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You can download the full version including the current SQL server as a registered FTP user as setup.exe.

If you have not installed the SQL server as the default instance, the instance name must be followed by a backslash before the server name. For example, EXPRESS\MEINSERVER.

The Windows® 10 operating system is supported (minimum requirement is Windows® 7). It is automatically checked, before installation, whether the given conditions are sufficient.

If EULANDA® is installed in the network, we recommend to install it only on the server and to create a link to the workstations. Updates can then be imported centrally on the server, so that nothing more needs to be considered at the workstations. Only with slow connections it can make sense to install the program on the workstation. Further information on network installation can be found in chapter Network Installation.

Installation Steps

We recommend to use the program FileZilla to load file, because it compensates for network fluctuations.

After downloading and unpacking the file, click on the.exe file. The installation then runs with an installation manager that guides you through the individual steps.

installation manager

After some steps you have to enter your name and the company. This information is stored in the EULANDA file.

Personalize EULANDA

In the next step, select the "minimal" installation. The other versions contain all language packages that can lead to errors if not installed correctly.

installation options

Creating Clients

After all steps have been completed and EULANDA has been installed, you will reach the start menu.

Here you select Create client (1) if you are installing a new EULANDA and do not yet have any data from an older version.

Each client corresponds to a database that exists on an SQL server. The SQL server can be connected locally, in a network or anywhere via the Internet/intranet. All you need to do is drag a relationship to the work centers. In addition, port 1433 must be enabled in the network on all workstations that work with EULANDA® and also on the server.

Create Client from Backup (2) select if you are already an EULANDA user and want to transfer existing data.

Creating Clients

In the next step, you create a new client and enter your company name. The SQL Admin and Password fields are defaults:

SQL Admin: sa
Password: sa!M913

The client name is usually a short name of your company name. The name should only consist of letters from A-Z and digits from 0-9 as it is also used as file name.

After confirming the dialog box, a connection to the database server is established, the database is created and all default values are initialized. These processes can take about 10 minutes.

Creating Clients

Import License

You have received a license file from EULANDA?

Import them after selecting the menu item. It is best to create the received cneulreg.txt on your desktop and select "Search on Windows desktop" in the following menu.

You can find a video description about importing licenses here:

Import License

You do not yet have an EULANDA license?

Test EULANDA free of charge for 30 days and let the advantages convince you!