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The uninstallation, like the installation, takes place in two essential steps. First, EULANDA® is uninstalled, then the SQL server. After a restart, the folders of the respective programs are deleted.


Uninstalling the complete enterprise resource planning system means that all data entered with it will also be removed.

  1. make preparations
  2. Removing the database
  3. Uninstalling EULANDA
  4. Uninstalling the SQL Server
  5. Restarting the PC(s)
  6. Removing the EULANDA® folder
  7. Removing the SQL Server folder


Exit EULANDA® on all workstations. If a workstation is still using the program, the application cannot be uninstalled correctly because files or an open data connection to the server still exists.

Removal of the database

You remove the EULANDA database in the start menu of EULANDA®. To do this, call the right mouse menu while the mouse is over the client name in the Start menu. There you select "Administration" and "Delete database". The database contains all previously entered articles, orders etc. and is thus irrevocably deleted. Perform these steps with all clients listed in the Start menu that you want to remove.

Uninstalling EULANDA

In the Windows control panel open "Programs and functions" and uninstall EULANDA®. This removes the files that were created during installation. Newly added files, however, still remain in the EULANDA folder and must be deleted manually. If EULANDA® has been installed on different workstations, the uninstallation must also take place on these workstations. If the program was only installed on the server and only one link was created on the individual workstations, only the links have to be deleted on the workstations.

Uninstalling the SQL Server

If the SQL Server is only used by EULANDA®, it can now also be uninstalled via the Control Panel and the "Programs and Functions" item. The SQL server is located under "M" for "Microsoft SQL Server".

New start

Restart is required, otherwise the folders cannot be removed.

Removing the EULANDA® folder

After uninstalling and restarting EULANDA®, delete the EULANDA folder. This is by default in the folder c:\programme\eulanda software gmbh\eulanda. For older systems this was c:\programs\cn software gmbh\cn eulanda. If a different language version of Windows is used, the name of the program may differ. The folders are deleted in your file explorer.

Removing the SQL Server folder

After uninstalling and restarting the PC on which SQL Server was installed, also delete the SQL folder. By default, this is the folder c:\programs\microsoft sql server. If a different language version of Windows is used, the name of the program may differ. The deletion is done in your file explorer. Deleting the SQL folder also deletes all data backups of your SQL databases stored there.