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Background knowledge

A background knowledge of Windows servers and their role and feature systems is required for the installation of the SHOP software. This documentation does not explicitly explain how to use a file explorer or a web browser.

If this basic knowledge is lacking, the documentation can at least provide a rough overview of the SHOP system.

The user chapters describe how to enter data in EULANDA and how it is displayed in the SHOP system nopCommerce. If another SHOP system is used, the display depends on the scope of functions of the SHOP software used and to a large extent on the way in which the interface of the third-party provider was implemented. In any case, only basic knowledge of PC use and good knowledge of EULANDA merchandise management are required for the user chapters.

The documentation is divided into the areas of user, administration and programmer. The user learns what he has to enter in EULANDA and what effect this has. The administrator is introduced to the installation of the software and its configuration and the programmer learns how to connect other SHOP systems to the EULANDA basic interface.


With the creation of this documentation, the products described here already change. Therefore, knowledge is conveyed in a general form during the preparation of the documentation. Screenshots always refer to a certain program version. In this issue the information refers to the Windows operating system on Windows 2012, the SQL Server version 2014, the SHOP system nopCommerce version 3.9 and the EULANDA ERP version 7.0.

If you find that the documentation does not correspond to your environment in any way, ask whether there is already a newer version of the documentation.

In any case, the information provided by manufacturers in their products takes precedence; the information in this documentation can only represent a recommendation which we have made to the best of our knowledge and belief.

EULANDA Version 7.0

At least one EULANDA Version 7.x is required to operate the SHOP interface. Older versions of EULANDA do not have the functionality described here with regard to SHOP support or cannot be connected at all. Current versions support, for example, the merging of addresses without losing the reference to the SHOP system and its addresses.

EULANDA SHOP Interface 3.0

The SHOP interface with basic and extension part is required if the complete integration to the SHOP system NopCommerce is desired. This includes the data connection to EULANDA, the SHOP system and also the DMS system as well as the necessary parts of the XML interface.

EULANDA XML interface

To exchange data in XML format, the XML interface to EULANDA is required.


The document interface to EULANDA is mandatory. The different article images are assigned to an article in EULANDA.

NopCommerce 3.9

The SHOP version 3.9 is required. If there are newer SHOP versions, please ask if they are compatible with the interface. Otherwise, the SHOP system has the same technical requirements as EULANDA in the server environment, i.e. a Windows system from 2012 and an SQL Server 2014 Express.

The SHOP software NopCommerce is free and open source. In practice, however, you will expand your SHOP system using a few plug-ins, which are usually from third party providers and are usually not free of charge.

NopCommerce ODATA interface

The data between the SHOP and EULANDA are transmitted via ODATA. This is a standardized procedure for querying databases via the Internet protocol http or https. ODATA can be added to the SHOP system via a plug-in from a third-party provider. A separate chapter is dedicated to the installation and configuration of the ODATA plug-in.

The ODATA plug-in is called "WebApi". It is a commercial product of the company Nop4You and must be obtained from the manufacturer if the SHOP is to be operated on its own. In the appendix the link to the homepage of Nop4You is listed in the link directory.

If the SHOP is operated with EULANDA software, the ODATA plug-in is already included in the scope of services of the hosting.

FTP server and middle-tier server

The integration of an FTP server is optional. If high data volumes or many transactions are to be expected, an optional FTP transport layer of EULANDA can be used. This transfers the EULANDA data to an FTP server and another process reads it from there and then transfers this data to the SHOP system. This requires at least one virtual Windows PC, which should be located close to the SHOP server.

The advantage of this constellation is that the computer in the company with EULANDA ERP usually has a relatively slow Internet connection. By transferring the raw data to an FTP server, many Internet queries are eliminated, which can then be performed by a better connected system.


If you want to install the nopCommerce software manually, which is recommended, you can only load the system as a compressed RAR file. For unpacking the data WinRar is required, which can be downloaded as a test version at