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The EULANDA-SHOP interface requires a separate license key for each website. If more than three SHOP interfaces are required, ask for the quantity discounts.

Since this is an EULANDA plug-in, software updates are not automatically included with the EULANDA subscription. If you also want to update the interface using such a subscription, conditions similar to those for the EULANDA subscription model apply here.

Besides the purchase of the license, it is also possible to rent the interface software, which automatically includes the subscription of the interface. Classic leasing is also offered.

Independent of the interface software, EULANDA Software GmbH also offers hosting of the SHOP software and support in setting up or processing the data.

The interface software is available in different versions. These are for example the interactive or automatic mode, as an optional communication or print server. Just talk to us about your requirements, we will be happy to advise you.

Customer-specific enhancements

We reserve the right to make extensions available to other customers as part of updates.
Copyright and exploitation rights always remain with EULANDA Software GmbH.