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Shop Parameters [A]


Specifies the mask of a file name that is used for the pure exchange of addresses.

Format: TEXT
Module: EUL
Beispiel: AddressFilemask=address-UID.xml


Is the alias name of the EULANDA client, that is, the name used in the EULANDA start menu.

Format: TEXT
Module: EUL
Example: Alias=Friesencenter


Specifies a cryptic key to authorize communication with the SHOP server. This key is obtained from the private and public key of the nopCommerce shop. The two keys must first be configured via the WebAPI plug-in of the SHOP. This value can be generated with the KEY.EXE program.

Format: TEXT
Module: NOP
Example: AuthInfo=TpJdG1SR1Y1YzhWOGszVElF