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Save record

The data record could not be saved...

Rule error: Data record could not be saved because there was a conflict with the"Job" table.

The exact message is:

The data record could not be saved because
a conflict has occurred with the"Auftrag" table.

The INSERT statement violated
the TABLE-CHECK restriction'CK_AF_ZIEL'. The Conflict
entered table Eulanda_ClientName Database

The SQL server does not allow saving a data record because the data does not correspond to a stored rule (a so-called CHECK condition). The name of the rules in EULANDA® always starts with CK_. For example, for CK_AF_ZIEL, AF is the affected table - here "order" - and the rule - here TARGET. The term of payment is referred to here. In order to know that AF refers to the Order table, this is explicitly mentioned again in the following error message.

When converting orders into invoices and copying transactions, payment terms are only accepted if the entry is consistent. If a cash discount target is entered, a percentage must also exist. The net target in days must be higher than a cash discount target, and so on. If this is not observed, the process cannot be saved - this is indicated by an SQL Server error message.

In general, all rules for protecting your data are built into the SQL server. The error messages coming from the server are not always immediately understandable under "Details". However, you enter the complete name of the rule. This always begins with CK, followed by a short name of the affected table and the actual name of the rule - in this case, TARGET.