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Article pictures Batch Import

EULANDA® has an image import and export interface. The program module can be accessed via the quick start bar under "Accessories".

Stack of article images

Picture import

The image import expects the image files in one of the following formats:

PaintBrush (PCX)
Windows Bitmap (BMP;DIB;RLE)
Windows Icon (ICO)
Windows Cursor (CUR)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Windows Metafile (WMF)
Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF)

The file name must be identical to the article number. In this case, the image updates the article. EULANDA® stores two images each. One as preview with low resolution and one with max. 460x460 pixels, i.e. higher resolution. The reduction of the images is done with bicubic interpolation and proportional, so that stairs at edges are avoided and the aspect ratios remain.

For example, an article with article number "4711" requires an image file "4711.BMP" or "4711.TIF" etc. The image file must have one of the file extensions and formats listed above.

The image transfer is started via the "Import" button.

Start import

The Image dialog allows you to select the image files you want to import or click on a single image. Several images are marked as usual by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the file names, or you mark an area with the mouse.

Multiple selection of images

All marked images will be imported, if the article number for the image name was found.

Preview of imported images

During the image import you can see the number of articles found and thus the number of saved images. In addition, the number of articles that could not be found in the master is displayed.

Image export

Fewer file formats are supported for image export than for import. However, you can use the most important formats, such as BMP, TIF and JPG.

Select the"Export" button to start the image export. This first displays the characteristics dialog box. If you have divided your article master into characteristics, you can combine the characteristics to which you want to export the article images here. You can always export all article images by double-clicking on the top term, in this case "article".

Characteristic selection for articles

In addition to the characteristic selection, you can also select using an SQL command.

After entering the selection, the data is compiled. The duration of the compilation depends on the number of data and the number and size of the images.

After compiling the data you will be asked for the image format. The save dialog allows you to specify the format (e.g. Jpeg, Tiff, BMP etc.), but also to make different specifications for each format. Among other things, you can determine which quality you want when saving the Jpeg images. The operation of the Save dialog is described in the"Save" chapter of the"Image Designer".

The file names of the image files are formed from the article number. If the article number consists of characters that are not suitable as file names, these images are ignored. A list of all unsavable image files is output after the export.