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Shop Parameters [D]


The default language is required for some functions in the SHOP. Via the EULANDA multi-language module it is possible to use different languages in the article text. However, if no language is specified in the article, a unique assignment must still be made in the SHOP.

Format: TEXT
Modul: NOP
Excample: DefaultLanguage=DE


Contains the complete qualified path to the article folder of the DMS. The root of the DMS can be found under the settings in EULANDA in the Accessories area and there under Plug-Ins on "Document Management". The value must be supplemented accordingly by "article".

Format: 0/1
Modul: EUL, FTP, PIC
Excample: DmsDir=C:\Users \Truccamo\Dms\Artikel


Contains the basic folder of the DMS. If "DmsDir" was specified, the value need not be specified. However, if only the "DmsFolder" is specified, the "DmsDir" is specified from the "Client" parameter and a constant that depends on other factors. Here the "DmsFolder" is defined only once in the "Default" section. The final "DmsDir" is supplemented by the client name and does not have to be specified every time. If "Client" has the value "Truccamo", the interface is in local mode and "DmsFolder" has the value "C:\Users\cn\Shop\Mandant", "DmsDir" is calculated as "C:\Users\cn\Shop\Mlient\Truccamo\Dms\Artikel". In remote mode accordingly as "C:\Users\cn\Shop\Mlient\Truccamp\ Dms\Product".

Format: 0/1
Modul: EUL, FTP, PIC
Excample: DmsFolder=C:\Users\cn\Shop\Mandant


When importing an article XML file, this can be used to determine whether all articles in EULANDA that do not exist in the XML file are to be deleted. Of course, this is only possible if there are no links (invoices, etc.) to these articles. If the value is "1", unused items are deleted.

Format: 0/1
Modul: EUL