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Program NOP.exe

XML files previously created by"EUL.exe" are transferred to the SHOP system via the"NOP.exe" program. Depending on the configuration file settings, images are also transferred. The transmission of images is very bandwidth-intensive, which is why the system always checks whether the image content has changed since the last transmission before uploading an image. This is done via an MD5 checksum, which is determined by"NOP.exe" before each transmission. All image paths and their checksums are stored in the local MD5 text file. If the newly calculated checksum does not match the stored checksum, the image is transferred again. The"NOP.exe" program is also controlled via parameters. Either articles, catalogue information, addresses or stock figures are transferred to the SHOP or orders and addresses are collected from the SHOP. The parameter IMPORT or EXPORT always refers to the"NOP.exe" program. In this case,"IMPORT" means that data is transferred from an XML file to the SHOP, while EXPORT means that data is retrieved from the SHOP and saved as an XML file.