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Program PIC.exe

The"PIC.exe" program allows various operations with images. The parameter "-Profile xyz -ImportPicture 1" can be used to address the DMS (= document system), which is assigned to the "xyz" section in the "Config.ini" configuration file. All article images of the DMS ending with "ARTNUMMER-1.jpg" are transferred to the SQL database in EULANDA.

PIC.exe -Profiles xyz -ImportPicture 1

The profile"xyz" must exist as a section with the remaining information in the configuration file. Information such as alias, UDL folder, main folder of the DMS system, etc.
The DMS is structured so that a subfolder with the article number is created under the "DMS\Artikel\ARTNUMMER" folder. It can contain any number of documents. The image file must be".jpg" and the name of the image file must be identical to the article number, followed by"-1". For example, if the article number is"4711", the main image in the document folder must be"4711-1.jpg". If this is found in the folder "DMS\Artikel\4711", PIC.exe imports the image compressed into the SQL server. In
contrast to the import within EULANDA itself, images are stored compressed here, EULANDA itself can only save images in uncompressed form as BMP. PIC allows the database size to shrink from several gigabytes to a few gigabytes quickly.
The parameter is corresponding to "-ExportPicture 1".

PIC.exe -Profiles xyz -ExportPicture 1