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Communication (Settings)


Communication Settings


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In EULANDA® documents can be sent by e-mail. Two models are supported for transmission.

Shipping via MAPI

Microsoft has created a very versatile e-mail interface in MAPI, which is also supported by other communication software manufacturers, such as Lotus. In EULANDA® you can use this interface directly. Further information about MAPI is not necessary, since all settings are taken over by the operating system.

Shipping via SMTP

If you prefer to use the native SMTP protocol for email transport, you can also set this communication path.

In contrast to MAPI, some minimum specifications must be made here. With SMTP, the mails are transmitted via a mail server, which forwards them to the actual target address. This mail server always depends on your access provider to whom you log on to the Internet. If you log in via T-Online, the name of the mail server is"". Ask your Internet access provider for other mail servers.

T-Online normally uses your T-Online address as the sender address, regardless of what you set here. The new mail server "" is now available at T-Online. However, this must be explicitly enabled on the T-Online website.

The sender address is usually identical to the reply address. Enter your personal e-mail address here. If you want the recipient to send an e-mail to another address when replying to an e-mail, you can use a different e-mail address as the reply address. This could be useful if you are working in a group with different colleagues and want any responses to go back to the group and not to you personally.

Some SMTP mail systems do not process the umlauts correctly or do not evaluate the code pages. Therefore, you can alternatively convert all umlauts before sending the email. ä" then becomes "ae" etc.

Unlike MAPI, you have no inbound and outbound journals when sending using SMTP. Errors can only be evaluated if they occur during direct communication with the registered mail server.