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Shop Parameters [T]


Specifies the default tax rate. For Germany this is 19.0 This value is used in the module EUL.EXE to calculate a net price backwards from a gross price. This is only carried out if the net amount is to be calculated explicitly using a gross amount. For this option to take effect, the values "RecalcNetPrice" and "RecalcNetPriceDigits" must also be set. Furthermore, the value in the NOP.EXE module is used to correct an error in the Amazon plug-in of Nop4You. Here the net price of Amazon orders is not transferred, so that this can be calculated on the basis of the tax rate. Please note that the decimal point must be used as decimal separator.

Format: FLOAT
Modul: EUL, NOP
Excample: Tax=19.0


This parameter specifies whether scale prices are to be imported or exported. The scale prices are in the file with the file mask "ProductFilemask" or in the compact "PriceFilemask". An asterisk (*) can be used to specify that all price lists are to be exported from EULANDA. If, however, only certain price lists are to be exported, the different price list names can be specified separated by commas. The "TierPriceFromCustomerGroup" parameter can be used to specify whether price list names are specified in "TierPriceFilter" or, alternatively, customer groups. The short descriptions of the customer groups are used as customer groups, not the names of the EULANDA selection box in the customer master.

Format: TEXT
Modul: EUL, NOP


Price lists can be output via the "TierPriceFilter" parameter. However, if "TierPriceFromCustomerGroup=1" is also set, the entries from "TierPriceFilter" are evaluated as customer groups instead. All discounts from the discount matrix between article discount groups and customer groups are then used to calculate price lists. A price list with the currencies "EUR", "BruttoFlg=1", "Staffel=1" and "MengeAb=1" is generated for each customer group. The base price is the net sales price of the article in question.

Format: 0/1
Modul: EUL