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Program KEY.exe

This program can be used to calculate and display various keys. In addition, the result is copied to the clipboard so that it can be transferred directly into the application.


The manufacturer nopCommerce and Microsoft strongly recommend to insert a MachineKey in the web.config file. A corresponding chapter can be found in this documentation. For security reasons, the program is provided with a certificate from EULANDA Software GmbH and requires extended authorizations at startup, since it must access an instance of "Powershell" to be able to calculate the MachineKey.

The random key is generated completely formatted by calling the program with a parameter.

KEY.exe -MachineKey 1

In reply, you get the output of a MachineKey including the XML formatting at the command line.


In addition to the MachineKey, the communication key can also be generated with the ODATA interface. This requires a total of four parameters.

KEY.exe -OdataKey 1 -PrivateKey abc -PublicKey xyz -EmailĀ abc@def

The last three parameters are obtained from the nopCommerce shop after setting up the ODATA interface. After calling you get an AuthInfo-Key, which is entered directly into the Config.ini file.