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Shop Parameters [P]


The specification of "Partner" is used to separate the folder structures. The XML files are stored in the Client folder and under Partners. When exchanging with the SHOP system "nopCommerce", the parameter "Partner" can always have the name "nopCommerce". However, if data is exchanged with another EULANDA, the external client must be specified here.

Format: TEXT
Modul: ALLE
Excample: Partner=nopCommerce


Here you can specify the password with which the interface is to log on to an FTP server.

Format: TEXT
Modul: FTP
Excample: Password=4711


Specifies the file format and thus also the file extension for images. Only "jpg" and "png" are supported. We recommend to use "jpg" in any case, as these are about 4x smaller on average. Due to the various automatics, a mixed operation of PNG and JPG files is currently not possible.

Format: TEXT
Excample: PictureFormat=jpg


PictureSource specifies whether the EULANDA images are to be taken from the DMS system of the SQL database or the SHOP extension. Currently only DMS is supported.

Format: TEXT
Modul: EUL
Excample: PictureSource=DMS


Specifies the file mask for the price swap file. By default, this is price-UID.xml. The UID is exchanged during runtime with a unique number.

Format: TEXT
Modul: EUL, NOP
Excample: PriceFilemask=price-UID.xml


This value is normally never used in the configuration file. It should only be used as command line parameter for the KEY.exe program. This value is used to calculate the AuthInfo parameter and is used to encrypt the transmission. The key is taken from the ODATA module during configuration.

Format: TEXT
Modul: KEY
Excample: PrivateKey=46541shHU


Specifies the file mask for the product exchange file. By default, this is "product-UID.xml". The UID is exchanged during runtime with a unique number.

Format: TEXT
Modul: EUL, NOP
Excample: ProductFilemask=product-UID.xml


Specifies the unique name of a main section in the configuration file.

Format: TEXT
Modul: ALLE
Excample: Profile=Product


The public key is required to authenticate to the SHOP system. It is determined by the ODATA plug-in and is a random value that is defined during configuration. In conjunction with the e-mail and the PrivateKey, the "KEY.exe" program can be used to determine the required "AuthInfo" authorization key.

Format: TEXT
Modul: NOP, KEY
Excample: PublicKey=45232BGF5Sffgs=


Specifies whether EULANDA should export a purchase price. There are several ways to determine the purchase price. This is specified using additional parameters. The purchase price is interesting in the SHOP if you want to see the gross profit. However, since the SHOP interface also exchanges data from different EULANDA versions, a wholesaler can, for example, output articles with the purchase price of its reseller. This parameter controls whether the export file may contain a purchase price. This is in any case without VAT.

Format: 0/1
Modul: EUL