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History of all updates of version 5.x

Created on: 12.07.2018 12:34:03

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Version dated 23.07.2015


Ticket: 00-469

Bug fixes and stability


- The following modules could not be started or error messages generated:"Vendors","Inventory management","Stock transfer" and"Physical inventory documents

- keyboard shortcuts CTRL+ALT+ were missing for order, offer, delivery note and invoice

- Added shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+K for contacts/contact persons

- No items could be selected in the POS module if the serial number module was not installed

- The upper bar with the buttons for logging off, cancellation etc. was not displayed correctly in the POS module


- The long text field is now displayed with more lines

- All short forms can now be activated/deactivated via "Features and program functions" (offer short, order short, invoice short)

- You can hide the short text in the operations using"Features and program functions" ("Short texts in operations").

- A new option is available for the POS module to open the POS with opening balance and counting help.

Optics and spelling mistakes:

- The window sizes of all setting pages have been adjusted so that they fit on the screen even when enlarged.

- The symbol for "Gehezu..." is now again the well-known "male".

- T(a) calculator

- The mobile phone number in the address module is now again called "Mobile" and not "Auto".

- The font and color settings have been renamed"Colors and Display


Ticket: 00-470

Known Issues - EULANDA 2015 - Beta Version

- When creating or changing an address, the fax prefix was not automatically taken over from the telephone number

- Stock posting details dialog (serial numbers and batch entry): The menu is too small.

- Titles cannot be inserted from the position input mask by pressing the INS key

- The option "Remember old hit list (experimental)" on the Settings / Operation is currently not supported yet

Version dated 20.07.2015


Ticket: 00-465

selection of properties

As an extension to ellib.SelectObject the function ellib.SelectObjectEx was introduced. This can now optionally be used to store an SQL filter that limits the search quantity.


dim dlg, v

set dlg = Client.NewOptions

with dlg

ObjectName = "Eulanda.article"

Title ="Test."

Fields ="artmatch."

BaseFilter ="artMatch like '[A-D]%'"

v = ellib.InternLib.SelectObjectEx (.toString)

if isArray(v) then msgbox CStr(v(0)) else msgbox CStr(v)

end with


Ticket: 00-462

Characteristic API

The SQL API for creating characteristics has been extended to include the transfer of the characteristic class (@class) and a description (@description) (both optional).




For example, the class can be used to display a special icon in the characteristic tree (registry: \OBJECTS\FEATURECLASSES)


Ticket: 00-463

Delivery address selection

The selection dialog for the delivery address could not be closed via the OK button but only via the ENTER key.

preliminary calculation

Ticket: 00-467

Preliminary costing on offer

In preliminary costing, the error"Invalid conversion variants" often occurred when setting a target price.


Ticket: 00-464

Collected printing, parts list, offer, recalculate order

The representation of different dialog windows, such as collected print, parts list, offer recalculate, was optimized for the use of large fonts

Version dated 03.07.2015


Ticket: 00-458

Registry Customizations

Updating the SQL registry.

Some parts of the SQL registry (EULANDA's settings database) have always been difficult to update during program updates, as both our basic settings and settings made by the end user were stored here. Due to the profound changes in the user interface of EULANDA 2015, it is now imperative to update these values as well.

Most customers have NOT made any changes in these registry areas, so no side effects are to be expected.

We have now changed some of these settings so that they can be stored per client in the special registry area \USER\.ALLUSER\OBJECTS. It is therefore no longer necessary or desired that these settings should be entered in the main part of the registry under \OBJECTS.

Starting from this version, all entries in the registry under



(only the specified key and not the subkeys)

is overwritten during updates. To facilitate the transition to this new system, we save existing settings that differ from the standard in a backup within the registry under


off. If required, these can be copied to the areas provided for this purpose, namely:



If you have only created user fields, the definitions are automatically transferred to \USER\.ALLUSER\OBJECTS\<DataObjectName>\FIELDS during the update.


Ticket: 00-460


- Several bug fixes

- The customer group in the address master had no selection window

- In the masks you can now jump back to the number range settings by clicking on "Number

- Better display of the print dialog window with larger fonts

Version dated 24.06.2015


Ticket: 00-457

sundry things

- Go to and other navigation functions that call up an offer no longer start with "Offer short" by default, but with Offer

- Forms "Order short" and "Invoice short" added

- In Offer short you can jump back to the linked data record by clicking on the matchcode or article number.

- Pictures in the article master could not be changed or inserted

Version dated June 19, 2015


Ticket: 00-455

Cumulated Invoices/Addresses Information System

New information system in the Invoices module:

In the invoice module, the cumulated customer sales of the currently displayed invoices can now be determined via the "Information system (hits)".


Ticket: 00-456

Feature settings page

A temporary settings page for activating and deactivating features. You can find them on the settings page under "General".

Version dated 16.06.2015


Ticket: 00-454

bug fix

- Several intricacies and stability problems fixed

- When several open items were cleared, the payment date was not proposed again.

- The standard report (e.g. order confirmation) in a module displayed the wrong font size.

- ditto the item "Remote maintenance" in the "Help" menu

- The sorting of the quick start bar was confused

- In the order module you could not click on the customer or delivery address matchcode to get to the customer

- The small button"..." was missing to select the delivery address in the order module. (however, via the menu it was possible)

Version dated 21.04.2015

Recalculate stock

Ticket: 00-453

Recalculate stock

The SQL function for recalculating the position at a certain point in time could return incorrect values under certain circumstances. However, this function is not used by any standard feature, but only in user-adapted modules.

Version dated 03/09/2015


Ticket: 00-452

Timestamp and GUID as placeholders

Timestamp ("stamp" column) and GUID (e.g."uid") columns can now also be used as placeholders in the archiving interface, the e-mail defaults and brief information.

Values can also be truncated left (directive <<) and right (directive >>). Example:

2:Item number

Here, the article number is shortened by 4 characters on the left and two characters on the right.

Version dated 25.02.2015


Ticket: 00-450

Warning in article

If the warning contains a percentage sign in the article, an error message is issued instead of the warning when the quotation or order item is created with this article. The problem is now solved.

However, the problem can also be avoided without an EULANDA update by entering two consecutive percentage signs in the warning field instead of a single percentage sign.


Ticket: 00-451

Data norm compatibility

Improved data standard compatibility with supplier "Solar Deutschland GmbH". The Datanorm import was partially aborted with an error message.

Version dated 11.02.2015

bar code

Ticket: 00-441

Serial barcode readers

Provisional support for professional serial bar code readers (e.g. Datalogic Powerscan PD9530) for subscription customers.

Because the barcodes are read in independently of the keyboard entries, EULANDA can better interpret the barcodes and carry out actions.

For example, QR codes can now be imported that directly call up a specific data record in EULANDA or print a specific document. For this, only the one eulanda:// URL must be encrypted in the QR code. Furthermore, GTIN-128 or Datamatrix codes can be read in and specific partial elements (Application Identifier - AI) can be filtered out.


Ticket: 00-442

Properties of Field Classes

The properties of a field class (for example article numbers), such as the search mode, can (and should) now also be stored in the user area of the registry (under USERS\.ALLUSER\JECTS\FIELDCLASSES) .

This will make it easier to update EULANDA's own specifications in the future.

In a later step, there will also be a separate setting page for the field defaults.


Ticket: 00-443

Cancellation reason for purchase orders

The default reason for the cancellation of an order can now be changed in the registry under \USERS\.ALLUSERS\Basic values. To do this, create a character string with the name"KrAuftragStornoGrund".

Short info with warning in the order

Ticket: 00-446

Short info with warning in the order

A warning stored in the address is normally only displayed when a new order is created. In addition, the warning is now also displayed in the short info of the order or quotation - analogous to the short info in the address itself.


Ticket: 00-447

Statistics page Period

New function for subscription customers:

On the statistics page (under Master Data) you can now also change the period for the displayed short statistics. By default, only the current year was evaluated.

confirmation of order

Ticket: 00-448

Order confirmation with delivery address

In the standard form for the order confirmation the delivery address - if available - is printed out now with


Ticket: 00-444

Browser to clipboard

If columns are displayed in the data browser for which the user has no authorization or which do not exist, the browser could not be copied to the clipboard. The process then terminated with an error message. (reported by Mr. Horn).

To make it clear that a column is not available, the column is now also displayed in light gray.

short info

Ticket: 00-445

User settings Brief information

The user settings for brief information, such as the maximum number of lines displayed, were partially ignored and the default settings were used.


Ticket: 00-449


The two new functions ShowXml(xml) and FormatXml(xml) are available for developers. These can be used to display formatted XML data or to reformat XML into a more readable format.

Version dated 22.12.2014


Ticket: 00-425

Sales compared to previous years

A new short info volume is available which shows the sales development of the last 10 years with the percentage deviation from the current year.

In order to get a better comparison, the turnover of the previous years is calculated up to the same day as the current day.

brief information

Ticket: 00-428

Create short info

concerns developers and power users.

When creating new short info, you always had to make sure that the names of the CnxIDs did not collide with already existing CnxIDs of other short info. This made it cumbersome to copy an existing short info.

This restriction has now been lifted. CnxIDs must only be unique in the respective short info.

Access to all basic values and other areas of the registry is now possible both in the HTML part of the brief information and in the SQL queries. For example:

$$$$$ all entries from the registry area \MODULES\basic values

$$$$$ all entries from the registry area \SESSION

$$$$ all entries from the registry key "Grundwerte des logged-on user

$$$$$ the same values as Client.Properties (see also

Addendum 24.03.15:

individual queries (QUERY) in the short info can be deactivated using the variables above. This is done using the VISIBLE attribute in the QUERY tag. Example:

Furthermore, HTML blocks can be hidden with cnxid in the "LOGIC" area:

SET cnxidname.Visible = ISTRUE $$variablename$$$


Ticket: 00-429


For developers:

In addition to listing individual numerical values (separated by commas), numerical ranges can now also be passed. E.G.: 12300-12322.


Ticket: 00-434


The Client.renderData API function is now generally available and not limited to the Enterprise version.


Ticket: 00-435

Selection dialog for characteristics

The selection box for several characteristics, as it is displayed, for example, during CSV export or when compiling mail merge addresses, can now be called via script.

SqlWhere = ellib.MultiFeatureSelection ("Eulanda.Address")


Ticket: 00-436

Overview of positions

An overview of the existing items is now displayed in the order and quotation items, similar to the display in the header area. The current position is also highlighted in color.

multiple bearings

Ticket: 00-437

Blocking warehouse accounts

Individual warehouse accounts can be blocked for any warehouse posting. For example, you can prevent obsolete warehouse accounts from being posted inadvertently.

The blocks can be set up or removed in the Warehouse/Warehouse account module via the "Actions" menu. You can store an individual text that is displayed as an error message if the account is still posted.

The currently configured lock can be viewed in the short info of this module.


Ticket: 00-431

iScript editor

Developer Enhancements

- Search function in the iScript editor

- If the iScript editor is already open, the existing editor is displayed instead of opening a new one when the menu item is called again.

- the same applies to the text editor in the SQL registry

- When you exit the editor, the script will not run again if you need to save the script.

- Search function in SQL-Designer

delivery items

Ticket: 00-432

Clean up plugin suppliers

The plugin "Clean up suppliers" from the user forum could not delete articles that appeared in price lists with the old EULANDA version. The new EULANDA version has been extended.

Goods receipt from Excel

Ticket: 00-439

Goods receipt from Excel

The function "Copy items from Excel" in the goods receipt and physical inventory document now accepts the newer XLSX format by default - provided a corresponding Office version is installed. Furthermore, the items are displayed again after the import.


Ticket: 00-440

Excel interface

the following improvements in the Excel interface have been implemented

- Import errors are now detected more efficiently, which speeds up the process

- If 50 or more errors occur, the system offers the option of aborting prematurely.

- The interface remembers the last direction (import/export), the table (article/addresses) and the file name


Ticket: 00-433

Login problems in the Plugin-Manager

In the Plugin-Manager you could not log in via Windows authentication. In addition, an incorrect message "Server is overloaded..." was displayed if the logon failed.


Ticket: 00-438

Cancel remaining quantities in purchase orders

When cancelling remaining quantities in the purchasing module, an error was displayed ("Binary data was truncated...")"if an item had an article number longer than 30 characters.


Ticket: 00-430

Recursion error in position input

Under certain circumstances, a recursion error could occur during item entry if a scale price was determined for the article. However, this only occurred if the packaging units could also be changed.


Ticket: 00-426

SEPA problem with new installation

The SEPA module did not work partially with a newly installed EULANDA.

New report

Ticket: 00-427

New report in the report designer

When creating a new report using report management, an error message was displayed if no sample reports are stored for the respective object type.

As a workaround, you can copy an existing report.

Version from 08/01/2014


Ticket: 00-422

Setting the Touch Screen Mode

The touch screen mode setting in the POS module is now saved per POS and restored at the next start.


Ticket: 00-423

Problems with the database update

fixed a bug that prevented some customers from updating the database to version 5.1.21.xxxx.

Version dated 29.07.2014

total discount

Ticket: 00-421

Total discount not calculated

In the last version, the total discount in the order header was not calculated correctly or not at all. This does not apply to the discount per line.

Version dated 22.07.2014

partial invoices

Ticket: 00-419

Preparations for partial invoices

Preparations for partial invoices.

- non-rebateable VAT groups

- Transfer of the order type to the invoice


Ticket: 00-420

Order input problems

After the purchase order was created, the system did not always jump to the items. You had to manually jump to the positions using CTRL+TAB.

purchase orders

Ticket: 00-416

ESC key in order positions

By pressing the ESC key one was not led back from the order positions into the header mask, but remained in the position mask.


Ticket: 00-417

Problems with sorting in invoices etc.

The following sorting problems have been fixed:

- The search in the matchcode in invoices and orders sometimes first displayed very old transactions instead of the newest ones.

- By default, the items are not sorted by item number, but by article number.

New order

Ticket: 00-418

Function "New job" from address module faulty

The "New job" function in the address module (CTRL+T) has reported an error since the last update.

Version from 07/08/2014


Ticket: 00-412

Server overload problems

In multi-user operation, in rare cases it can happen that data cannot be saved because another process blocks a required table. In such a case, a so-called "Deadlock" or "Snapshot" error message is output.

In this EULANDA version, problems during the creation of items and in other places are now also handled independently.


Ticket: 00-408

SEPA improvements

The following SEPA improvements have been made:

- Transfer of the bank from the address master when creating a mandate

- The server-side procedure[cn_AfSetZielId] for setting a payment term in the order now also determines the correct SEPA mandate, if necessary.

search preview

Ticket: 00-409

Improved proximity search preview

The search preview now shows better results when using the perimeter search (prefixed "°") in text fields.


Ticket: 00-410

Performance improvement in position creation

The speed of order item creation has been significantly increased for databases with more than 100,000 orders.


Ticket: 00-411

SEPA mandate reference clear

The SEPA mandate reference was not clear. This primarily concerns manually entered mandate references, since the mandate numbers automatically assigned by EULANDA are unique.

accounts receivable ledger

Ticket: 00-413

Outgoing invoice book could not be printed

The outgoing invoice book could not be printed since the last update.


Ticket: 00-415

External DMS interface

If certain placeholders were used with the external DMS interface (add-on module) - e.g. 2018 - the PDF or the TIFF file could not be generated.

Version dated 06/12/2014

user dictionary

Ticket: 00-406

Expandable user dictionary

User-defined translations for reporting can now be stored in the Administration module.


Ticket: 00-407

Preparation for online serial numbers

Serial number entry (settings/licensing) has been prepared, optionally the serial number can also be imported via the personal Eulanda online access. Especially for rental customers, this represents a simplification compared to the serial number by e-mail.

index error

Ticket: 00-403

Better display of index errors

Errors caused by a unique index when saving can now be better displayed. You can also store your own error messages in the database for indexes you have created yourself.


Ticket: 00-404

accounts receivable ledger

In addition to the net and gross amounts, the balance (=OP) is now also displayed in the outgoing invoices ledger. In addition, you can use Settings/Reports to specify that incoming payments should also be displayed for each invoice. For each incoming payment or offset cash discount, an additional line is printed in gray under the relevant invoice.

purchase orders

Ticket: 00-405

Cancellation of orders

No partial quantities could be selected when canceling purchase orders.

Version from 05/28/2014

information system

Ticket: 00-394

Information system as a separate window

If the ROLLEN key is activated (usually between the PRINT key and the PAUSE key on the keyboard), the information system window is opened as a separate window (technical term: non-modal). This means you can move the information system to the page and switch back to the main window without closing the information system. This can be helpful, for example, if you want to carry out extensive research and do not want to call up the information system every time.

This behaviour can be deactivated under Settings/Operation.

project proposal

Ticket: 00-395

Project identification in offers

When deleting offers, the project flag is now automatically removed - at least if the project has not yet been converted to order. Up to now, an existing project indicator has meant that the quotation could not be deleted.

Performance improvements

Ticket: 00-396

Performance improvements

General performance improvements when saving data.


Ticket: 00-397

Blockages in the server

In multi-user operation, in rare cases it can happen that data cannot be saved because another process blocks a required table. In such a case, a so-called "Deadlock" or "Snapshot" error message is output.

In the new EULANDA version, these errors are usually handled independently by the program without an error message being issued.


Ticket: 00-398

Error message: City must not be empty

If no location was stored in the address, the order could not be saved.


Ticket: 00-399

Montenegro added to the country database

Montenegro has been included in the country database with the official ISO code ME. Until now, Madeira was registered under this ISO code, which does not represent an independent country and was managed there as a special customs zone.

modes of dispatch

Ticket: 00-401

Blocking shipping types

In the settings, it is possible to block certain shipping types for posting the delivery note. This can be useful, for example, if generally formulated shipping methods such as"parcel service" are used in the order and it is not clear until the delivery note is packed which real shipping service provider is to be used to deliver the delivery note. The delivery note can only be booked if a correct mode of dispatch has been selected in the delivery note.

part delivery

Ticket: 00-400

Last partial delivery on order

The last delivery of an order could not be created if a quantity was to be transferred. Instead, the message "The job is already completed" was displayed.

dunning system

Ticket: 00-392

Bank statement and dunning forms corrected in date

Bank statement and dunning forms corrected in date.

In the bank statement, the dunning date has been moved to the left-hand area of the invoice number. In the two dunning forms, the operating system standards in the area of the date were not used, so that the German date format was used in each case.

Version dated 05/08/2014

purchase orders

Ticket: 00-391

Customize Jump Fields in Purchase Orders

In the order module, the search and jump fields can now be adapted - analogous to the order and quotation system. The corresponding menu item is located in the "Tools" menu and is called "Customize default fields".


Ticket: 00-388

SEPA improvements

The following improvements to the SEPA module have been integrated.

- After creating the SEPA file, an error message appeared instead of the accounting journal to be printed.

- The cash discount amount that may have been deducted is now displayed in the payment overview.


Ticket: 00-389

title management

The display was not updated correctly in the title management after moving items.

hopping fields

Ticket: 00-390

Customizing the default fields

The function "Customize standard fields" in the order and offer module - menu "Extras" - is used to store the standard search and editing field etc. in the header and the items.

The change of the settings via the menu item was not saved correctly and therefore had no effect.

Version dated 04/28/2014


Ticket: 00-385

SQL 2012 Error Messages

Some error messages were not displayed correctly on SQL Server 2012. For example, when creating a delivery note if the warehouse stock is insufficient or when deleting a data record if it has already been used.


Ticket: 00-386

SEPA improvements

The following suggestions from customers regarding the SEPA module were implemented:

- Any cash discount percentage rate defined was previously only used if the cash discount target defined in the invoice had not yet been exceeded. Now it is possible to define the number of grace days after which the cash discount is granted despite the cash discount target being exceeded. If required, they can also be set to 999 waiting days, so that cash discounts are always granted.

- The invoice number is now transferred in a different format by default, since some bank programs have not adopted it as a note to payee. However, the old format can be activated in the SEPA settings if required. To do this, deactivate the option "Transfer purpose unstructured".

remote servicing

Ticket: 00-387

Teamviewer 9

Teamviewer 9 is supported. Teamviewer changed the system with the introduction of version 9 so that the customer module could no longer log on to EULANDA support. Version 9 uses special file names which are now also supported.

Version from 04/09/2014


Ticket: 00-380

Improved error display on SQL 2012

The display of SQL error messages has been improved for SQL Server 2012. For example, the field name was not displayed in the message if mandatory fields were missing.


The "Location" field must not be empty

backup of data

Ticket: 00-383

Data backup during EULANDA update

The backup performed during the EULANDA update could fail if a backup already exists and is from an older server.

The error message then reads:"The data backup was terminated due to errors".


Ticket: 00-384

Datanorm import in demo mode

If the Datanorm Import Module is not licensed, up to 200 items can be imported for testing purposes. For certain suppliers, the import terminated with an error ("division by zero").


Ticket: 00-381

Conditions settings could not be called up

Some of the settings for"Conditions" could not be called up.

Version dated 04/03/2014

VAT adjustment

Ticket: 00-376

VAT adjustment

When converting the VAT rates for the"domestic" VAT scheme, EULANDA now checks whether the current user has sufficient entitlement and, if necessary, makes it possible to log on again. Previously, a difficult to understand error message was displayed in this case.

invoice printing

Ticket: 00-377

Text on invoice for special VAT schemes

In the case of tax-free deliveries to the EU or construction invoices, it is sometimes necessary to include certain information texts on the invoice. These texts can now be stored centrally in the settings\VAT per VAT scheme.

Using the"Options for printing invoice texts..." button, you can now specify that these texts are to be inserted automatically at the beginning or end of the payment term. As a result, the forms no longer need to be adapted.


Ticket: 00-378

SEPA improvements

- In the SEPA module, the default direct debit type defined in the settings is preselected.

- The payment journal now creates subtotals according to the sequence category (sequence type) and the collection date of the debit memos. This allows a better allocation of incoming payments to the bank statements, as the bank also summarizes according to these criteria.

payment text

Ticket: 00-379

Different payment text in invoice

The text of the payment term can now be divided into two parts. One part is output during quotation and order printing and the other part only in the real invoice.

The two parts are simply separated by four consecutive diamond symbols (#####).

This means that you can use a generally formulated text in the order or quotation (payable within 7 days) and the real target date in the invoice.

Version dated 04/02/2014


Ticket: 00-371

SEPA improvements

SEPA improvements

- Printing a payment journal after it has been output

- Archive function for past SEPA jobs

- Re-printing old jobs

- Re-creating the SEPA file

- Cancellation of SEPA jobs

- When converting offers into orders to which no SEPA mandate has yet been assigned, EULANDA searches for a suitable mandate and stores it in the order.

- The default prefix for new SEPA mandates is"EULANDA-", which can be preset in Settings.

- The standard direct debit type (CORE, COR1 or B2B) can also be stored there.

- when navigating addresses using the Go to function (CTRL+G), the status (active or inactive) is now also displayed in addition to the mandate reference.


Ticket: 00-373

Delete the active indicator for the listing

The active indicator is now automatically removed when quotations are converted to orders. If necessary, this behavior can be changed via the"Conversion" settings.

position numbers

Ticket: 00-374

Retain item numbers

When creating delivery notes, invoices and copying quotations into orders, the item numbers are renumbered by default.

When creating partial delivery notes, the numbering usually no longer corresponds to that of the order. This behavior can now be adjusted via"Conversion" settings. However, it should be noted that when, for example, collective delivery notes are created from several orders, numbering cannot always be enforced.


Ticket: 00-375

Dialog Eulanda.MultiSelect

Single Selection

The "Eulanda.MultiSelect" dialog offers the option of checking several entries by default. The"SingleSelect" property can be used to switch the dialog to a single selection mode.

The desired entry can then be selected by pressing ENTER or double-clicking.

Filling Entries via SQL

The new method AddItemsFromSQL(,) can now be used to specify an SQL SELECT command that contains the desired entries. At least one column with the designation"caption" must be included.

Optionally, the columns "State" (1 or 0 - checked or not) "HtmlHelp" and "Data" can also be specified.


Ticket: 00-372

Flickering on the toolbar

If you had placed print reports on your own toolbar, the button flickered continuously when in search mode.

Windows XP

Ticket: 00-370

Compatibility problem with Windows XP

EULANDA version contained a compatibility problem with Windows XP. Starting a client terminated with an error. EULANDA now runs on Windows XP again.

Please note, however, that Windows XP cannot be guaranteed in future versions. It is strongly recommended to switch to the long available successors Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

Version dated 03/28/2014


Ticket: 00-367

SEPA improvements

SEPA improvements

- Improved error message when setting a mandate to active and one of the required fields has not been filled in

- Menu item in Quotation and Procurement to assign another mandate. The menu item is in the "Actions" menu

Eulanda URL

Ticket: 00-368

Eulanda Data via external link

Improvement when calling EULANDA records via external URL link of type eulanda://EULANDA_Database/DOC/AD/

If several menu entries in EULANDA point to the same database, the already opened menu entry is always selected as target. Depending on the sorting of the start menu, it could happen that an error message

"Please open the client with database XY first"

was displayed.

PC-dependent UDL files

Ticket: 00-369

PC-dependent UDL files

It is now possible to store different access data for the SQL server depending on the respective workstation. Copy the respective UDL file and place it in a subdirectory \UDL\[pc=Name of the PC] below the Eulanda.exe.


\ EULANDA_1 MyCompany.UDL


\[pc=name of PC]

\EULANDA_1 MyCompany.UDL

The different access data can then be stored in this UDL.

Version dated 18.03.2014

home page

Ticket: 00-362

Statistics Home

In addition to the monthly and annual turnover, the statistics on the start page now also show the daily turnover and the turnover of the last working day.


Ticket: 00-363

SEPA improvements

- A print form has now been integrated for SEPA mandates, which is to be completed by the end customer.

- In addition to IBAN and BIC, the SEPA mandate now also contains the name of the financial institution received. When updating older EULANDAs, this field is automatically filled with the bank name from the customer master if the IBAN matches.

background processing

Ticket: 00-365

background processing

Improvements in background processing (background services). This is a feature of the enterprise line and is used, for example, by the EDI interface or logistics connection.

- The EULANDA main program could freeze under certain circumstances and could only be closed via the task manager.

- The status of all background services can be viewed in the registry in the key \SESSION\SERVICES.

- The VBScript callback function of the background task can end the task or influence the interval for the next calls.

identification numbers

Ticket: 00-366

Information System Items/Serial Numbers and Batches

The warehouse accounts that are displayed in the"Serial numbers and batches" information system in the article master can now be set via the"Warehouse accounts". There you can check the box "Display in information system" in the desired accounts.

Furthermore, this information system is now also available for all articles and for the number of hits.

posting block

Ticket: 00-364

posting block

The posting block for warehouse accounts was not always evaluated correctly in the previous beta versions. This mainly concerns posting blocks for warehouse movements that lie before the last physical inventory.

Version dated 24.02.2014

resource problem

Ticket: 00-361

Resource problem CSV export

When calling the CSV export function for articles, not all memory areas were partially released.

Version from 02/19/2014


Ticket: 00-357

SEPA improvements

- Many SEPA error messages are now displayed better and easier to understand.

- If a new payment term is accepted in the offer or order, the active SEPA mandate is also accepted.

- When exporting SEPA data, the open items for base direct debits are displayed as soon as the module is called up.

- The Sepa Mandate Reference field can be displayed in the offer, order and invoice module in the browser

information system

Ticket: 00-360

Information system Turnover by date

The "Sales by date" information system in the address module was previously only available for the current hit list and is now also accessible for "all data".

Furthermore, the date of the last and oldest invoice in the respective period, several address fields and the matchcode of the assigned substitute are now available.


Ticket: 00-355

Warnings multiline

The input fields for warnings in the article and address master now allow multi-line input. The length of the texts that can be stored is no longer limited.

part numbers

Ticket: 00-358

empty article numbers

Internal Change - The Item Number field no longer allows a NULL value. In the past, this could lead to problems with other modules, such as the inventory module. If an article with a NULL article number exists, an empty article number is used instead.


Ticket: 00-354

Datanorm import error

Under certain circumstances, the Datanorm import could not be started in the last 5 beta version.

booking error

Ticket: 00-356

Posting of service specifications and orders partially not possible

The booking of delivery notes and orders was no longer possible for some customers in the last 5er beta. An error message of the type "UserID column must not be empty" was displayed.

Version dated 14.02.2014

data base

Ticket: 00-351

database optimization

Small database optimizations. Foreign keys and restrictions are checked during the update and activated if necessary. This improves the performance of database queries.

Image data is stored in the database with a more modern data type (varbinary(max) instead of image)

Version dated 02/13/2014

SEPA term of payment

Ticket: 00-349

Terms of payment with SEPA placeholders

For the upcoming SEPA module, several new placeholders for IBAN, BIC, creditor ID and mandate reference have been provided. Detailed information can be found in the Help


Ticket: 00-347

Pretext with more than 8000 characters

Article texts with more than 8000 characters can now also be included in the pre-text and post-text. This was previously only possible via the clipboard.


Ticket: 00-348

Closing of inventory with empty article number

If articles with an empty article number occurred in the physical inventory, the physical inventory could not be completed.

Alternatively you can search in the article master also the articles with empty number and rename there. To do this, right-click on the Item Number field in the search mode and select"Search is empty".


Ticket: 00-350

deliver null quantities

No more zero quantities could be converted into delivery notes.

Version from 01/02/2014

cost center

Ticket: 00-342

Cost center with selection box

Applies to developers only:

The field "Cost center" in the order could not be provided with a selection list (dropdown box) via the registry up to now. The attempt to define this via the field class failed with an error message.

Editing texts

Ticket: 00-343

Editing texts via script

The dialog window for editing texts - such as vortexes, aftertexts in orders or positions - can now be controlled via script.

ellib.InternLib.EditTexts "AF",, 0, ""

Requests for import

Ticket: 00-344

Jobs in batch - error handling and performance

When importing order items from a CSV file using the "Batch order import" function, warnings no longer immediately terminate the entire import process. Instead, the warnings are collected and displayed in an overview.

Furthermore, the import process has been optimized and accelerated.


Ticket: 00-340

Inventory Quantity Comparison Target/Actual

The report "Inventory quantity comparison target/actual" in the optional inventory no longer worked in the beta version of EULANDA 5.0.

Version dated 11.11.2013


Ticket: 00-337

BETA5: Select payment terms

BETA5: Selection of terms of payment in order and quotation no longer worked.

Many thanks to Mr. Bröcker from FM Computer, Zweibrücken for pointing this out.


Ticket: 00-338

BETA5: Delete order

Orders could not be deleted.

Many thanks to our partner FM Computer in Zweibrücken!


Ticket: 00-339

BETA5: empty orders

Empty orders are not automatically set to"delivered" when you book them. Instead, they are set to open and can then - as before - be cancelled.

Version dated 29.10.2013


Ticket: 00-328

BACKUP with checksum

The standard data backup within EULANDAs is now automatically created with checksums to detect possible errors early on. In addition, the backup is now more compatible with existing backup plans and there are no problems overwriting existing backups of older SQL servers.

SQL 2012

Ticket: 00-330

SQL 2012 Error Messages

The error messages of SQL Server 2012 are now evaluated correctly and can therefore be displayed more meaningfully to the user.

home menu

Ticket: 00-331

Product picture updated

The product image has been updated and at the same time the size of the exe has been reduced by 1MB by compression.

stock lists

Ticket: 00-332

Order / Availability Information System

The Availability Information System with additional columns Short Info, Bar Code and Storage Bin

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