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Hardware and software

SQL server


xis supported by the version
-is not supported
SQL serverSmall businessProfessionalEnterprise
SQL Server Express 2008 R2xxx
SQL Server Express 2012xxx
SQL Server Express 2014xxx
SQL Server Standard Edition 2008 R2--x
SQL Server Standard Edition 2012--x
SQL Server Standard Edition 2014--x
SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2008 R2--x
SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2012--x
SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2014--x

Required Hardware

The following is an example of the limitations of SQL Server 2012 Express Edition,
see the relevant Microsoft documentation for the limitations of each SQL Edition and version.

Maximum database size10 GB
Maximum amount of memory used by SQL Server1 GB
Maximum number of processor sockets1
Maximum number of processor cores4

It is desirable to dimension the working memory approximately as large as the database size, because this minimizes the hard disk accesses.
10GB of working memory is supported by the Express-Edition,
but only 1GB. The use of SSD hard disks is recommended here