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Shop Parameters [M]


When transferring images to the SHOP, various optimizations are active. Among other things, before each transfer of an image it is checked whether the image has already been uploaded to the SHOP or not. Since images change, a checksum is determined beforehand using the MD5 method. Before each transmission, the system checks whether the current image has a different checksum compared to the last transmission. Checksums are also used when images are read into the EULANDA SQL database. The Md5 file has a simple structure, it contains the relative path to the DMS folder of the image and the checksum, separated by a tab. If the file is deleted, the images are uploaded again. This file can be deleted if this is necessary on the target system for any reason. The name of the file can be changed here. Further information may be added by the modules. It is to be understood as a base name. The Md5 files are saved in the "DmsDir" folder.

Format: TEXT
Excample: Md5File=Md5.txt