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Shop interface

The interface consists of different programs that are completely independent of EULANDA and communicate directly with the SQL server and the SHOP system. In a middle-tier environment, communication takes place via an FTP server instead of direct communication with the SHOP system. Another server, the communication server, takes over the communication between the SHOP system and the FTP server
The interface programs can be executed in the logged out state and integrated into the task planning of Windows. Intervals for transmitting article changes, fetching orders or updating the warehouse stock can be freely set here,
essentially the programs"EUL.exe","NOP.exe". All programs can be set via the same"CONFIG.ini" configuration file. In addition to the two basic programs, there are other programs for integrating a communications server and for service purposes, some of which are optional.

With the program "KEY.exe" a unique "MachineKey" can be generated, as recommended by nopCommerce and Microsoft for the IIS (= Internet Information Server). The MachineKey is used to encrypt the session ID. The session code is redetermined when the web server is restarted. However, this has a disturbing effect on visitors to the website and means that users need to log on unnecessarily often. Via a fixed MachineKey it is possible to encrypt the SessionKey individually, but also to keep it during server restarts.
These are installed as a plug-in in EULANDA and add new tables, screen masks, database views, brief information systems and an extended database logic.

Parameters via configuration file

The configuration file "CONFIG.ini" controls the behavior of the individual interface programs. It can have several sections for different scenarios or clients. In addition, it is possible to set program-specific parameters for"EUL.exe","NOP.exe", etc.
A main section is specified using square brackets.
If a section is to be program-specific, this section name is supplemented with the name of the program and linked by an underscore.


Parameters via command lines

Parameters that are possible in the configuration file can also be entered via the command line. If the parameters are the same, the command line has priority. This makes it possible, for example, to define different jobs with the same programs but with different behavior. During the day, for example, you could search for changed articles in EULANDA in a 10-minute cycle and transfer them to the SHOP, but at night the same program could always transfer all articles to the SHOP using a different parameter.
the command line must always start with a profile name that specifies the responsible section in the"CONFIG.ini" file.
Each parameter consists of a name and a value. In the command line, a minus sign must be placed directly before the name of the word.

EUL.exe -Profiles Friesian Center -Export 1

Parameter Description

The parameters are partly possible in different programs like "EUL.exe" and "NOP.exe". Although they have a similar function, they have a different function in detail, which is referred to in the following table. Parameters that can be used in all areas have an asterisk "*" in the "Validity column".


Choosing the parameter names is never easy and during development new tasks arise for the original value.parameters with the text part "Folder" in the name are folders that are used as a basis for directories. This can be used to define a central folder containing the target folder, which ends in the name with "Dir".
parameter names with "Filemask" in the name are first reformatted internally and only then result in real file names. Capital letters are converted into other values, such as"YYYYY" in the current year or UID in a random number combination"DED4288B-9BFD-4251-A0B2-D0792DC06CF8".
The names of the parameters are always in English and always in singular. If the parameter in the following table is displayed in several lines, this is only due to the break, it always consists of a word without spaces.