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Technical requirements

General information

Here you will find the minimum technical requirements for the operation of the ERP system EULANDA® 2017.

For new installations we recommend SQL 2012.

If SQL Server 2008 R2 is to be used, Service Pack SP2 is required! Older service packs are not supported and lead to database damage!


  • Graphics card: min. VGA 1024x768 with min. 32k colors, an emergency operation is possible in mode 800x600 with hidden quick start bar.
  • Memory Workplace: 2 GB
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • Hard disk space: 400 MB free


An Internet connection is required for software updates and support via remote maintenance. The actual installation does not require an Internet connection.

Software requirements

Note: Windows® XP and Windows® Vista are not supported!

  • Workstation: Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (Windows® 10 recommended)
  • Server: Windows® 2008 R2, Server 2012 and equivalent SBS editions, (Recommended 2012 R2)
  • SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 with SP2 or SQL 2012 (Recommended SQL 2012)
  • TCP/IP protocol for the network
  • TCP/IP as SQL protocol
  • TCP port 1433 for default instance, UDP 1433 for named instance and incoming activation of SQLSERVER.EXE in the BINN folder of the SQL server

Cash hardware

  • all hardware of the brand AURES offered in our shop
  • BON printer: Epson TM T88 V with USB interface
  • Cash drawer: Compatible with Epson TM T88 V and connected to output 1
  • Barcode scanner: USB Maxiscan 2220 from Intermec, Metrologic MS 6720 with UPS to EAN default conversion, as well as all freely programmable keyboard and USB barcode readers
  • Customer display: Jarltech 8003, 8004 or 8100
  • Touch screen: Jarltech 8100

Radio terminal

Nordic ID RF601 radio terminal with PLServer driver software from version 7.0 (available in our shop).

Remote maintenance and remote training

For remote training or remote maintenance, only an existing Internet connection and a telephone connection to the consultant are required. In distance learning, the consultant's screen is transferred to your monitor. In the case of remote maintenance, however, it's the other way round; here your screen is transferred to the consultant. Remote maintenance is integrated in the help menu of EULANDA®, but can also be accessed from your online shop account. Under "My Account" and in the menu "Team Viewer" on the left side you can load it.

Other hardware

If you want to use other hardware, please ask if it has been released accordingly. In principle, every printer that can be controlled in graphic mode under Windows® should also work with EULANDA®. Make sure that you are using the latest drivers. Barcode readers that work via HID, i.e. all USB readers that simulate a keyboard stream, are also supported.

EULANDA® Small Business

The EULANDA® Small Business is delivered including the Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Express. The maximum database size of the supplied SQL server is 4 gigabytes, if larger databases are required, the standard version of SQL Server 2012, which requires an EULANDA® Enterprise, must be used. The EULANDA® Small Business can be extended as a two-station network system.

Please note the notes on network installation.

EULANDA® Professional

The professional version of EULANDA® can be extended by additional user licenses as network version. The maximum database size of the supplied SQL Server 2012 Express is 4 Gigabyte. If larger databases are required, the standard version of SQL Server 2012 must be used in conjunction with the EULANDA® Enterprise.

Please note the notes on network installation.

EULANDA® Enterprise

Under no circumstances should you work with workstation programs on a Windows® server. There are several reasons for this; firstly, only one administrator can log on to a domain controller, and secondly, the server systems would become unstable due to the different DLL versions of the application programs.

The client/server system is required for 11 or more users and requires at least one Windows® 2008 R2 Server on which the Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 software must be installed. Depending on the volume (number of users, database volume, transactions), a system with double CPU or cores is required. The working memory should be adapted to the database volume. As a rough rule of thumb, 500 MB of RAM should be added to the minimum requirements per gigabyte of database volume. If the execution speed plays an important role, we recommend the use of a RAID-5 hard disk system. In addition, the separation of data file and transaction file on different physical hard disk/RAID systems. Database servers are designed for maximum and continuous load and should only use ECC memory modules as main memory. Due to the large and tightly packed RAM, the probability of memory errors caused by radiation increases considerably. Errors are detected in ECC memories and can be corrected automatically.

Please note the notes on network installation.

Note: If the SQL-Express Server is not used, an EULANDA®-Enterprise license is required in any case.


The limits listed here refer to the current EULANDA® version and to the SQL Server currently delivered. Older EULANDA® versions have for example a user limit or a database limit of max. 2 GB

Key data and limits in EULANDA

Database systems

Max. size of a long text field2GB
max. size of an image2GB
max size of a database32 TB or 10GB for SQL Server 2012 Express (EULANDA® Professional)
max. number of data recordsDepending on data size
max. number of CPUsOne for Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 Express (EULANDA® Professional);
The EULANDA® Enterprise any number of CPUs. The number of CPUs depends only on the operating system and the SQL server used.

Product limitations

Max. number of storage locationsno limitations
max. number of extended currencyno limitations
max. images per master data recordtwo
Max. number of clientsno limit
max. number of data recordsno limit
max. number of delivery addressesno limit
max. number of contact personsno limit
max. number of representativesno limit
Max. nesting depth of parts listsno refraction
max. number of usersLicense Dependent

In order to reach the maximum limit values, the corresponding hard disk space must be free and the license of the operating system or SQL server must allow such a limit.

User rights, user roles and SQL server administration

In addition to integrated user administration, EULANDA® also supports authorization at SQL level. This requires the Microsoft Management Studio, which can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft.
In combination with EUALNDA® Enterprise and the standard SQL Server, extended management options for database maintenance, scheduled data backup, creation of DTS data packages and other tasks are possible.

Localization of the operating system

EULANDA® supports only those operating systems for which a localized EULANDA® version is available. The Spanish localized EULANDA® supports the Spanish Windows operating system, the Italian localized EULANDA® supports the Italian Windows. Additionally, Windows language packages like in Vista Ultimate are supported.