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History of all updates of version 4.x

Created on: 12.07.2018 12:32:18

Information about the EULANDA
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Version dated 22.07.2013

data matrix

Ticket: 00-326

new module Datamatrix

Datamatrix codes (2D barcodes) can be generated in the report via a newly available module.

This function is still in the test phase.


Ticket: 00-327

Transfer contact person via QR code

New additional function for subscription customers:

From the contact person module, a contact with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses can be transferred directly to a smartphone. To do this, a corresponding two-dimensional barcode with the contact data is displayed when you press the"QR Code" menu item. This can be photographed with common smartphones and then saved as a contact in the address book.

short info

Ticket: 00-325

Global short information in a separate window

The global short information system can - optionally - be displayed in a separate window. This is particularly interesting for multi-monitor systems. (Feature for subscription customers only)

Version dated 16.05.2013


Ticket: 00-322

certificate check

The certificate expiration is no longer checked by default.

However, this check can be activated via the Eulanda.INI (see online help) if required. See "VerifyCertificatesExpired".

search input

Ticket: 00-313

Search entry in order items

Search suggestions did not work in the Purchasing module when selecting items. The error message"Unfortunately, no data could be retrieved" was always displayed here.

This error was reported by Geske EDV.


Ticket: 00-314

Error saving discounts in order item

The following error message may occur in some cases when saving an order item when negative discount is used.

The UPDATE statement conflicts with the CHECK restriction'CK_KFP_Rabatt'. The conflict occurred in the EULANDA_ database, table'dbo.KrAuftragPos'.

Thank you for reporting the error to Hottmeyer.

shipping address

Ticket: 00-316

Delivery name 1 was not changed in orders

Changes The Name 1 field of the delivery address in purchase orders has not been saved.

At least one of the other name fields must also be changed so that name 1 is also saved.

The change does not take effect until the next database update. If required, the change can be imported by the EULANDA support.


Ticket: 00-319

Error message with "Open client as..."

When starting the client via "Open client as...", too many error messages were displayed if the password was entered incorrectly several times.


Ticket: 00-320

Order after order

Order after order always showed twice the quantity in the short info of the order. This concerns only some special adaptations and not the standard functional scope of EULANDA.

Version dated 18.02.2013

stock lists

Ticket: 00-310

Parts list module - sorting of parts

In the BOM module, after changing quantities or prices, the sorting of the displayed BOM parts may have been confused.


Ticket: 00-311

Message"Script is taking longer than..."

Sometimes the message "Script is taking longer than expected...." was displayed when starting EULANDA and when calling some maintenance functions. This message has now been switched off.

wireless server

Ticket: 00-312

Radio server shipping module optional without invoice generation

The automatic generation of the invoice can now be deactivated via the radio server settings.

cash module

Ticket: 00-307

Cash module hangs

Stability problems in the POS module have been fixed. Under certain circumstances, the POS module was stuck when a document or line was reversed. Every further action in the POS module triggered an error message. EULANDA could not be terminated in the normal way either.

Version dated 01/09/2013

data base

Ticket: 00-304

Append database in instance

SQL instances are now supported when attaching an existing database file (MDF file) to an SQL server.

The command "Attach database" is located in the menu "Administration" in the EULANDA start menu.

serial numbers

Ticket: 00-305

Report: Serial Numbers to Warehouse

The report serial numbers in stock may not display all items.

This problem has now been solved


Ticket: 00-306

USTID constraint for EDI delivery address lifted

When checking an EDI output, the system no longer checks whether a delivery address has a USTID. Originally this check was added for EDEKA, but currently this is no longer desired.


Ticket: 00-309

Certificate problem since 1 Jan 2013

After a Windows update, EULANDA displays a warning on startup that the certificate is incorrect or could not be verified.

Version dated 08/29/2012

Internet explorer

Ticket: 00-297

Error messages in short info on Internet-Explorer 9

Error messages that were displayed in the short info could not be "expanded" with Internet Explorer 9 via the plus symbol.

search words

Ticket: 00-300

Maximum length of search terms increased to 100 characters

Up to now, search terms have only been supported up to a maximum of 40 characters. For example, when searching for very long texts in the"Short text" field, this could result in the desired article not being found. This limit has now been increased to 100 characters.

Reported by Robert Kreuzeder / DATALINE

PDF Problem

Ticket: 00-302

PDF text was not truncated correctly

Text was not truncated correctly during PDF export if the "Autosize" property was deactivated. Then, for example, overlong texts could protrude into the adjacent column.

Version dated 19/07/2012


Ticket: 00-293

Datev output deadline = ReDate

An entry in the SQL registry can influence the output of the DATEV module in such a way that the value date (=period) is not calculated from the invoice date + net payment target, but is to be set identically to the invoice date.

This setting is especially necessary for Syska-Fibu, so that it can create the reminders correctly on the basis of the payment terms defined in the master.

The setting can be made via the SQL registry under:

"MODULES\DATEV" via the key "FristIstReDatum=1". If 0 is passed instead of 1, the DATEV module behaves normally and calculates the Fist as before, i.e. invoice date + days of the net payment target.


Ticket: 00-291

Transfer of appointments to Outlook fax instead of e-mail

When handing over the appointment to Outlook, fax was displayed instead of e-mail.


Ticket: 00-296

Security problem in remote maintenance

According to the manufacturer, the remote maintenance module Teamviewer is affected by a security leak. In EULANDA all affected parts were therefore updated.

Version dated 06.07.2012

network disruptions

Ticket: 00-288

Improvement in network disturbances

A new mode makes it easier to disconnect from the network, especially with slow DSL or WLAN connections. For this purpose, the following entry must be stored in the EULANDA.INI file. This setting has a little negative effect on performance, which is why it is not activated by default.




Ticket: 00-289

Error during inventory - print further lists

In inventory management, the item "Print additional lists" triggered an error.


Ticket: 00-290

DHL Easylog plugin did not work correctly

The shipping system plug-in DHL Easylog could not save the shipping transfer file and reported an error.

Version dated 02.07.2012

entry fields

Ticket: 00-287

small alterations

SHIFT+F8 key combination for editing contact persons

Pressing ESC for the first time first closes the window with the search suggestions and does not immediately reset the complete search mask.

CTRL+PLUS to change the search mode (AND search etc.) now also closes the window with the search suggestions.

In numeric fields, the wildcard"*" caused an error.

Version dated 06/29/2012


Ticket: 00-286

Preparation for automated GTC printing

Preparation for automated GTC printing (General Terms and Conditions) in the Enterprise version for developers. Depending on the output unit, GTCs are either attached to the end of the output or, in the case of duplex printers, printed on the back of each paper. The print box and the GTC logic can be controlled via script.

letter module

Ticket: 00-284

dictionary by default on

The dictionary for real-time display in the letter module is now enabled by default so that unknown words in red wavy lines are underlined. Additional dictionaries, e.g. English or Italian, can now be added in the word correction dialog. The additional dictionaries are available from the sales department.

short info

Ticket: 00-285

Resource problem with incorrect brief information

Incorrectly programmed brief information can lead to non-released memory blocks, so that the working memory decreases during the session (RAM hole). A new mechanism now releases such blocks.

letter module

Ticket: 00-215

Dictionary in the letter is ignored.

The dictionary for spell correction in the letter module was ignored. If you switch on the spell checker before, all words were marked as wrong.


Ticket: 00-282

update issues

For some customers the update procedure from the start menu does not work correctly in version 4.x. The reason is that a language DLL such as EULANDA.DE is in the folder of the EULANDA.EXE file.

During an update the EULANDA.EXE was missing so that you had to load the software manually from the server.

Version dated 27.06.2012


Ticket: 00-276

Client.loadText / SaveText

Client.loadText / SaveText

Help function for reading and writing text data into files and the Eulanda registry with support of different character sets, like UTF-8, Unicode etc.

stability issues

Ticket: 00-279

Minor stability problems fixed

In the course of our regular source code revision some bugs could be fixed that could potentially lead to stability problems, such as crashes.


Ticket: 00-275

Unnecessary short info was displayed in the GeheZu window

If you have displayed the short info in the GeheZu window and clicked on a folder, the global short info is displayed. This unnecessarily slowed down the GeheZu window.

The problem did not occur until June-2012 versions.

Version dated 22.06.2012

stability problem

Ticket: 00-273

Stability problem fixed

Fixed stability problem that occurs when starting EULANDA and can lead to errors in some cases - up to program crash.

Version dated 06/19/2012


Ticket: 00-270

Error message when searching in text fields

An error message was displayed when searching in text fields (name1,name2,short text etc.). This error only affects the current version

certificate error

Ticket: 00-271

Certificate error at program start

When starting the program of the EULANDA a warning message appears, which points to a virus infestation. However, this is a problem with the verification of the digital signature of EULANDA, which occurs since the last Windows update. More information can be found in the forum.

The problem is now solved.

Open Items

Ticket: 00-272

Open items could not be opened

When calling the open item module a message "An error has occurred" was displayed and then EULANDA had closed completely.

This error only affected the current version

Version dated 06/17/2012

short info

Ticket: 00-266

Global short info also on the start page

If the "Global Short Info" is displayed in the "View" menu, information is now also displayed here on the start page.

This feature is only available in conjunction with the 2012 preview plugin from the forum.


Ticket: 00-269

Developer: Client.ObjectValues

Determines several values of a data set from the database using the ID.

arr = Client.ObjectValues("AD",898,"id,match,name1,name2,balance")

Further information will follow...


Ticket: 00-267

Headings in Excel Transfer

The headings in the Excel transfer are now separated from the remaining data using the Excel function "Fix window". This makes the Excel files easier to handle than with the previous function "Split windows".

The function is only available in version 2012 (or with an existing software subscription)


Ticket: 00-268

Improved search in number fields

The German comma is now also supported as a decimal separator in number fields.

Version dated 03.05.2012

report designer

Ticket: 00-258

Report management in EULANDA Small Business

The report designer is only available for letterheads in EULANDA Small Business. Until now, this limitation was also related to the report properties. This has now been changed so that the settings, such as the e-mail defaults or"Hidden", and"Is Default" etc. can now be adjusted in the Small Business line.


Ticket: 00-262

Standard variables and exchange functions extended

The standard variables that can be used in the various exchange functions have been extended. These can be used, for example, in the e-mail defaults or as parameters for menu items of the "SQL procedure" type.

The following variables or variable groups are now also available: - allows the same variables as Client.Properties() in iScript. This allows you to query the server or database name, for example:



%usergrundwerte% - this allows direct access to variables of the "\Grunddwerte" registry path of the user registry.


Ticket: 00-265

Updating the display after cancelling the order

After selecting the"Cancel remaining quantities..." menu item, the display is updated.


Ticket: 00-263

No items were displayed in warehouse postings

No items were displayed in warehouse postings


Ticket: 00-264

Remaining Quantity Reversal of Negative Quantities in Purchasing

Canceling negative quantities in purchase orders via "Promotions" -> "Cancel remaining quantities...".. did not change the status of the order.

This change is only available with database version 4.80 (EULANDA 2012). If required, however, the change can also be made for a current EULANDA 4.3.

Version dated 03/16/2012


Ticket: 00-255


View EXTRA_REPORTS extended.

IS_HIDDEN indicates whether the report was marked as "hidden" in the settings.

IS_DEFAULT indicates whether the report is the standard report for the relevant object class.

This change is only available with database version 4.80 (EULANDA 2012).


Ticket: 00-256

Error message in the print box: no default printer

EULANDA loads the Windows printer settings at startup. Changes to the Windows settings will only be applied after restarting EULANDA.

The special case that the default printer is no longer available - as may be the case in a remote session, for example - is now handled separately. In many cases no EULANDA restart is necessary.


Ticket: 00-257

Editing Quantities in Purchasing Delivery

The function "Edit quantities..." in the module "Purchase delivery" in the menu "Extras" displays a button "Set quantities to zero". However, this did not make any changes due to an error.

This problem has now been solved and all delivery quantities are zeroed as expected.

Version dated 02.02.2012


Ticket: 00-254

Oversize in positions not saved correctly

The allowance editor, which can be called up in the positions via the "Quantity" field, did not always save correctly. Among other things, it was not possible to remove the complete oversize.

Version dated 19/01/2012

report designer

Ticket: 00-247

New options for PatchLongtext

New options for PatchLongtext, this is the routine in the Report Designer that uses the settings to print either long texts or short texts.

New options:

204: Short text 2, if available, otherwise short text 1

205: if available Ultra short text, otherwise short text 1

At the moment this can only be set via the registry (MODULE\GRUNDWERTE\PrintFlags=


Ticket: 00-250

Settings e-mail signature could not be saved

Changes to the personal or global e-mail signature in "Settings" -> "Communication" were not saved correctly. Some changes were not accepted or cut off.

data types

Ticket: 00-253

Adjustment possibility for high-precision BCD fields

Adjustment possibility for high-precision BCD fields

In Eulanda.ini in the "sqlserver" section, you can use the value "handlefmtbcd" to specify that numeric fields with more than four decimal places should also be processed using normal BCD field components (value = 1) or double field components (value = 2).


Ticket: 00-248

"Ordered by" with selection box of contact persons

If the "Context-dependent search and input functions" function has been enabled, a list of stored contact persons can be called up in the "Ordered by" field of the order or offer using the key combination SHIFT+DOWN ARROW.

This requires the plugin from the user forum and a valid subscription contract:


Ticket: 00-249

Standard delivery address can be stored

In the address master, a standard delivery address can be assigned to an address via the menu "Advanced" -> "Manage delivery addresses". This is then automatically selected in order or quotation headers with the respective main address.

This program item must be activated via the Plugin Features Preview 2012.

report designer

Ticket: 00-246

Report order - does not print ultra short text

You could select "Ultra short text" under Settings/Reports, but it was not printed because of a typing error in the form.

The function is now implemented, but only works as soon as the buid number increases from 73 to 74, i.e. only in one of the next DB updates or when the changed form is manually re-imported.

Version dated 29.11.2011

XML interface

Ticket: 00-244

Shipping articles, discount articles in the XML interface

The XML interface has been extended for developers so that a shipping article and a discount article can now be defined using SETOPTION. This option is mainly used for the SHOP plugin.

With the following commands the option can be activated by script:

xml.setOption "*", "ARTICLESETREBATE", "4711"

xml.setOption "*", "ARTICLESHIPPINGCOST", "4712"

set meal

Ticket: 00-243

"Copy link" in the"Edit" menu

The"Copy link" function in the"Edit" menu no longer worked. Only the first character was copied to the Windows clipboard.

Version dated 11/10/2011

shop interface

Ticket: 00-242

Shop interface extended by ExpandBOM

ExpandBOM has been added to the shop interface. This now allows alternative variant articles or dynamic parts lists of an order to be saved resolved into the same XML file so that this can be imported as an order. For this purpose, the number of the dynamic BOM is transferred as the article number and the parts to be exchanged with quantity in the info field. An info field could then contain the type "1*4711;5*0815".

Version dated 03.11.2011


Ticket: 00-241

Corrections to Polish texts

Minor corrections were made to the Polish translation of the EULANDA® ERP system.


Ticket: 00-237

Collected Print now hides hidden reports

During collective printing - for example, Invoice Menu "Print" / "Collected Print" - the reports that were actually hidden in report management were also displayed.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-234

Selection field widened for collective printing

The selection field with the names of the print forms for collective printing has been extended so that long names can also be distinguished.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-235

Form does not copy parameters

Various forms in EULANDA® use a query window, e.g. for entering a date range such as the outgoing invoice book or the substitute settlement. Since version 4.0 it is possible to preassign these values automatically to current date values. If one of the standard forms containing dynamic parameters is copied, the parameters were not copied correctly in the SQL registry.


Ticket: 00-236

Plugins for older EULANDAs could not be installed

Plugins for older EULANDA® versions that did not use the UTF-8 character set could not be installed in 4.3.

XML interface

Ticket: 00-240

Floating point sets are transferred incorrectly in XML

Floating point sets are transferred incorrectly during import via XML interface. Depending on the country setting, the decimal point is removed and a higher quantity value is read in (from 1.0, 1.00.

Version dated 25.10.2011

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-233

Incorrect date and number format in reporting

In the search masks with dates (e.g. article/statistics/material groups/cross table) the date was displayed in English format.

In addition, certain numerical values could not be converted in the integrated programming language. However, the latter does not apply to any of the standard forms.

Version dated 10/07/2011


Ticket: 00-230

Checkout - Line and document reversal now with icon

The two buttons for cancelling rows and documents have now been given an eye-catching symbol (red cross) for better highlighting.

serial numbers

Ticket: 00-231

Serial numbers in cash register with multiple warehouse

The serial number selection always displayed only the numbers of the main warehouse in the POS module - regardless of which warehouse was set for the respective POS.

telephone dialling

Ticket: 00-232

small correction for telephone dialing

Small correction for telephone dialing via TAPI 1.0

Version dated 09/30/2011


Ticket: 00-229

Text dialog box supports Cancel again

Text dialog box can be closed again using the Cancel button. Previously, it was only possible to close the text dialog using the Windows cross.

The dialog box is used in EULANDA® at different places, but can also be used as GetStringDlg in iScript or Pascal script.


Ticket: 00-226

Polish translation revised

The Polish translation was revised and over 800 texts were optimized and standardized to a better length. The Polish texts were also supplemented by about 100 new texts for warnings and the image designer area.


Ticket: 00-227

New German texts with focus on image processing

About 100 new texts for warnings and the image designer area have been added to the German texts.


Ticket: 00-228

New English texts with focus on image processing

About 100 new texts for warnings and the Image Designer area have been added to the English texts.

Version from 09/13/2011

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-217

String list cannot be stored in the file system

Problem: In the report designer, string lists cannot be saved to the file system via SaveToFile using Pascal script. An exception is generated for address 000000. The reason is the compiler for Pascal-Script. The problem has been reported to the compiler manufacturer and has now been resolved.

This problem primarily affected developers who program in Pascal script, i.e. within the report designer, or customers who use these forms. The standard forms delivered with EULANDA® did not use the corresponding command.

Fix: The problem was fixed in this release.

Workaround 1: Plugin developers can create an invisible memo. Assign the contents of the string list to the Memo.Text property and use the Memo.Lines.SaveToFile method to save the text.

Workaround 2: The version after contains two string routines LoadString and SaveString which can be used alternatively in the Report Designer. See ticket 00-224.

Version from 09/12/2011


Ticket: 00-224

LoadString and SaveString in Reporting

For development: Two new functions for saving and loading a string to and from a file are now available in reporting.

S := LoadString([filename])



Ticket: 00-216

Additional start dialog for the debug version has been omitted

The additional start dialog with the"beta hint" when calling the special debug version has been omitted, since this is not a pre-release version. This special version is now marked with the addition[Debug] in the window header.

telephone dialling

Ticket: 00-220

Consideration of control characters for telephone dialing

If the characters asterisk (*) or hash (#) are at the beginning of the telephone number, the telephone number is sent unchanged to the Windows telephone interface (TAPI) instead of being changed canonically (super canonically).

Some telephone systems use these characters as control characters for special functions, such as call forwarding or night answer. With EULANDA® it is then possible to store these special functions, for example, as a special "contact person".

telephone dialling

Ticket: 00-219

When the contact is edited in the phone dialling module

If the contact is being edited in the phone dialling module, an error message may be displayed when the contact person window is closed.


Ticket: 00-222

PNG are displayed again in reports

PNGs stored in a report with older EULANDA versions are now displayed correctly.


Ticket: 00-223

PNG and JPEG in letterheads

PNG and JPEG images in letterheads were not displayed when printing or previewing. Only after the report was saved again could it be printed correctly.

telephone dialling

Ticket: 00-218

Simple telephone dialing (via TAPI 2) did not work

Simple telephone dialing (via TAPI 2) no longer worked, since the transfer was aborted after the first character. The simple interface cannot process UNICODE characters and EULANDA 4.3 and newer uses UNICODE by default. Now UNICODE characters are converted to ANSI for transfer to the old TAPI. The TAPI 3 connections are not affected by this error, since they support UNICODE.


Ticket: 00-221

New iScript object for sending emails

The iScript provides a new object for sending emails over a pure SMTP connection. The object allows you to send attachments and embedded images in an HTML mail. The object is already available to ABO customers of version 4.3.

Object name: SMTPMAIL

The object can process email addresses in the full address qualification of the type "My Name" <>. With the help functions like GetFullEmail you can generate fully qualified addresses from display names and emails. HTML emails can contain embedded emails, this is a special form of attachments.

  • Configuration.SmtpServer server name of the SMTP server
  • Configuration.SmtpServerPort Port to SMTP server if not 25
  • Configuration.sendUsername User name to SMTP server
  • Configuration.sendPassword Password to SMTP server
  • Configuration.sendEmailAddress sender address
  • priority Possible values: Low, Normal, High
  • ReplyTo reply address
  • BCC Semicolon-separated"secret" copy recipients
  • CC Semicolon-separated list of copy recipients
  • To Semicolon-separated address list
  • subject Subject
  • HtmlBody Message formatted in HTML also with images
  • TextBody // Ascii message
  • AutoGenerateTextBody Set HTML to ASCII alternatively a standard disclamer
  • attachments Semicolon-separated files with path specifications
  • Embedded investments Contains paths to image files to be embedded in HTML
  • individual if true the To recipients are created as single emails
  • AddBCC Inserts a single"secret" copy recipient into the list
  • addCC Inserts a single copy receiver into the list
  • AddTo Inserts a recipient in the list
  • AddAttachment Add an attachment to the list
  • AddEmbeddedAttachment Inserts an embedded image into the list
  • dispatch sends the email to return"true" if successful
  • SemicolonToCRLF Converts a semicolon string into one separated by CR+LF
  • CRLFToSemicolone Converts a CR+LF separated string into a semicolon separated string.
  • CRLFToColon Converts a CR+LF separated string into a comma separated string.
  • GetFullEmail(DisplayName, Address) returns a string that also contains the clear name of the mail address
  • GetEmail(FullEmail) results in the pure mail address
  • GetDisplayname(FullEmail) returns the plain text name
Version from 09/01/2011


Ticket: 00-213

New functions for EULANDA 2012

Development for the next EULANDA® version 2012 is already in full swing. The expected innovations are described in the user forum and we will keep you up to date there. A development time of one year has been set for the completion of EULANDA® 2012.

The new functions will include wide changeable input masks, new possibilities of the text system, improved search functions and much more.

If you have a software subscription, you can already use the new functions. A plugin which installs the new features is now available for version 4.3 of EULANDA®.


Ticket: 00-209

Display of Unicode long text fields in the browser

In the browser display (browser or information system), long text fields (multiline database fields) that exist in Unicode format are now also displayed.

EULANDA does not use Unicode long text fields by default. This extension therefore primarily concerns information systems from third-party providers. However, you cannot sort by long text fields.


Ticket: 00-206

Texts in the Polish translation revised

In the Polish translation, many texts were revised and the lengths of the individual translations changed so that they fit better into the existing screen masks.


Ticket: 00-208

GoTo and links did not work after client change

The GoTo function and clicking on EULANDA links on the start page or in brief information no longer worked if the client had been changed several times (menu File, Change client).


Ticket: 00-203

Support E-Mail generated wrong subject line

Under certain circumstances a support e-mail with wrong subject line or wrong text was generated.

XML interface

Ticket: 00-205

Problem with XML import of articles with images

The article import via the XML interface failed if article images were contained in the XML file.

entry fields

Ticket: 00-211

Short key for "Mark all" CTRL+A

With CTRL+A you can now select the complete text in the input masks. This is particularly useful in the long text fields.

Version dated 28.08.2011


Ticket: 00-113

debug version

Since version 4.3 of EULANDA® there is always a debug version available for download. This program allows to find resource problems and errors before they affect the operation. If an error occurs, it also displays the internal path with the original source code names. If problems are found, they are reported at the end of the program and saved in a log file. A change to the normal program version is possible at any time by simply exchanging the files.

How prevention works

With each memory operation, the debug version checks whether freed memory is still being used by another location and also checks whether each requested memory is freed again. This check takes time, so that the program slows down a bit. However, this has the advantage that you can track down very hidden errors and resource problems that would otherwise remain hidden for years.

This is made possible by the complete exchange of the program's internal memory management, the so-called heap management. This technique is new and only possible with the new development system, which is used from EULANDA® 4.3. In this way, dozens of these problems have been found in the 4 million lines of source code in the quite complex EULANDA® program in recent weeks.

The debug package contains the file FastMM_FullDebugMode-DLL . If problems are found, they are listed in a window at the end of the program. In addition, a log file will be created in the program folder, which you would have to email to The log file has the name Eulanda_MemoryManager_EventLog.txt and is located in the program folder of EULANDA®.

Locating faults

In case of an error, EULANDA® displays an error dialog with the possibility to display details. These details usually include an extended error message and a list of numbers. The debug package includes an This file contains the names of the internal program routine exactly matching these numbers. In this way, the path to the error that occurred can be identified and the problem can be better understood. This file only fits to exactly one debug version.

Installing the Debug Version

To use these functions, the files of the file must be unpacked into the EULANDA program folder. If you use user languages such as English, Italian etc., the language files of must also be unpacked into the program folder of EULANDA® - that was all!

Uninstalling the debug version

A replacement of the Eulanda.exe from the normal package is sufficient, and the program behaves again normally and quickly as usual. If language files are used, the contained in them must also be exchanged.

Thank you for your cooperation

With the debug version everyone can help to improve the quality and stability of EULANDA® but also to simplify troubleshooting.


Ticket: 00-114

help files

New help files are now available for download. Starting with this version, with each new EULANDA® also the help files are newly created and made available for download. This ensures that you always have the same level of information that you will find on our website, as the help is generated directly in the WEB. To install the new help, simply unzip the compressed help file into your EULANDA® program folder.

The compressed help file also contains a file goCHM.reg. If the help file is only displayed empty in a network, this is due to the security settings of your PC. Since CHM help files are web pages, they can also contain malicious code. However, if you are sure that your CHM files are clean, you can enable network-wide access to all CHM files by double-clicking this file once as administrator.

If you are using the multilingual version of EULANDA®, the help file also contains a with the information translated up to this point in time.


Ticket: 00-160

The user language in Polish has been revised

The user language in Polish has been revised so that screen texts that are too long are now better adapted.

Version dated 08/25/2011


Ticket: 00-085

Better consideration of field authorizations

Better consideration of missing field authorizations in the article master. For example, if no read authorization exists in one of the price fields. This only applies to EULANDA® Enterprise if server-side permissions are used.


Ticket: 00-087

Stability problem when exiting EULANDA

A rare stability problem was solved when exiting EULANDA®.

Version dated 24.08.2011


Ticket: 00-004

Plugins with umlauts could not be installed

Plugins with umlauts could not be installed correctly. Texts were interpreted incorrectly due to the UNICODE conversion. This problem only applies from EULANDA® 4.3.


Ticket: 00-007

Installer cut off attachments

When creating a plugin (build), file attachments such as readme.txt were cut off and inserted unusable into the plugin file. This error did not occur until version 4.3.x.

Version dated 22.08.2011


Ticket: 00-002

File structures improved

The file structures in the download area of the FTP server have been improved. The user languages are now directly in the file for example with the readme. Additionally, a file in the update section can help in the search for complex errors.


Ticket: 00-003

Resource problem (medium) when calling the iScript editor

A resource problem when calling the iScript editor has been fixed. This caused memory holes when used several times and could slow down or instabilise the system.

information system

Ticket: 00-001

Links in the information system were displayed incorrectly

Links in the information system pointing to the file system or a web page were misinterpreted.

Version dated 18.08.2011

Plugin (Shop)

Ticket: 00-015

The field names in the shop plugin have been unified

The field names in the shop plugin have been standardized, this affects the field names (article type and master type number).

Plugin (Shop)

Ticket: 00-016

Triggers allow optimized transfer of bearing changes

New triggers allow the optimized transfer of warehouse changes to the shop system.

SQL designer

Ticket: 00-005

Support of UNICODE memos

The SQL Designer text output now supports the UNICODE long text fields of type nvarchar(max) and ntext. Previously these were displayed as NV.

SQL designer

Ticket: 00-006

Memos in SQL-Designer can be displayed completely if desired

The Show all memos option has been added to the Tools menu of the SQL Designer. This means that in text output mode, long text fields after the actual data line are displayed in a separate area and completely. Without this option, long text fields are truncated after several hundred characters.


Ticket: 00-008

Image search for fast articles may lead to error message

The POS module may display a message when determining the images for the quick items if it takes longer than expected. This means that the process is no longer interrupted due to timeout. This usually only occurs for very large article master records if no explicit characteristic has been defined for fast articles.

order management

Ticket: 00-009

Price information in the order show subheadings in bold

In the price information dialog box (for example, in order items), the subheadings are displayed in bold to distinguish them from the displayed conditions.

information system

Ticket: 00-011

Match or ArtNumber now in the Excel export of the information system

In the information system, the customer's match or article number is also output in the generated Excel file when it is transferred to Excel.

See forum post:


Ticket: 00-012

Crop tool does not work in contacts

In the contact person management the cropping tool (scissors icon) did not work anymore which allows to read data comfortably from web pages.


Ticket: 00-013

Resource problem when calling contact person management

Resource problem when calling contact person management fixed. This left a small memory hole with each call.

picture designer

Ticket: 00-014

Resource problem when using the image designer

A major resource problem when using the image designer has been fixed. When executing image effects, too much memory was reserved for the undo function and only released at the end of the program. The error is included as of EULANDA® 2.0.

order management

Ticket: 00-010

Price information could be edited

Price info dialog box (for example, in order items), you can edit the displayed information. This is now switched off.

See forum post:

Version dated 11.08.2011


Ticket: 00-020

Image display has been changed

The display of the images in the masks (articles, addresses etc.) now behaves like in older versions before EULANDA® 4.3. The image is no longer enlarged (pixelated).

XML interface

Ticket: 00-026

Field names in the shop tag have been changed

The XML format for the shop interface has been slightly modified: The ARTICLE TYPE tag has been renamed ARTICLETYPE and the MASTERARTNUMBER field has been renamed MASTERARTICLE.

letter module

Ticket: 00-021

Do not create or open a mail merge job

Serial letters (text module) could not be created and old jobs could not be opened. An error message Printer not assigned was output when printing a mail merge.

characteristics tree

Ticket: 00-022

Resource problem with"Select multiple characteristics

When using the Select Multiple Characteristics filter, memory was not freed, which can lead to a resource problem. The error is included as of EULANDA® 3.0.

letter module

Ticket: 00-023

Sporadic error when exiting

When exiting EULANDA® there were sporadic errors when the letter module was used. The problem occurred as of EULANDA® 4.0.

letter module

Ticket: 00-024

Sporadic errors in the mail merge module

Occasional errors occurred when using the mail merge module. These could also occur later in the course of the work.

XML interface

Ticket: 00-025

Error message in XML module if file is missing

In the XML module in the interface there were, if no XML file was present and one pressed the check button to uncritical, but unsightly error messages.

stock lists

Ticket: 00-017

Error message when adding elements

When adding parts to a BOM, an error message was always issued

XML interface

Ticket: 00-018

Memory in XML module not fully freed

When using the XML module, the working memory used was partially used.

which can lead to a resource problem.


Ticket: 00-019

An error occurred in the agent module when searching empty

A message BILDTHUNMBNAIL Error occurred in the agent module when searching empty. This was triggered by a change to an incorrect field name.

Version dated 10.08.2011


Ticket: 00-027

Enhancement of the image display element

The image display element in the input masks has been extended. This applies not only to the article mask but also to the address, representative and contact masks.


Ticket: 00-028

Context menu for screen elements extended and unified

The following functions are now available via the context menu (right mouse button on the image element):

  • Deleting the image (previously only possible with the image designer)
  • Load from file
  • Save as BMP file (NEW)
  • Paste from Clipboard
  • Copy to clipboard. (NEW)
  • Finding records specifically with images
  • Searching for records without images


Ticket: 00-029

Drag-n-Drop on screen elements

Drag and drop image files directly onto the image


Ticket: 00-030

PDF no longer opens by default

Print to file (PDF) no longer opens the PDF viewer program (Acrobat or similar) by default. This corresponds to the behavior in the previous versions. However, if automatic opening of the file is still desired, this can be reactivated in the registry in the user default values via the entry PdfToFile.AutoLaunch = ON.

XML interface

Ticket: 00-031

Crosselling & manufacturer available in XML as shop tag

XML interface in the shop tag extended so that cross-selling and manufacturers can be transferred to the shop.


Ticket: 00-032

UTF8 support for HTTP upload

HTTP upload of shop-relevant XML data now supports XML UTF8 file format via script control.


Ticket: 00-033

Script objects extended

Script objects HTTPLIB, INFOBOX and FTPLIB have been enhanced for the shop interface.


Ticket: 00-034

More translatable texts

Various non-translatable texts have been made translatable so that they can be edited externally using the Sisulizer localization tool.


Ticket: 00-035

Translations updated

English and Polish translations have been extended and updated.


Ticket: 00-036

Partially wrong images in data sets

If the article (or other data) did not contain an image, the image of another data record may have been displayed.

characteristics tree

Ticket: 00-037

Tag characteristic cannot be activated

Since version 4.3, it was no longer possible to activate a characteristic as a tag characteristic (using the properties of the characteristic).


Ticket: 00-038

Empty field search" again possible in the context menu

The context menu (right mouse button) can now be used to search for empty fields etc. in the input masks. The problem first appeared in EULANDA® 4.3.

Version dated 08/05/2011


Ticket: 00-039

Printing accelerated

Acceleration of printouts when NT authentication is used.

Version dated 03.08.2011


Ticket: 00-040

On startup, your own digital signature is verified

When EULANDA® is started, it is checked whether it still has a digital signature. If this is missing (can also be seen with right mouse click on Eulanda.exe properties), an error message is displayed, that if necessary a virus has infected the program.


Ticket: 00-041

Remote maintenance is only started with a valid signature

When loading the remote maintenance module, the system checks whether it has a digital signature before each start of remote maintenance. If the signature is missing, the remote maintenance program is not started for security reasons and an error message is issued instead.


Ticket: 00-042

Before the client is started, the system checks for backups

If no proper data backup has been made for more than 7 days, an error message is displayed when the program is started. Here it is independent whether the data backup was initiated by EULANDA® or an external program. An image or copy of the MDF/LDF files or a shadow copy is no substitute for a regular backup.


Ticket: 00-043

Updated Polish and English translation

Updated user languages for Polish and English.

online manual

Ticket: 00-044

Revision of the online manual

The online manual has been extensively revised.


Ticket: 00-048

Rollback on update optionally preventable

Updating older EULANDA® databases could lead to a conversion error if this special version was not considered. With an entry in the EULANDA.INI a rollback for test purposes can now be suppressed, so that the error location (usually a missing field) can be found better.


Ticket: 00-045

Range error during phrase call

The phrases with CTRL+0 to CTRL-9 could not be called in the first versions 4.3. Instead, a range error was output.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-046

Parameterized joins lead to errors

Starting with EULANDA® 4.0, no MAGIG-SQL joins are created in the report designer with MASTER/DETAIL links, but parameterized joins. However, in EULANDA® 4.3 these lead to errors. This has been corrected.


Ticket: 00-047

clipping of PDF output corrected

The clipping of the report designer was not taken into account for output to PDF. Texts that were not set to automatic length were still treated as such in the PDF and ran into the text to the right if necessary.

Version dated 27.07.2011

XML interface

Ticket: 00-049

XML skip comments

XML interface, so that comments can be removed or skipped during import.


Ticket: 00-050

INFOBOX and XMLLIB script objects extended

Script objects INFOBOX and XMLLIB have been enhanced so that error classes can now be deactivated and XML events can be transferred to an info box connected to the XML object.

office interface

Ticket: 00-052

Office 2010 64-bit support

Support for Office 2010 64-bit using the eMAPI64 add-on program, which can be loaded from the archive via the FTP server. It requires at least one EULANDA® 4.3 for execution.


Ticket: 00-051

Fixed several resource problems

Several resource problems have been fixed that block RAM unnecessarily during operation.

Version dated 25.07.2011

MAPI interface

Ticket: 00-054

Support of Simple and Extended MAPI

EULANDA® 4.3 contains a completely revised MAPI interface which supports the Simple MAPI and the Extended MAPI. While the Simple MAPI is supported by third-party vendors (Tobit, Thunderbird, etc.), the enhanced MAPI is currently only offered by Office. The new Dual MAPI is called in EULANDA® MAPI 2011 and can be preset and the settings.


Ticket: 00-055

HTML help in multidialog no longer displayed

The HTML help in multidialogs is now displayed correctly again. The problem was caused by the new support of Internet Explorer 9.


Ticket: 00-056

Printer tray mapping has not been saved

If no default printer group was set, the printer slots were not saved as a new default when changes were made.


Ticket: 00-057

Printer tray mapping does not always save

Under certain circumstances, UNICODE problems (special characters in the driver name) could cause printer slots not to be restored when the assignment was changed.


Ticket: 00-058

Metadata now always write back

Metadata can now be written back in the XML interface, even if the fields are missing in the import file.

Datev interface

Ticket: 00-059

No progress bar for DATEV update

In the DATEV dialog the window with the progress bar was shown too late, so that one could not see if the DATEV module updates itself over the Internet.


Ticket: 00-053

PDF is no longer opened when sent by e-mail

When sending e-mails with PDF as an attachment, the PDF is no longer opened after it has been created. The automatic activation in the meantime was not perceived as an improvement.

Version dated 24.07.2011


Ticket: 00-060

Evaluation of Explorer proxy settings

The Internet Explorer proxy settings are used to load updates, the support module or plug-ins such as DATEV. In addition, a section[Proxy] with the variables ProxyHost, ProxyPort, ProxyUsername and ProxyPassword can be stored in the EULANDA.INI if the settings in the Internet Explorer should be invalid.


Ticket: 00-061

Update of the DATEV module with MD5 checksum

The DATEV module checks the loaded module with the MD5 hash value stored on the web server, so that only valid and correctly loaded modules are embedded and executed. In addition, a progress bar is displayed when reloading the module. If a proxy server is stored, it will be used instead of a direct download.


Ticket: 00-062

Remote maintenance checks the MD5 checksum after downloading

The screen mask of the remote maintenance dialog has been revised. It shows the reloading of a new support module in a progress bar and checks the loaded module with an MD5 hash value for validity and completeness. The remote maintenance module can now also be called directly from the start menu. If a proxy server is stored, it will be used instead of a direct download.


Ticket: 00-063

EULANDA® Update checks for MD5 checksum

When updating the main program, a possibly stored proxy server is evaluated. The license numbers are taken into account from the different clients to avoid loading too many new versions from the web. Scanning clients takes time, so progress is now displayed in the progress bar of the Start menu. The MD5 hash value is not currently supported for the main program update.

Plugin (Shop)

Ticket: 00-064

Performs replication without external utilities

The shop interface now also supports proxy settings. In addition, the integrated HTTP and FTP client, which can be controlled via script, has been extended.

MAPI interface

Ticket: 00-065

Various corrections to the MAPI module

Several corrections to the MAPI module have been added (MAPI 2011)

Version dated 21.07.2011


Ticket: 00-077

Version 4.3

EULANDA® in version 4.3 has been almost completely revised with about 4 million lines of source code (this corresponds to about 100 thick books).

The reason was the conversion to a new development tool. The change will primarily allow us to better respond to new operating system features in the future. Internally, all text routines have been converted from ANSI to UNICODE. In the ANSI world, a letter was always one byte in size, in UNICODE the character length depends on the encoding used (UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, etc.), but can contain one for several bytes. routines must now be completely adapted to this new world.

The advantage is that from EULANDA® 4.3 on, any character can be displayed in any language (that is now over 65000 different symbols). While the ANSI version could process a maximum of 255 different characters and symbols. Accordingly, many modules had to be reprogrammed from scratch, and this was used to define fantastic possibilities for future versions in the basic objects.

Especially during the conversion from version 4.2.74 to 4.3.74 problems may occur in less used modules, which we will quickly solve with new capacity. Especially 4.2.74 (ANSI) and 4.3.74 are database compatible so that it is historically possible to switch between the versions and even work in parallel on the same database with the versions during operation. Thus, for everyone the change is associated with the lowest possible risk.

MAPI interface

Ticket: 00-070

Extended MAPI is supported

EULANDA® supports the Extended MAPI interface (extended MAPI interface) for the first time with version 4.4. This special system allows you, for example, to access Office contacts without Office displaying the warning If you want to open Outlook for xx minutes to the external application.


Ticket: 00-071

Appointments and contacts are converted to Extended MAPI

The data exchange of contacts and appointments has been changed from OLE to extended MAPI. This eliminates various safety warnings, as the extended interface cannot be accessed by WEB applications. Office automation (=OLE) was previously used to control contacts and appointments.


Ticket: 00-073

Completely newly developed PDF module

The PDF module has been completely redeveloped and adapted to the new text module. The creation of letters etc. is now much more precise than before and comes close to the quality of external PDF printer drivers.


Ticket: 00-074

Print output to JPG qualitatively improved

Print output to file JPG, PNG, BMP has been improved in quality when using the Print to file option in the print preview. A high quality image file is now created for each page of any printout.

XML interface

Ticket: 00-075

XML interface with characteristic tree and BOMs

The XML interface has been enhanced and can now export the characteristic tree, BOMs and the new fields of the shop module. These export functions are only available via the script module (documented in the WEB) and now allow very flexible export variations.

image designer

Ticket: 00-076

Image Designer allows manipulation of larger image files

The Image Designer has been internally redesigned to allow manipulation of much larger image files. In addition, all text outputs of the Image Designer have now been prepared in such a way that they can be translated into any language using the Sisulizer translation system.

text module

Ticket: 00-066

Completely new text module

The text module of version 4.3 has been completely redesigned and provided with new possibilities. Here we tried to keep the appearance as identical as possible. A new algorithm for displaying the character spacing results in a more balanced image. Based on this new version there will be several enhancements in the coming months.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-067

Advanced Report Designer

The report designer in version 4.3 has been revised and rounded off in many parts.

  • Completely converted to UNICODE, this allows any special characters to be displayed.
  • UPS Intelligent Barcode has been added
  • Forms can now be gradient
  • The detail volume can now alternately display a history
Version dated 11.06.2011


Ticket: 00-082

Unicode preparation

The EULANDA® 4.2.74 contains many preparations for the shortly available version 4.3.74 which will replace the ANSI world in particular. Version 4.2.74 will be the last EULANDA® from the ANSI world and allow a clean transition to the UNICODE world.


Ticket: 00-080

XML interface scriptable

The XML interface is now scriptable via iScript. In this way, basic exports can be integrated more flexibly into a menu and thus customer-specific modules can be created.


Ticket: 00-081

New script objects INFOBOXLIB, FTPLIB and HTMLLIB

The internal objects INFOXBOX, HTTPLIB and FTPLIB are now externally controllable via iScript. This allows FTP transmissions or the connection of WEB 2.0 applications.


Ticket: 00-078

Better support of Internet Explorer 9.0

EULANDA® 4.2 improves the display of the Explorer 9 and deals with the various changes in the use of the Explorer.


EULANDA® uses the Internet Explorer independent of the use of the standard Explorer (Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.). Only the Internet Explorer allows integration into a third-party system (such as EULANDA®) via its interfaces. EULANDA® uses the Explorer for the start page, the short information, information systems etc.

office interface

Ticket: 00-079

Improved compatibility with Office 2010

Support of Office 2010 to select the default contacts folder

Version from 06/01/2011


Ticket: 00-091

FTP object added

An FTP base object is available in the iScript that can solve simple tasks via script-


Ticket: 00-090

XML object extended by characteristics

The XML object has been enhanced with the option of displaying article characteristics in a separate node. This option is required for the new shop plugin.

Version from 05/15/2011

news story

Ticket: 00-096

Cardboard GTIN are now possible

The article master has been extended by the field Cardboard GTIN (formerly EAN).


Ticket: 00-092

Extended user language English and Polish

The user languages for English and Polish have been updated and extended.


Ticket: 00-093

Complete installation has been extended

The complete installation has been extended. This is located on the download server in the /Setup folder and now supports Full, Custom and Minimal installations:

  • Fully installed EULANDA® with dictionary, help and in all languages
  • Custom Allows the selection of languages to be installed
  • Minimal Installs only EULANDA® with dictionary and help in the same language as Windows


Ticket: 00-094

Setup supports the Windows language setting

The setup automatically adapts to the language set in Windows and displays itself accordingly if this language is available.


Ticket: 00-095

Databases with non-Central European character set

The creation of databases or clients with non-Central European characters is now supported without a help file.


Ticket: 00-097

iScript Editor not possible for new clients

The iScript editor could not be called for newly created clients.

Version from 2011-05-06


Ticket: 00-101

Plugin for the OXID-Shop

The optional plugin for connecting an OXID shop system is available which transfers articles and images to the shop time-controlled and collects orders and creates them as an order.


Ticket: 00-106

iScript object FTPLIB for integrated basic tasks

The newly added iScript object FTPLIB allows FTP basic functions such as uploading and retrieving files via scripts without the need to access an external program. In addition to upload and download, an MD5 checksum calculation is also supported.


Ticket: 00-107

MD5 checksum calculation for any files

With the new iScript checksum calculation it is possible to get the MD5 checksum for any file. This checksum can then be used e.g. in connection with the new FTP client to compare this checksum with the server-side checksum and to ensure that the file has been transferred to 100%.


Ticket: 00-108

iScript object INFOBOX allows asynchronous display of

The new iScript object allows you to display a box during script execution to display messages during script runtime. This allows you to create permanent jobs using scripts that display their status and which you can also cancel via the info box. For the future it is planned to connect the infobox with other objects, e.g. to log FTP transfers.


Ticket: 00-099

Polish translations extended

Polish translations extended


Ticket: 00-100

Creating a database with Polish Windows

Support for creating a database under Polish Windows

XML interface

Ticket: 00-102

XML interface with export of warehouse figures

XML interface, so that stock values and available 1+2 are transferred to the article in a separate sub tag. The extended export function can only be controlled via iScript.


Ticket: 00-103

Internet Explorer 9 support

Support of Internet Explorer 9 for displaying the homepage and statistics page. EULANDA® uses independently of the standard web browser different basic functions of the Internet Explorer to display the start page, short information etc. and to provide with dynamic contents.


Ticket: 00-104

iScript editor can now be used parallel to main window

The iScript editor or spreadsheet is now an independent window so that the main window can still be operated. It is therefore no longer modal.

Version dated 21.04.2011


Ticket: 00-112

Supplier match in the delivery module in capital letters

In the Purchasing module, the supplier match code for deliveries is now displayed in uppercase letters.


Ticket: 00-109

Index defragmentation did not work under IE 9

Compatibility problems with Internet Explorer 9 fixed. The index defragmentation on the administration page did not work properly with the new Explorer anymore. In addition, the new functions of Explorer 9 are now used when displaying the administration page and successive lines are alternately displayed in color.


Ticket: 00-110

Delivery notes did not accept an e-mail or fax number

No e-mail address or fax number was suggested when printing delivery notes.


Ticket: 00-111

Wrong formats were used under Win 7 x64

Compatibility problems under Windows 7 64 Bit have been fixed. Partially wrong date and number formats were used in the input fields

Version dated 03/21/2011

data base

Ticket: 00-120

Procedure "cn_AfAssignAn" now belongs to the standard

The SQL procedure cn_AfAssignAn from the user forum is now included by default. You can use this to assign an offer to an order.

SQL designer

Ticket: 00-118

GUID and timestam in SQL-Designer now also in text mode

Until now, GUIDs and timestamp values were only displayed in the grid display. Now the text mode also supports these special data types.

SQL designer

Ticket: 00-119

The SQL-Designer now allows the export of data to Excel

The output of a query can now be saved as an Excel file via the File menu.


Ticket: 00-115

Collected printing works only once after calling

The Collected Print dialog could only send the print command once. If you wanted to repeat the print with other settings, you had to close the dialog and open it again.


Ticket: 00-116

Assigned letterhead is always active for"Collected Print

If a form has a letterhead by default, it could not be deactivated when printing.


Ticket: 00-117

MultiDlg returns wrong data type (string)

The MultiDlg object returned an incorrect data type under certain circumstances. Usually this was of type String so that subsequent calculations with, for example, date values failed.

Version dated 02/14/2011

data base

Ticket: 00-121

Detection of 64-bit instances

EULANDA® now recognizes x64 SQL Server instances on x64 Windows systems. This affects the Create Client function from Backup and SQL Designer (master).

Version dated 02/10/2011


Ticket: 00-124

iScript can control slots via client print

The Client.print object has been enhanced with the option to pass printer tray instructions. For this purpose, the entries BinFirst=[value] and BinRest=[value] can be passed in Target.


Ticket: 00-122

Manual tray switching during collective printing

Support of manually changed nest settings for collective printing.


Ticket: 00-123

Do not immediately transfer the article to BON

For the POS module, the value ArticleSelectIfUnique=0 (default value = 1) can be set in the SQL registry under \MODULES\Kasse\(POS name). This ensures that the article is not immediately transferred to the receipt. The suggestion comes from a user in the forum.

See forum post:

data base

Ticket: 00-125

Create client from backup hung

A compatibility problem with SQL Server 2008 R2 has been fixed. When using the function Create client from backup from the start menu the process was partially suspended and blocked EULANDA®. This problem occurs when SQL Server 2008R2 Standard is used and various additional services such as the Microsoft Report Server are installed.

See forum post:


Ticket: 00-126

At "Select delivery address" there was an error message

If you press Select delivery address while selecting the billing address, there was an error message. Here is a useful hint.

See forum post:

letter module

Ticket: 00-127

Letter names with special characters cannot be saved

If a letter name contained special characters, the letter could not be saved. The special characters had special SQL functions.


Ticket: 00-128

Internal hyperlinks have not loaded data set

Under certain circumstances it was not possible to jump to the desired data record using the short info and other methods. The respective module was called, but the originally selected data set stopped.

typing errors

Ticket: 00-129

Typing error: "Screen print".

Typos in the Print menu, there was the word"screen print" instead of"screen print".

See forum post:


Ticket: 00-130

Dialog delivery note corrected after invoice

The Delivery Note by Invoice dialog could no longer be called once you had sorted by the info column.

Version from 01/20/2011


Ticket: 00-131

Purchase order items with desired date

In addition to the delivery date, the desired date is now also displayed in the purchase order items. This behavior can be turned off in the registry if necessary.


Ticket: 00-133

Additional fields for editing in the order module

In the order module, the Edit Quantities function allows you to edit many other fields in addition to editing the quantity field.

SQL registry

Ticket: 00-134

Backup copy when changing the SQL registry with text editor

The text editor in the SQL registry additionally stores the texts in the Windows temp directory. EULANDA® gets program code directly from the SQL registry. Faulty changes can bring the program to a standstill. So that the last changes are now available externally, they are now saved in the temp directory.

In case the EULANDA® process has to be aborted for some reason, the changed source code can still be accessed.

Backup copy when changing the SQL registry with text editor

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-135

New reports only possible if templates were available

In report management, you could only create a new report if a template existed for the relevant object type. Now you can create a new report everywhere. However, copying an existing report was possible at any time, so that you could make do with it.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-136

After copying a report it was not visible

When copying a report, it was not displayed immediately. Only after going to the properties of another report and leaving it was the new report displayed.


Ticket: 00-137

Telephone dialing shows the hierarchy of entries again

Since version the subordinate entries (mobile number, mobile phone) have been displayed on the same level as the main entry for telephone dialing (and fax, e-mail selection). Now these are again integrated underneath the contact.

additional currency

Ticket: 00-138

Multi-currency not licensed

If the module Customer-Specific Article Numbers was not licensed, an erroneous message was displayed: Multi-currency not licensed.

Version from 01/10/2011


Ticket: 00-140

Modification of the build number procedure

EULANDA® always uses four digit groups for version identification. The third group is the build number, and was previously arbitrarily incremented for major changes.

With the introduction of this update, this build number is always identical to the version of the SQL database. If the build number is identical, the Eulanda.exe can be easily exchanged without any database conversion. So you can always go back to an older Eulanda.exe, provided this number is identical. The build number is reset to 1 when the major version increases.

Structure of the version number using an example

  • Group 1: Main version = 4
  • Group 2: Subversion = 0
  • Group 3: Build number = 65 (now also corresponds to the database structure)
  • Group 4: Issue = 5865

The output is constantly incremented and shows how often EULANDA® has been changed and recreated over the years. Not every version was released.


Ticket: 00-141

Date formats for subject information in reports

In the e-mail defaults for the reports, subject etc. can be configured with variables. Now it is also possible to use formatting. A date value can now be specified as follows: Here, the date would be displayed with a four-digit year but without the time.


Ticket: 00-142

E-mail transfer from contacts with format characters

If an email was selected from the Contacts window, this email address was partially marked with a formatting flag such as: [silver]xxx[/email].

Version from 01/10/2011

SQL server

Ticket: 00-139

Support of named instances of the SQL server

The Create client from backup function is now also possible with named SQL server instances. All new deliveries of the SQL server and the setup now create the instance EULANDA, so that there can be no more mutual influences with other databases on the physically same server.

Version dated 01/03/2011


Ticket: 00-146

Independent installation of SQL 2008 R2 in the FTP archive

In the archive directory of the FTP server, there is an additional installation of SQL Server Express 2008 R2, which can be performed via the command line (batch).


Ticket: 00-143

Polish programme messages have been revised

Polish programme messages have been revised

data base

Ticket: 00-144

The sa default password has been changed

The default password for the SQL system administrator has been extended by one digit to comply with the new tightened security rules. This is used automatically for backups and maintenance tasks. You should change your password for security reasons. The password of the delivery is:

Users: sa

Password: sa!M9135


Ticket: 00-145

Setup is now compatible with domain controllers and SBS

The setup now supports the installation of SQL Server Express on domain controllers and SBS 2008 servers.

Version dated 21.12.2010


Ticket: 00-147

70 Polish programme messages have been revised

70 Polish programme messages have been revised

data base

Ticket: 00-148

Saves resources through fewer database connections

EULANDA® uses fewer simultaneous database connections and thus handles the resources of the SQL server more carefully.

Version dated 21.12.2010

data base

Ticket: 00-149

Client change could end EULANDA

When changing clients and calling new windows, EULANDA® could terminate under certain circumstances.

Version dated 12/20/2010


Ticket: 00-150

200 Polish programme messages have been revised

200 Polish programme messages have been revised

display issue

Ticket: 00-151

Quick Launch Bar contained in icon name & character

In the quick start bar (menu on the left) the commercial AND (&) was displayed instead of the underscores.

Version dated 12/15/2010

set meal

Ticket: 00-158

Menu commands with their own icons

Menu commands of type ShellExecute can now be assigned to icons via the IconURL property.

DATEV module

Ticket: 00-152

DATEV module can update itself from the Internet

The DATEV module now contains an automatic update function and detects newer DATEV versions on the EULANDA® web server and loads them if necessary.

data base

Ticket: 00-153

Disconnections to the SQL server are automatically rep.

Aborts to the SQL server are now better handled and repaired automatically in many cases. Depending on the routers used, even if the router fails briefly, the internal network may need to be briefly re-synchronized and the SQL server may therefore be assigned new connection channels. Some of these problems can now be repaired by EULANDA® itself.

spreadsheet calculation

Ticket: 00-154

Spreadsheet displays"#NAME" in Multi column

The spreadsheet and the preliminary calculation based on it require 0.0 as the cell base as the upper left cell, but due to an internal generalization, the routine returned 1.1 so that fields had shifted. For example, the value #NAME was displayed in the Multi cell of the preliminary cost estimate, which is an error.

DATEV interface

Ticket: 00-155

DATEV conversion in EV mode did not work

The DATEV module has created one column too many in EV mode (= extended mail dispatch) so that the EV format was rejected by the DATEV converter due to errors.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-157

Letterhead new resulted in a protection violation

In the report designer, a protection violation was displayed in the Letterhead New function via menu selection.


Ticket: 00-159

ellib.ReplaceVarsRecordset was without line break

The ellib.ReplaceVarsRecordset procedure did not insert a line break in the first line.

Version dated 12/08/2010


Ticket: 00-161

Standard report now appears in bold in menu

When you call up the Print menu, the standard report is displayed in bold. This is the report that is also used automatically when you press CTRL+P or CTRL+F2.

information system

Ticket: 00-162

Some information systems could not be opened

Some information systems could not be called. There was an error message an unexpected error has occurred.....

information system

Ticket: 00-163

Icons are missing in the information system

Some information systems or subelements lack symbols (icons).


Ticket: 00-164

Missing hyperlink in open items in "Match" field

Hyperlink to match was missing in the module of open items to jump to the corresponding address.

Version from 2010-12-01


Ticket: 00-166

New dynamic setup via web-URL

Revision of the SETUP. The current setup for EULANDA 2010 is now available on in addition to the FTP downloads. This setup is with approx. 3MB very small and fast loadable. It analyzes the PC for the necessary prerequisites (e.g. SQL Server with instance name EULANDA, .NET etc.) and loads the missing modules dynamically. This eliminates the need to load the complete setup with approx. 500 MB each time.


Ticket: 00-167

Setup supports firewall settings

When the SQL server is installed, the firewall is automatically set to allow network access to the SQL server. The different firewalls of XP (standard) and the extended firewall in Vista/Windows 7 and 2008 are taken into account.


Ticket: 00-168

Setup installs SQL Server x32 or x64 depending on OS

The setup now recognizes Windows x32 and Windows x64 Bit and installs the corresponding SQL Server 2008 in the optimized version.


Ticket: 00-169

Improved error message for missing reports

Detailed error message for forms that no longer exist, but are accessed via iScript and native name.


Ticket: 00-171

Menu items of type ShellExecute now with parameters

Menu items of type ShellExecute can now also contain placeholders for basic values in the parameters. Among other things: %defaults.user%, %defaults.pcname%.

telephone dialling

Ticket: 00-172

In addition to Windows TAPI now also VbScript phone dialing possible

When dialing a phone, it is now possible to call a VbScript instead of the Windows TAPI system, in which other programs can then be called or own dialing functions implemented.

telephone dialling

Ticket: 00-173

Telephone numbers with spaces and special characters supported

The short info Contacts in the Address area now includes phone numbers with spaces and other special characters so that these can also be used for telephone dialing in this case.


Ticket: 00-165

Currency logic now takes rates from the order

Changes in the logic of the currency module. The invoice always takes the exchange rate from the order and not from the master data. This has the advantage that when currency hedging is used for certain projects, a special rate can already be stored in the order.


Ticket: 00-174

Authorization role "eul_user" did not work without errors

The use of the authorization role eul_user could not be started correctly. Icons and the homepage were then not displayed.


Ticket: 00-175

Navigate to order item was not used during update

The function to navigate to order items (via Short Info or Go to) added in the last version was not activated when updating older EULANDA versions.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-176

Minor flaws in the report designer fixed

Minor flaws in the report designer fixed.


Ticket: 00-170

Corrections in the Polish language module

Corrections in the Polish language module due to the non-Central European character set.

Version dated 23.11.2010


Ticket: 00-178

Improved texts in Polish translation

Improved texts in the Polish translation.

Excel interface

Ticket: 00-177

Excel import of "Custom files" gave errors

Problem importing from Excel. When importing My Documents there was an error message in many cases so that the import could not take place.

Version dated 11/19/2010

data base

Ticket: 00-182

Improved display of SQL error messages for 2008R2

Improved SQL error message display in SQL Server 2008R2; some error messages (e.g. stock is not sufficient) were displayed in SQL 2008R2 as a cryptic SQL error message.


Ticket: 00-180

Installing the SQL Server on Windows 7 x64

Installation of the SQL Server is now possible under Windows 7 64 Bit. The new installation from the SETUP folder now contains two SQL servers, one for Windows 32-bit systems and one for Windows 64-bit systems. Depending on the target system, the corresponding SQL server is installed and all required services and protocols are automatically activated.


Ticket: 00-181

Error message during printing

Letterheads created with version 2010 return an error message during printing (also in the preview). The message can be ignored without further consequences.

So that the message is no longer displayed, the corresponding letterheads and possibly also reports created with version 2010 must be opened and saved again in the report designer.

set meal

Ticket: 00-179

Solved problem with Windows 64-bit

Some menu items do not show error messages when they are called via the keyboard shortcuts. For example, posting the order CTRL+B or converting it into an invoice CTRL+R.

Version dated 11/11/2010


Ticket: 00-187

Extension of the Turkish translation

Extension of the Turkish translation

home page

Ticket: 00-188

Homepage of EULANDA® extended by training videos

EULANDA® start page, so that the training videos can be started directly there, as well as the page What's new 2010 is integrated.


Ticket: 00-183

Correction of currency display for delivery items

Correction of currency display for delivery items


Ticket: 00-184

Correction for e-mail address transfer in Purchasing

Correction for e-mail address transfer for shipping orders.


Ticket: 00-185

Correction because of old data transfers Goods receipt

Correction because the goods receipt could not be transferred for old data transfers.


Ticket: 00-186

Proofreading of Polish translations

Proofreading of Polish translations

Version dated 11/05/2010


Ticket: 00-192

Printing system now supports parameters

printing system so that parameters can now be used in several data sources simultaneously. Annual selections are thus available within a form in all data sources.


Ticket: 00-189

Signing of EULANDA® and SETUP

To avoid virus false alarms, such as those of the DE-Cleaner, all EULANDA installations SETUP.EXE and the main program EULANDA.EXE are signed and signed with EULANDA Software GmbH. The signature can be queried with the right mouse button via the properties menu of the corresponding program file. This makes it easier to detect manipulations.

DATEV interface

Ticket: 00-190

DATEV interface filters special characters

The DATEV interface now filters semicolon entries from all transfer fields, such as name, street, object, etc., since this character is used as a field separator during the transfer.


Ticket: 00-193

Conversion from standard forms to parameters

Various forms such as graduated price lists have been converted to parameters. These now allow a selection of the price list via a selection box.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-191

Correction of the printing system for stand-alone forms

Correction of the printing system for independent forms, i.e. forms that generate all data sources themselves.

Version dated 26.10.2010

data base

Ticket: 00-194

The Bank account field has been extended to 30

The Bank account field in the addresses has been extended from 18 to 30 characters and is therefore compatible for entering Polish bank account numbers, which are usually 26 characters long.

Version dated 26.10.2010


Ticket: 00-197

Internet fax support

With Internet fax, the faxes are converted by EULANDA® into multi-page TIFF files and sent to a fax provider via the mail system. The costs for fax machines and server fax systems are eliminated, the costs for the external service provider are low, so that this is a good option for the ever decreasing fax volume.


Ticket: 00-198

GTIN functions available in iScript

The API for iScript (VBScript) has been extended by various GTIN functions (formerly EAN). MakeGTIN13, MakeGTIN8, IsGTIN13, IsGTIN8, GTIN13 and GTIN8, making it possible to assign, correct and check GTINS through scripts.


Ticket: 00-199

New module: Polish user language

EULANDA® is now also available in Polish. The article numbers for the Polish correspondence language are 2508 (Professional) and 3508 for the Enterprise line. The article number 3608 is the operating language.


Ticket: 00-195

The printing system has been unified

The printing system has been revised and standardized so that all routines that print are based on the same basic routines. Letters, processes, collective printing, API printing are thus unified.


Ticket: 00-196

Collected printing now uses the standard letterheads

Standard letterheads are now also used in collective printing.

Version dated 10/25/2010

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-200

Incompatible function EAN becomes GTIN

The script function names in the report designer have changed when switching to version 4.0. The Pascal functions EAN13 and EAN8 built into the report designer have been renamed to GTIN13 and GTIN8. This does not affect any of the standard forms, since they were changed in 4.0.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-201

Incompatible function, there is no more grid object

The multiple grid is no longer supported in the report designer. In the standard forms, only the EDI module used this form, which has now been revised and is now based on normal lines.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-202

Incompatible function, no more QuattroPro/Lotus

QuattroPro and Lotus are no longer supported as export formats in the report designer. Excel is offered as a format for spreadsheets.

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