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Statistics Main Page

The statistics start page offers quick access to the various evaluation options of EULANDA® at a central location.

The individual evaluations are structured according to various criteria. By selecting one of these criteria (e.g. "Product groups"), a list with the corresponding statistics is displayed.

Statistics overview on main page

Statistics for periods

The statistics are suitable for a quick overview of the sales development. It displays the last 4 years in a consecutive graphic. You can find these statistics on the main statistics page (Quick Start bar/Master data/Statistics) as "Monthly sales over four years".

You can find statistics showing sales and earnings for the last few years in the article print menu under Annual statistics (bars).

In addition to these overall statistics, EULANDA® has many detailed statistics. These can be accessed via the information system for an article or customer, but also via the general information system.

In addition, evaluations can be output via crosstabs and graphics in the print menus.

Various Statistics


In the statistics module you can select a period for the statistics to be created via the box on the right "Period for standard evaluations" . You can differentiate between weeks, months, years or others.

Select period


Via the menu Edit or the key combination CTRL+C the displayed graphic can be taken over directly into the clipboard and thus be processed in an image program, like Photoshop or Corel, but also in Word or Excel.

Edit Graphic

The "Edit graphics" function can be accessed from the "Edit" menu.

You can use the click boxes to hide individual years for display purposes. On the other tabs you can make a lot of settings, from zoom factors and colors to viewing angles and 3D effects.

Edit statistics


The graphic can be output to the printer via the Print menu or via an extended print dialog using the key combination CTRL+P.

Update graphic

The statistics is kept as a graphic in EULANDA® in a cache, in order not to have to retrieve all values from the database server with every call. If you want to reload the values from the database server, this function is available via the"View" menu or the F5 key.
Note: The statistics can be locked for certain users and user groups. The statistical values are retrieved from the server via the EULANDA®-API "cn_stat_cnsoft_ReVkNetto" and can be locked, like any other server function. You will find a description of this in the chapter entitled"Authorizations" and there under"Authorizations for Functions". This option is only available in EULANDA®-Client/Server or Enterprise.