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GLS Delivery handover

Field description

The following description refers to the optional GLS Gepard shipping system plug-in.

Column break "Pipe" (symbol)
Text format Without quotes
Lines separation CR LF
Date format
Amounts (money, weight) Decimal places separated by commas
Multi-piece shipments If there are several parcels per delivery note, individual shipments are generated (lines). ID number contains a consecutive extension and is always unique. Example LF-4711-01, LF-4711-02, LF-4711-03
Output path C:\GEPARD
Filename Eulanda.txt
File transfer procedure

Eulanda waits until the transfer file is deleted or renamed. Only then is the transfer status set.

All fields in the transfer file are always passed as described in the user manual - even if they are not all used. Basically, all fields - including those not currently used - can be customized.

Receiver postal code



Data type


Customer specific
1 ID number varchar(25)  
2 Form of address varchar(30)  
3 Name1 varchar(30)  
4 Name2 varchar(30)  
5 Name3 varchar(30)  
6 Street varchar(30) Street with house number, as entered in EULANDA
7 Zip code varchar(10)  
8 City varchar(30)  
9 Tel varchar(30)  
10 Client number numeric(9,0)  
11 Nation varchar(3) vehicle registration number
12 Mode of dispatch varchar(10)  
13 Return address numeric(4,0)  
14< Cost center numeric(4,0) Feast on"1
15 Weight numeric(6.1) without a period or comma. Number of 100-gram units.
12,5 Kg are represented as 125
16 Type of product varchar(3) "COD" otherwise empty
17 Number of packages smallint Number of packages
18 Terms of delivery numeric(1.0)  
19 Additional texts varchar(max)  
20 Amount numeric(9,2) Cash on delivery amount in cents without point or comma
21 CashServicePurpose varchar(21)  
22 PrinterComPort1 numeric(1.0)  
23 PrinterComPort2 numeric(1.0)  
24 care unit identifier (= Stationskennzeichen) varchar(10)  
25 Sender's addressId varchar(50)  
26 Shipping indicator (= Versandkennzeichen) char(1)  
27 Date of dispatch narrow date time  
28 Higher insurance numeric(10,0) Full Euro without point or comma
29 Authorized recipient varchar(50) empty - not used
30 Alternative recipients varchar(50) empty - not used
31 Building varchar(50) empty - not used
32 Floor varchar(50) empty - not used
33 Room number varchar(50) empty - not used
34 Number of additional labels smallint  
35 CDR varchar(max) empty - not used
36 Number of the house varchar(10) remains empty, as the street already contains
37 Reference number varchar(max)  
38 Shipment number varchar(1)  
39 Unavailale recipient numeric(9,0) empty - not used
40 UnavailableReceiverName1 varchar(50) empty - not used
41 UnavailableReceiverName2 varchar(50) empty - not used
42 UnavailableReceiverName3 varchar(50) empty - not used
43 UnavailableReceiverStreet varchar(50) empty - not used
44 UnavailableReceiverZip varchar(10) empty - not used
45 UnavailabilityReceiverPlace varchar(50) empty - not used
46 ImportId varchar(25)  
47 Orderer numeric(4,0)  
48 ReceiverName1 varchar(50) empty - not used
49 ReceiverName2 varchar(50) empty - not used
50 Division varchar(50)  
51 Receiver Street varchar(50) empty - not used
52 Receiver Country varchar(3) empty - not used
53 Receiver Zip varchar(10) empty - not used
54 Receiver Place varchar(50) empty - not used
55 Sender Customer No varchar(50)  
56 SenderName1 varchar(50) empty - not used
57 SenderName2 varchar(50) empty - not used
58 SenderContact person varchar(50) empty - not used
59 Sender Street varchar(50) empty - not used
60 Sender Country varchar(3) empty - not used
61 Sender postcode varchar(10) empty - not used
62 Sender City varchar(50) empty - not used
63 Dangerous goods number1 numeric(7.0) empty - not used
64 Dangerous goods number2 numeric(7.0) empty - not used
65 Dangerous goods number3 numeric(7.0) empty - not used
66 Dangerous goods number4 numeric(7.0) empty - not used
67 Pick-up date narrow date time  
68 Sender telephone number varchar(15) empty - not used
69 Additional text varchar(50)  
70 Testimonial varchar(50)  
71 Pickup name1 varchar(50) empty - not used
72 Pickup name2 varchar(50) empty - not used
73 Pick-up contact varchar(50) empty - not used
74 Collection route varchar(50) empty - not used
75 Country of pickup varchar(3) empty - not used
76 Pick-up code varchar(10) empty - not used
77 Pickup location varchar(50) empty - not used