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The SHOP interface to the EULANDA ERP system is modularised. We offer the basic interface, which controls the communication from EULANDA up to an FTP file server, also a complete package, which controls the communication up to the integration of the SHOP system nopCommerce.

If you want to connect a SHOP other than nopCommerce, the basic interface is sufficient. Articles, pictures and stock data are stored on an FTP server (= file server in the Internet) and orders are fetched from there. The file format is an EULANDA-specific XML format. In this case, however, a third party must implement the external SHOP system. Third parties should allow at least four weeks for the development of such an implementation. Developers can get support from EULANDA Software on a ticket basis.

It is easier to use nopCommerce as SHOP software directly. Here we offer a complete integration. This full integration supports articles, suppliers, manufacturers, manufacturers, feature trees, stock figures, order reading, tracking information transmission to the SHOP, automated booking of orders, printing of documents and sending of confirmations by e-mail to the customer.

The interface is modularised and therefore particularly interesting in terms of price.

EULANDA Software also offers the individual integration of the nopCommerce system as a service, so that e. g. SHOP systems for franchise providers can be implemented. This includes warehouse synchronization up to automatic ordering processes and data exchange with each other.

This documentation describes the EULANDA-SHOP interface, but also provides valuable tips on setting up your own web server, installing the nopCommerce software, hosting, administering a DNS name server or applying for and installing certificates.

Everyone has their preferences for hosting or DNS service providers etc. However, we cannot go into all of this in this document and confine ourselves to what we use in our own house. Likewise, not every detail is illuminated with the same depth, but the overall topic is too complex and the individual levels of knowledge too different. The documentation, however, gives a very good overview of all touching topics and is also a helpful reference book.