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Program EUL.exe

All data is exchanged with the EULANDA SQL server via the"EUL.exe" program. There is no direct communication with "EULANDA.exe", so that EULANDA does not have to be active to use the SHOP interface
The program "EUL.exe" queries the SQL Server for article or stock changes and exports these into an XML file. Conversely, the program also evaluates incoming XML files and generates orders in the EULANDA database. An order created can be automatically posted and further processed using various options.

If the optional EULANDA print server is available, documents such as order confirmations, delivery documents or invoices can also be printed or sent by e-mail. The EULANDA print server is a background process in an EULANDA farm and requires one or more assigned EULANDA programs.

Depending on whether data should be sent or received, "EUL.exe" must be called up with the appropriate parameters. The calls themselves can be integrated into Windows task scheduling.

EUL.exe -Profiles MyCompany -Export 1 -ExportArticle 1 -ExportCatalog = 1

In this example, all parameters from the"Config.ini" configuration file in the"MyCompany" section are evaluated. So
that these few command line parameters are sufficient, further information such as name of the output file, directory of the output file, whether all or only changed articles should be exported etc. is stored in the configuration file.
The parameters IMPORT or EXPORT always refer to the interface program. The parameter IMPORT means that data from XML files is read into the EULANDA database. The parameter EXPORT, on the other hand, means that data is read from the EULANDA database and causes an XML file to be saved.
If data is available for import, it was generated accordingly by other programs.