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Partial invoice ( ERP Software )

General information

Using the option "Budget billing management", larger construction projects can be managed in EULANDA in the form of a project with up to five (*) flat-rate budget billing amounts. On completion of the construction project, a final invoice with a printed image typical of the building industry is generated.

The budget billing management is based on the project. A project is a special form of offer.

Budget billing orders and final bill orders are generated from this project quotation. These can then be edited and supplemented. Using CTRL+R, these are then converted into the corresponding partial invoices or final invoices.

Creating the project

First, a quotation header is created.

The relevant header data is entered in this bid, such as the name of the construction project in the"Object" field. It is not mandatory to create items. If necessary, however, this can happen.

Once the offer header has been created, the offer is activated as a "project". This is done via the "Project" menu and the item "Unlock as project".

Creation of a flat-rate budget billing amount

Select "Generate budget billing payment" from the "Project" menu.

EULANDA now creates and displays a budget billing order.

Now switch to the positions and create a new position with the article "SUSPENSION". This article was installed automatically with the budget billing management.

Enter the required budget billing amount as the sales price and adjust the long text if necessary.

You can now convert the order into an invoice (CTRL+R) and print it.

The printout can be made using the normal invoice form - in contrast to the final invoice (see below).

You create other partial invoices in the same way.

Creation of the final invoice

Call up the project offer again. Now select the menu item "Create final invoice (empty)" or "Create final invoice (with items)". In the latter case, all items from the project quotation - if available - are included in the order.

A corresponding order is now created and called up immediately. The deductions already made are listed in items 900 ff. These special items cannot be deleted and cannot be changed other than the text.

Otherwise, you can now create or add items as you wish.

Finally, the order is converted - as usual - into an invoice.

Important: The"Final invoice" form must be used to print out the final invoice. Otherwise, the discounts already made are not output correctly.

The final invoice is divided into the actual project part. These are the items that were entered in the final invoice order and have item numbers less than 900.

EULANDA forms a project sum and shows the net, gross and VAT amount.

Next, the individual installment invoices with the respective exact original VAT are displayed. amounts are listed and added up. Note: the complete original partial invoices are always deducted. If these have not been paid in full or similar, you must make any corrections manually in the final invoice order.

You can also create tax-free deductions in the budget billing order. Use the two pre-installed articles "DEDUCTION COVERS" and "DEDUCTION INSURANCE" or copy one of these two articles for further types of deductions. Deductions are automatically set by EULANDA to positions 920 and sequentially when saved.

The quantity to be deducted should be"-1" ( minus one) and positive UK.

Overview of open projects

All active projects are listed on the EULANDA homepage. Click on the project number (=offer number) to access the corresponding project. From the project, you can use the Go to function (or CTRL+G) to jump to all connected partial and final invoices.

Project completion

Once the project has been completed, you can inform the program of this via the "Project" menu and the "Finish project" item. Completed projects are then no longer listed on the start page.

change history

  • 31.08.18 - additional check if the project is already finished when generating discounts / the improved help is now available in the offer module via the "Help" menu


(*) If more than five discounts are required, the EULANDA support can extend this to ten.