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Special features


  • Enter quantity freely
  • Enter unit price freely
  • Enter article text freely
  • Assign documents to a customer from the customer master
  • Clear open items
  • Show the software keyboard
  • Data transfer tax audit (GoBD)
  • Own print forms

Enter quantities freely

If you want to specify the quantity for each article, press the stapling pin to the right of the button. The quantity is then determined and queried each time.

Illustration: Activate quantity entry

Click the "Quantity" button before selecting the item. After selecting or scanning the article, the system does not take the automatic quantity"1" but branches to the quantity field. Enter the quantity using the keypad or the touch-digit field and press the button on the right to save.

Illustration: Enter quantity

Enter unit price freely

You proceed in the same way as for free quantity entry. With the SHIFT+TAB key or the mouse you can jump to the "Unit price" field and change the value.

Enter article text freely

Illustration: Display line text

Using the menu, you can select the"Display line text" function under"View". The article text is then displayed as ultra short text below the speed-dial keys and can be changed. If you now want to enter a different article text for an article, you must first set the stapling purposes next to the quantity. Then select the item and enter a text in the Comment field.

Illustration: Input of a

Assign documents to a customer from the customer master

To do this, click on the Customer hyperlink in the header line.

Illustration: Assign documents to a customer

In the selection dialog select the address as usual and confirm with the Enter key.

Clear open items

Open invoices can be written off via the cash registers. However, the entire amount must always be paid, partial payments cannot be posted.

Compare Surgery

Call up the checkout module and click on "Pay for surgery

Select customers

In the next step, select the appropriate address. The customer does not have to be a cash customer beforehand. You then select the invoices to be charged off (more than one possible at a time).

Clear invoice

In the last step, select the payment method. Please note that partial halves are not possible via the cash register. The full amount must always be booked.

Charge off amount

Show the software keyboard

Use the"View" menu to display the alphanumeric keyboard and operate it with your touch input.

Illustration: Alphanumeric keyboard

This is displayed below the article entry.

Illustration: Software keyboard

Data transfer tax audit (GoBD)

The "File" menu of the "Cash documents" module (1) contains the menu item "Data transfer tax audit" (2). This allows the tax-relevant data of the cash documents of a certain period to be exported in a format that can be processed by the common Audicon tax auditing software.

Illustration: data transfer

After calling up the menu item, the period is queried first. In addition to one or more years, areas of months can also be queried. You can get help on entering the date by entering a question mark.

The exported data is stored in a separate directory, which is automatically opened in Windows Explorer after export.

Illustration: Choose evaluation period

Illustration: Possible date formats

Own print forms

You create your own print forms with the Report Designer, which you can access via the Quick Launch toolbar under "System Administration". You can include your own report template in the cash register properties by pressing the "Change" button, selecting your template from the selection list and then completing the process.

If your template does not appear in the selection box, you must restart EULANDA® first. New report templates are only displayed in the modules after a program restart.

Illustration: Receipt in the report designer