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Program FTP.exe

This program is optional and distributes the processes to different servers. The simple communication consists of the simultaneous execution of "EUL.exe" and "NOP.exe" on the same system. This is usually the EULANDA server with the SQL database. Communication with the SHOP system is via ODATA and the http or https protocol. The protocol has a relatively bad relationship between user data and protocol information due to the system. In addition, communication with the SHOP system is computationally intensive.FTP.exe provides the option of transferring the XML data generated by"EUL.exe" and the images directly to an FTP server. Communication via the FTP protocol is lean and very efficient. F
" also mirrors all image data from the DMS system (= document system) to the FTP server.
Besides uploading images, the program also takes care of fetching data from the SHOP server.the standard program "NOP-exe" processes the data from the FTP server to the SHOP.
for such a system it is recommended to operate an FTP server in the local vicinity of the SHOP server. FTP.exe" and "NOP.exe" would run on this server and the pair "FTP.exe" and "EULANDA.exe" would run on the EULANDA server.The direct communication between EULANDA and the SHOP would be carried out via an FTP server and the communication to the SHOP itself would take place outside the company. This can be done in a data center or as an external service. EULANDA Software offers the appropriate service here.