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Convert order

Too many open orders in
"Convert to delivery note..."

If you select "Convert to delivery note..." in the extra menu under "Orders", orders are displayed although they have already been completely delivered, i.e. no more open quantities are available.

A status value was not taken into account in an earlier update. However, you can easily correct these status values by selecting and copying the text in the yellow box and having it executed in the SQL Designer.

UPDATE Auftrag
SET Status = 21
WHERE Status > 0 AND
Status < 20 and (select min(lfstatus) from auftragpos where kopfid> Auftrag.ID) >= 2

The steps in detail:

  1. Mark the text in the yellow box and copy it to the clipboard with CTRL+C.
  2. Start the SQL-Designer under "System Management".
  3. Click into the text field "SQL-Script" and paste this text with CTRL+V
  4. Start the SQL script with CTRL+E or the small green triangle symbol in the toolbar
  5. After successfully setting the status, the "Text output" should read: "Command(s) successfully completed".
  6. The work is done and you can close the SQL-Designer again.

If you have a large number of open orders, a time-out error may occur. In this case, select "Endless" from the toolbar and execute the SQL script again with CTRL+E.