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The SHOP software nopCommerce is open source and free of charge. This means that the source code is freely accessible and changes could be made to it,
we advise against this, as future updates should always require adjustments and the standard interfaces to plug-ins should suffice.
These include variants, graduated prices, blog, newsletter, news, imprint, a CMS system, several storage locations, several languages in the customer presentation as well as for the administration and functions, some of which are also available free of charge from third-party providers via plug-ins.
The layout changes depending on the size of the screen. For small devices such as mobile phones or tablets, fixed menus are used, for example, to open drop-down menus, etc.
The software nopCommerce uses the same SQL server as EULANDA and it is therefore possible to run all systems in the same cloud.


The SHOP software, i.e. the website, can be operated on a server in your own company or with a hoster (= web provider)
Some companies operate several SHOP sites, so that it can make sense to operate them with one provider on your own hardware or virtualized. EULANDA Software also offers hosting for individual SHOP systems and can also set up and prepare the data if required. This includes the optimisation of images, texts and the catalogue of features.

Plug-ins to the SHOP system

The plug-ins can be divided into different groups such as languages, designs, means of payment, price transfers, connections to platforms, stand-alone modules, shipping systems and marketing support
What options are available if a plug-in does not cover everything or is not available at all?
Here, the manufacturer of a plug-in can be contacted to find out whether he is extending his plug-in or developing a special one. The latter always has the disadvantage of a high price but also of the maintenance costs of newer versions of the SHOP system.

The EULANDA® ERP system can be connected to the shop system via a plug-in - Odata is used here.


The default language of the SHOP system is English. The German translation for the SHOP system was created by EULANDA and is also officially available free of charge via the nopCommerce marketplace. In addition, there are many other languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, etc.


As already mentioned, the basic design is "Responsive", so it can adapt to the user and changes its layout smoothly based on the browser size. It supports all options of the SHOP system and can be used very well as a basis for your own design. The design essentially consists of a CSS file (= stylesheet), which contains the visual representation for all areas of the SHOP. EULANDA has extended this design so that optical adjustments can be made and the corporate identity of your company can be easily integrated,
but the design is in any case very much based on the original, whoever wants it a bit more unusual can use designs from partners such as NopTemplate or Nop4You. These companies specialize in standard designs for various industries.

Means of payment

The payment systems PayPal, on open account and cash on collection are available free of charge as standard plug-in and are already pre-installed. Important for Germany are PayDirekt, PayPal-Plus, Amazon, Sofortüberweisung, which are available in the nopCommerce marketplace. Credit card payment, also without registration to PayPal-Plus via a plug-in processor of the same name, is also possible. PayPal has taken over BillSafe and now also provides payment on invoice and direct debit, which immediately registers the receipt of money when shopping.

Price transmissions

Everyone knows price information platforms such as the price search engines, Cheaper, Idealo, etc. So-called feed interfaces are also available for these and others.

Connections to platforms

Interfaces to eBay, Amazon, EULANDA and others are available for connections to platforms. These Plug-Ins extend the surface of the SHOP system partially substantially and permit the mapping (=assignment) of EULANDA characteristics and the catalogs of eBay or Amazon. Entire article groups can thus be centrally controlled and transmitted to these systems.

Independent modules

Independent modules include CMS systems, ticket systems and others. Via a CMS system (=Content Management System), extensive documents can be arranged in a hierarchical system as it is necessary for documentation, for example. A tree structure makes it easy to keep track of the chapters. The ticket systems simplify support with goods. In addition to these modules, there are also many other interesting modules on the marketplace.

Dispatch systems

Shipping system for freight calculation or transmission of tracking codes are extremely important, especially for shipping abroad. Various systems are available here.

Marketing support

Here you will find plug-ins to speed up searches, zoom functions via external servers, evaluations, events to which newsletters are sent and others.