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Credit note

A credit memo is entered in the same way as a normal order. Only the quantities are entered negatively. As with invoices, the individual prices are entered positively, that is, as they come from the article master. The total line price is automatically negative, so that the total amount is also negative.

Only when printing EULANDA® converts the final amount into a positive amount by multiplying the quantities and the individual prices by -1. To ensure that the expression is also"mathematically correct", the word"invoice" is replaced by the word"credit".

Alternatively, you can enter the order as usual and go to"Turn over all quantities" in the Actions menu. All item totals are then preceded by a minus sign and "Credit memo" appears instead of "Invoice" on the printout.

Turn over quantities

Order form with negative sign

In the Actions menu, you convert this order into an invoice. EULANDA automatically replaces the designation "invoice" with "credit note".

Converted order

Note for advanced users

Credit memos are physically stored in the tables as they were entered. So with negative quantities and positive individual prices. This results in a negative line price and a negative total price.

Since the values are converted into plus when printing using the print views PRINT_Invoice and PRINT_InvoicePos, these print views must never be used for statistics, since invoices and credit memos always have a positive final amount using these special views.

Use the views MASTER_Invoice, PIVOT_Invoice or directly the real tables with the names Invoice or InvoiceItem in your own statistics.