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Shop Parameters [R]


The net price for article transfers in the EUL.EXE module can now be calculated from a gross price. The purpose is a higher accuracy of the net price, since it can be displayed with more than 2 digits, unlike in EULANDA. To ensure that the higher accuracy can also be output, the value "RecalcNetPriceDigits=4" must also be set. However, the interface also supports shop systems on a gross basis, such as nopCommerce. It is therefore often easier to convert the shop to gross accuracy, as rounding differences do not cause any problems. The setting can be made in nopCommerce under "Configuration > Settings > Tax".

Format: TEXT
Modul: ALLE
Excample: Partner=nopCommerce


The number of decimal places for net price determination can be set here. Normally this is 2 decimal places. To achieve a higher accuracy, nopCommerce supports up to 4 decimal places. This value can also be used to set the field in the transfer file to up to 4 characters. This setting is independent of the "RecalcNetPrice" value.

Format: INT
Modul: EUL
Excample: RecalcNetPriceDigits=4


"Remember" determines whether data that has been exported should be marked in any way to prevent a new export. By default, this is the case for articles. However, there are exceptions if, for example, several external systems are supplied with an export. Here the parameter should not be set until the last export. For articles, the "ShopExportDate" in the article table of EULANDA is set to the time of export. With stock movements, on the other hand, the queue is emptied accordingly, so that the same data is not unnecessarily transferred again. Note: The "Forget" parameter removes this information so that all data is exported the next time it is exported.

Format: 0/1
Modul: EUL


The parameter "RemoteMode" specifies whether a program such as FTP.exe or NOP.exe is located on an external communication server or locally to the network on which the EULANDA SQL database is located. Inbox and outbox files may have to be rated differently and the program must save the checksums differently. Normally, no communications server is used and the value is "0". On the local side, i.e. the side on which the SQL database of EULANDA is located, the value is always "0".

Format: 0/1
Modul: NOP, FTP