version, it is followed by KB or MB in brackets. This means that the specified values are specified in megabytes or kilobytes.

If the value next to"available" is only a few MB or a few thousand KB, there is not enough main memory. The reason for the message "There is not enough memory available for this command" is therefore the lack of main memory.