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Schematic data flow

Client / Server Architecture

The SHOP interface essentially transports data from EULANDA to the SHOP and vice versa. A simple client/server architecture can be used for smaller data sets and short synchronization intervals. However, if the stocks become larger (more than 3000 articles) or the changes are frequent (more than 300 articles daily) or the matching intervals should be very short (less than 5 minutes), it is advisable to add another level that does much of the work near the data center in which the SHOP software also runs.

Middle tier architecture

This third level consists of an FTP server, which holds the data to be transmitted in both directions, and a server process, which exchanges the data between the FTP server and the SHOP software. In this case, the FTP server should be near the data center that also runs the SHOP software. The server process, which exchanges the data between SHOP software and FTP, can be executed on the SHOP server, or, in case of high load, on its own server. In this case one can already speak of multi-tier architecture, since four computers are already in use for data exchange.

In a middle-tier system, the intermediate part that carries out the actual communication from the FTP to the SHOP server is also called "remote" (= remote part).