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History of all updates of version 6.x

Created on: 12.07.2018 12:35:21

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Version from 01/31/2017


Ticket: 00-714

Foreign currency in the POS module

Important notice:

Payment with foreign currencies in the cash module is no longer supported as of this version.


Ticket: 00-715

Improved display for high resolutions

The dialog window for entering license data has been optimized for high resolutions.


Ticket: 00-711

Checkout Settings Pages

The settings pages for the POS module have been optimized for display on high-resolution monitors.


Ticket: 00-712

barcode scanners

With some barcode readers, the barcodes of the Bizerba scales could not be recognized. The Bizerba barcode recognition is an add-on module.

External links

Ticket: 00-708

Call the shortcut

Each data record (e.g. an address or invoice) can always be accessed directly from outside EULANDA via a CNLNK file or an eulanda://-URL.

If such an external link is called and EULANDA was not yet started, EULANDA is now automatically started with the appropriate client. You are not prompted to start the appropriate client manually.

If one or more EULANDAs are already open, the system first checks whether the required client is already open in one of these running EULANDAs, so that another EULANDA is not started unnecessarily.


Ticket: 00-709

background processing

Some tasks are performed in the background. When exiting EULANDA it could happen that such a background process crashed the program.


Ticket: 00-710

Copy number range

The number range for cash documents could not be copied.


Ticket: 00-713

Discount could not be saved

The payment in the cash register module could not be saved in some cases if a discount was granted and different VAT rates were applied. The following or similar message was displayed:

"The payment and return amounts do not match the receipt amount"

Version from 01/14/2017


Ticket: 00-705

Improved display - high resolution

Many dialog windows from extension modules, which are based on the so-called multi-dialog, now scale correctly at high resolutions.


Shop - Extended article fields (from the shop interface)


Ticket: 00-706

Database fields for shop interface

The shop interface provides extended fields for synchronizing addresses ("ShopRef", "ShopExportDate", "ShopFreigabeFlg") and orders ("ShopTel" and "ShopEmail") at database level.

service articles

Ticket: 00-707

Improvements in the Service Articles module

For subscription customers, several improvements are available in the Service Article module.

In addition to an additional text field for a description of the article, two web URLs with data sheets or the product page can also be stored. The latter can also be called by mouse click.

In addition to the text specification of the location, a real address can also be stored. This will be taken over as the delivery address when a cost estimate is prepared.


Ticket: 00-703

change in the event of a cash check

The change may have been taken into account incorrectly in the event of a cash check (optional)


Ticket: 00-704

Wrong country information - address does not print

- If the country code was unknown, the address was left completely blank in some forms, such as offer and invoice.

- The address in the form "Offer without final totals" is now correct by post

Version from 01.01.2017


Ticket: 00-702

Problems after update with latest SQL server

After updating the SQL server via Windows Update, EULANDA did not start anymore in many cases.

Version dated 28.12.2016


Ticket: 00-701

Export function for external check

Eulanda was extended by an export functionality for the usual tax audit software of the financial administrations.

The export is carried out via the "Cash documents" module and can be found in the "File" menu. The menu item is "Data transfer tax audit". After entering the desired date range, the files are created and the corresponding directory is opened.

Version dated 12/14/2016


Ticket: 00-696

Convert purchase order to delivery

When creating a delivery from a purchase order, the error message "The UserID column must not be empty" was displayed sporadically. This occurred especially after program updates or when using a new PC.


Ticket: 00-697

Layout improvements

When switching between header and item area in the goods receipt/delivery, the background color was not displayed correctly for some fields.

The status text was not always updated immediately after the document was posted.


Ticket: 00-698

Customer statistics by date

In the substitute module, an evaluation of customer sales by date is now available in the information system (CTRL+I).

warehouse document

Ticket: 00-699

Empty warehouse document

It was possible to post a warehouse document without items and then create items.


Ticket: 00-700

Gross Oriented

If a vendor address was set to gross-oriented, the purchase order was also created gross-oriented, but this is not supported in purchasing - reported by Mr. Hecker.

Version dated 11/15/2016

Win XP

Ticket: 00-695

Title management under Win XP

Under Windows XP the selection box with the titles was not displayed in the positions.

ATTENTION: Windows XP is no longer officially supported by us. Problems can occur again and again with Windows XP up to the fact that EULANDA does not start at all. Switch to Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Version from 11/06/2016


Ticket: 00-691

SQL Events Posting a Warehouse Document

Developers can use the new SQL event 10033, which is triggered after a warehouse document has been successfully posted (goods receipt, delivery, physical inventory, and so on).

See also:


Ticket: 00-692

Print Box - Printer Selection

The selection field for the printers has been widened in the print box so that longer network printers can also be displayed.


Ticket: 00-693


- The formatting of the decimal places in the browser with the document lines was lost again after the second article was created. reported by Mr. Juchmes.

- If the stored printer is not available, the print box is now displayed.


Ticket: 00-689

developer mode

If developer mode is activated, details of the individual SQL query parts, such as characteristic tree or field search, can be displayed in the lower area of the main window. The information can be found in the developer details area under "Query-Builder".

Find values from clipboard

Ticket: 00-690

Find values from clipboard

Finding values from the clipboard did not work correctly if a record was previously called via a link or the Go to function.

Reported by N. Friedel

pricing units

Ticket: 00-688

Recalculate offers with price units

Recalculation of quotations or orders was partially terminated due to errors if articles with price units were used.

Reported by K.H. Beier

bill of delivery

Ticket: 00-694

Delivery note reservation

Under certain circumstances it could happen that the reservation booking was not cancelled when a delivery note was deleted.

Version from 10/12/2016


Ticket: 00-687

DATEV interface adapted

Adaptation of the EULANDA interface to the DATEV autumn update.

This function requires version 6.5 or 6.0 with an ABO.

Ticket: 00-683

Adjustments for high resolution

The display of the following dialog boxes has been optimized for high-resolution monitors:

- The Window for Prices/Scaled Prices

- the plugin manager

- the journal function in the plugin manager

- Converting orders into (partial) delivery notes

- Delivery notes in (collective) invoices

- The performance monitor in the"Help" menu

- The search function in the SQL registry

- Article and address search windows when selecting the subtext or merging addresses/articles. In addition, EULANDA now remembers the window position.


Ticket: 00-685

Various cash improvements

- better display on the receipt. U.A. Formatting of decimal places in the total amount

- better display of the "quick articles". Images with white background are displayed over the entire area

- Improvements in the "Cashier Login" window

- In the cash module: The individual columns of the receipt items are now displayed with the display formats stored in EULANDA.

title management

Ticket: 00-686

Create New Title

Available as of version 6.1.47

- When a new title is created, it is immediately copied to the current position. It is also possible to copy the newly created title to all subsequent items or the complete order/quotation.

- Click on the "Title" field name in the position mask to go directly to title management.

- The "Title Management" window has been optimized for higher screen resolution

"Title management" is an optional program function that can be installed via the"Features and program functions" settings, depending on the EULANDA version used.


Ticket: 00-684

Purchasing - Cancel remaining quantities

Canceling remaining quantities did not work if an article has a matchcode longer than 30 characters.

Version dated 22.09.2016

multiple bearings

Ticket: 00-677

Goods receipt with multiple warehouse

When using the multi-bearing module, the assigned warehouse is now displayed directly in the mask.

only available with EULANDA 6.1.47


Ticket: 00-678

Improved batch image export error handling

Improved batch image export error handling

high DPI

Ticket: 00-679

Adjustments for high resolution

The display of the following dialog boxes has been optimized for high-resolution monitors:

- The hit menu (CTRL+#)

- The Characteristic Selection Window (Filter\Choose Characteristic, etc.)

- The Data Selection window (filter\select multiple characteristics, etc.)

- The Go to window (buttons, etc.)

- The"Features and program functions" settings dialog (buttons, etc.)

- The window with the characteristic properties

- The window for creating a new feature

- The EULANDA-Update" dialog window

- The window for creating a new client

- The"SQL Execution" wait display


Ticket: 00-680

Small improvements

The status of the"touch screen mode" was saved and reactivated the next time the POS system was started, but the corresponding menu item did not display the tick.

print preview

Ticket: 00-681

Error message in the print preview

In the print preview, error messages such as "System resources exhausted" or "Canvas does not allow drawing" were displayed on some PC/operating system combinations. EULANDA became unstable and had to be restarted.


Ticket: 00-682

Save print box to file

During file output, the selection of the target directory via the button"..." partly not taken over into the mask.

Version from 09.09.2016


Ticket: 00-674

Clear open items via cash desk

In the EULANDA Professional line, the module "Clear OPs via POS" is now available for testing. The module must be activated via "Features and program functions" in the settings. This is a preliminary function that is not yet intended for production use.

Range of functions:

- The"Clear OP" button appears in the POS module.

- After selecting the customer, a list of all open invoices for this customer is displayed.

- One or more invoices can be selected

- When the cash document is closed, the open item is also written off in EULANDA dunning.


- Partial payments on invoices are not possible

- The operation is not yet completely optimized for touch input


Ticket: 00-675

Scale barcodes in the cash module

From this version on, the add-on module "Special barcodes in the cash register module" is available.

Barcode labels from food scales - e.g. Bizerba® - that already contain a sales price can be processed here. By scanning in the barcode, the article with the correct price is transferred to the receipt.


Ticket: 00-676

Set cashier inactive

Our subscription customers now have the option of hiding cashiers when registering at the checkout. To do this, the "Inactive" checkbox must be set in the cashier settings.


Ticket: 00-672

SLED in the Information System

The "Stock (SN/Charge only)" information system in the Storage Location module now also displays the SLED (= best before date) or expiration date of the batch. To do this, the "Expiry date" feature must be activated in "Features and program functions".


Ticket: 00-673

Error in the POS module

If one had moved in the cash register module with the TAB key, an "exception error" could possibly be triggered.

Version from 09/06/2016


Ticket: 00-669


Several unused database fields were hidden, improving overall query performance.

identification numbers

Ticket: 00-671

Improvements SN/Charge

- A new short info module in the article master shows the batches in stock at a glance

- Display problems of the input window for serial numbers/batches at higher resolutions have been fixed.

- The display of batch numbers has been standardized between invoice and delivery note printout (quantity and heading"ID number").

- An expiry date or per batch/SN can be activated via features and program functions

Copy article

Ticket: 00-670

Price lists were not copied

Prices and scale prices may not have been copied when duplicating articles (CTRL+Q).

Version dated 08/25/2016


Ticket: 00-656

Address export for Outlook (as text file)

We have released a new feature for testing. This must be activated in the "Program functions and features" settings. It is"Outlook address export (text file)".

This can be used to export an Outlook-compliant text file that contains not only the addresses currently displayed but also the respective contact persons.


Ticket: 00-662

Excel export

The new option "Importable fields" has been added to the Excel interface (under Accessories) when exporting when assembling the fields to be exported.

This selects only those fields that can be imported into another client without further ado.


Ticket: 00-658

Find values from clipboard

The function "Find values from clipboard" now also works in the matchcode in orders and invoices etc.

"Find values from clipboard" can be accessed via the context menu (right mouse button) of an input field and searches for all values in the Windows clipboard. For example, this could be a column from an Excel table that was previously copied to the clipboard using CTRL+C.

See also:

Furthermore, the error message that is displayed when there are no numerical values in the clipboard and you are looking for invoice numbers, for example, has been improved.

pricing units

Ticket: 00-659

pricing units

The following changes affect the program function "Price units", which can be activated under Settings/Program functions and Features depending on the EULANDA version used.

- You can now store a price unit that differs from the article master for each delivery source. For this purpose, an input field for the price unit has been added to the"Vendor assignment" window. If the option"Transfer purchase price" or"Create mixed purchase price" has been activated in the"Warehouse and Logistics/Goods receipt" settings, the purchase price is always converted to the price unit of the master article. The price unit of the master article is not overwritten.

- In the warehouse documents Goods receipt and Delivery (for example), the price unit is displayed in the template.


Ticket: 00-665

Merge articles or addresses

When merging articles or addresses, EULANDA remembers the last articles or addresses used as destinations. For example, if the same article is always used for merging, a double-click is sufficient to select it.


Ticket: 00-666

Text editor operation

The operation of the text editor in the registry, the spreadsheet/iScript editor and the SQL Designer have been standardized in the following points:

- Text blocks can now be indented uniformly with the TAB key. Use UMSCH+TAB to cancel an indentation. (This was already possible in the registry text editor).

- With CTRL+UMSCH+C the currently selected block can be commented, if a VBScript, SQL or Javascript file is edited in the editor. This means e.g. with Javascript two slashes (//) are inserted before each line.

- With CTRL+UMSCH+1 to 9 bookmarks can be set, which can then be called up with CTRL+1 to 9.


Ticket: 00-667


- The standard receipt now always formats the VAT amounts in the closing text to two decimal places.

- The operation of the POS system via touch screen has been improved:

In the payment dialog, the OK button was not released until the payment field was left. You first had to type in the comments field when you entered the touch. Now the OK button is released already during input - at least when the total amount is reached.

- In touch screen mode, when changing the quantity or the sales price, a wide column of buttons is displayed next to the numeric keypad. This makes it easier to access the Quantity and UK fields. An additional button for saving is also displayed. (Suggestion by W. Juchmes)

service articles

Ticket: 00-668

service articles

In the standard reports offer, order confirmation, delivery note and invoice, a small block of information with data on the service article is printed out. If available, the serial number, the manufacturer and the default location are output in addition to the service item number.

This block can be deactivated in "Program functions and features" if required. The feature is called "Print service articles in process".

In addition, the"Service article" field in the"Orders" mask is directly linked to the corresponding service article, so that you can access the module with a mouse click.


Ticket: 00-660

Wrong CE display in positions

When using packaging units AND units of measure, the display of both in the items was not always updated correctly.

(Reported by Mr Troßmann)


Ticket: 00-661

Cash register settings could not be saved

The POS settings could not be saved. The error message"No access to currency AW field" was displayed.

(Reported by Mr. Wanner)


Ticket: 00-663

Order Post from Items

If you were in the item area when posting the order, EULANDA then remained in the item area. Scrolling with the arrow keys then referred to the order header and not - as would be expected - to the positions.

Now - as in version 5 - the "Header" tab is opened again after booking.

The problem also affected other menu functions and modules.

Reported by FM Computer


Ticket: 00-664

Short information in search mode

Even if the feature "Short info in search mode" was activated, EULANDA did not display the corresponding short info in addresses.

(reported by Mr K.H. Beier)


Ticket: 00-657

Wrong contact persons in suppliers

The key combination UMSCH+F8 in the Suppliers module displayed the contact persons of an incorrect address. Reported by Mr. Beier.


Ticket: 00-654

Delivery address in order

- In orders you could click several times on the button to select the delivery address. In the header area the status "Select delivery address" was then displayed accordingly often. The module then had to be reset via CTRL+F5.

- Resource problem in ordering solved


Ticket: 00-655

You could not call up empty phrases

Plosses could not be called on some systems. The message "Unknown name" was displayed.

Version from 07/11/2016


Ticket: 00-650

For Developers

The new SQL event"ReStorno.Before" is triggered before an invoice is cancelled. If required, checks can be stored here to prevent the invoice from being cancelled.


Ticket: 00-653


- The icon for file output in the print box is now displayed in gray (instead of yellow) like the other output icons.

- The supplier module can now be called via CTRL+ALT+F as usual from version 5

- The print preview remembers the last zoom setting - even after restart of EULANDA (idea of Mr Troßmann)

- The"master data sheet" report for service articles had only output a blank page if no article was assigned.

- A compatibility problem caused that EULANDA could not be started under Vista. IMPORTANT: Vista, as well as XP, is no longer supported with all functions from EULANDA 6 and is also not actively tested. However, EULANDA can now at least be restarted and operated in basic features.


Ticket: 00-651

Delivery (UPS, DHL ...)

If the object field in the delivery note was longer than 80 characters, the delivery note could not be transferred to the (optional) shipping system. (Reported by Mr. Vormoor)


Ticket: 00-652

Print as e-mail with text

The output of a report as mail with the option "Pure text (ASCII)" no longer worked. Instead, the report was printed.

(reported by Mr. Miebach)

Version dated 21.06.2016


Ticket: 00-647

Deactivate POS

A cash register can be set to "Inactive" in the settings. This cash is then no longer listed in the cash register registration. (suggestion by S+B GmbH).


Ticket: 00-649

Miscellaneous - high resolution

- The hint texts that are displayed in the start menu when you move the mouse over a client entry are now displayed larger on high-resolution screens.

- The small button for closing the feature tree or the short info area in the main window was displayed too small in larger screen resolutions.

dunning system

Ticket: 00-641

Setting for Days Off in Dunning

The waiting days for the first and subsequent reminders can now be conveniently adjusted in the settings/dunning system.

This setting is supported by the currently delivered dunning forms.


Ticket: 00-642

Warehouse accounts in inventory management

The warehouse accounts that can be selected when you create a new physical inventory are now determined exclusively by the warehouse account setting"Display in physical inventory management".

- Write error in warehouse account mask fixed


Ticket: 00-643


- After you have changed the dunning texts in Settings / Dunning, an EULANDA restart note is displayed, otherwise the changes have no effect.

- If the SQL server is not started or does not exist, EULANDA now displays a corresponding message when the client is started. So far the cause could not be determined exactly and the login dialog (login box) was always displayed.

- In the quotation order, etc., the system displays again to the right of the operation number whether the operation is net-oriented or gross-oriented (Mr. Hottmeyer).

- In the invoice item search mask (optional), the invoice sales department and the financial statement account are now also available as search criteria.

- When reserving delivery notes, negative quantities are no longer taken into account

- For developers: Supplier articles can now also be accessed via the shortened URL


dunning system

Ticket: 00-644

Reminder to individual customers

A new dunning form is available for subscription customers.

You can use this to dun the customer currently displayed in the open items. Since the reminder only concerns one customer, the customer's e-mail specifications are also taken into account.


Ticket: 00-645

Brief information on sources of supply

The short information "Sources of supply" in the article master has been extended by the order number. This can now also be clicked with the mouse to go to the corresponding delivery item.

Furthermore, the availability is also displayed in the sources of supply, provided that this has been stored in the delivery item.


Ticket: 00-646

Input masks with low window height

Some input masks, such as "Articles", "Positions" or "Invoice item search", were not displayed correctly if the window height of the main window was too small. A scroll bar was displayed on the right side, but if you moved it down, the hidden input elements were still not visible.

stock lists

Ticket: 00-639

Bill of Material Missing Information System

The information system"BOM stock shortfall" in the order could not be displayed if the multi-warehouse module was not active at the same time.

backup of data

Ticket: 00-648

Database Restore

The data backup could no longer be restored from the Start menu, but only via the SQL Designer.

Version from 06/02/2016


Ticket: 00-635


- In the dialog box for opening a letter in the text module, the various date restrictions did not take effect immediately.

- Once a new vendor has been assigned to an article, it is also selected in the dialog box.

- The template for letterheads"Next page" was only printed on the second page.

- If the global short info was not shown, you could accidentally move the window by clicking in the grey area

(all suggestions from Hottmeyer)

- Using the Go to function (CTRL+G), you can also access delivery notes and invoice items with quantity zero by default. If necessary, this can be deactivated in "Features and program functions". The corresponding feature is"Jump to zero quantities via Go to".

- The tab sequence in the print box in the "File" area has been revised.


Ticket: 00-637

Fulfillment with e-mail and fax

In the fulfillment module (additional module), a fax number and an e-mail address can now also be stored for each fulfillment address.


Ticket: 00-638

Authorizations on input masks

If the user was denied authorization to the standard input mask, it was not possible to jump to an existing alternative form via Go to.

(reported by K.H. Beier)

language preference

Ticket: 00-636

language preference

The language setting for the user language can now be accessed by right-clicking with the mouse in the start menu and selecting "Language". Since version the possibility was missing.

Version dated 27.05.2016


Ticket: 00-633

standard placeholder

Via ellib.ReplaceBasicVars globally available standard placeholders can be exchanged in a string (see also

role model

MsgBox ellib.ReplaceBasicVars("Company:")


Ticket: 00-634

Country table with three-character ISO codes

The internal country table in EULANDA has been extended by the three-character ISO format (ISO 3166-1).

This code is now required by some parcel service providers such as DHL.

For developers:

On the database side, various conversion functions are available for translating between vehicle, two- and three-digit code.

Furthermore, the new functions dbo.cnf_ExtractStrasse and dbo.cnf_ExtractHausNr are available in the SQL server to extract the individual components from the combined street/house number field usual in EULANDA.

Order-related ordering

Ticket: 00-631

Order-related ordering

The functions "Order" and "Add to order" can now also be called up from the items. (reported by KHB)

price lists

Ticket: 00-632

Price lists not available

Under certain circumstances, the graduated prices for an article could not be edited. The error message "Either EOF or BOF is True" was displayed (reported by W. Juchmes).

Version dated 13.05.2016

print box

Ticket: 00-626

Printbox - Miscellaneous

When saving as a file, it is saved to the desktop by default, unless otherwise specified. Now you can access the last 10 used folders from a selection list and the last used location is suggested.

In the print box, white font on a light background was used for some colour combinations. (reported by Mr Hottmeyer).

The button to select the file name when saving as a PDF file was not visible in some resolutions.

field length

Ticket: 00-629

Maximum field lengths increased

The Title Name and Title Number columns can now be displayed in the Position Browser when Title Management is activated (feature in Settings). (Suggestion by W. Juchmes)

The maximum field length of item match code, replacement item number and manufacturer item number has been increased to 50.

Ultra short text, short texts 1 and 2 can now be up to 100 characters long.

title management

Ticket: 00-630

Title name and number in position browser

The Title Name and Title Number columns can now be displayed in the Position Browser when Title Management is activated (feature in Settings). (Suggestion by W. Juchmes)

developer mode

Ticket: 00-627

developer mode

Since version the developer mode could no longer be called. The password was not accepted.

In addition, the password query field did not have the keyboard input focus - you first had to click with the mouse into the field.

(reported by K.H. Beier)


Ticket: 00-628

Foreign language interface

- With the English (and other language) interface, the Quick Launch bar was incorrectly sorted and the Favorites could not be used.

- Permissions for the sections in the Quick Launch toolbar depended on the respective user language. This only affected the sections of the quick start bar and not the reports, menu items, Go to, short info etc. The authorizations are now managed in a generally valid format. Existing authorizations that were set with a German user interface are automatically converted to the new system.

Version dated 03.05.2016


Ticket: 00-622

Browser column width depending on font size

The column width of the data browser and the list display in the information system is now stored relative to the font size. This means that the division of columns (and the number of characters displayed) between different monitors or mobile devices remains almost unchanged.

Furthermore, some information systems used the same browser setting, although these information systems displayed different data. As a result, columns set in one information system were displayed in gray in the other information system because the corresponding columns were not available there.

bill of delivery

Ticket: 00-623

Cancel delivery note (without invoice)

A delivery note that was completed without an invoice can now be reset to"delivered" status without the actual stock posting having to be cancelled.

This is particularly useful when using the serial number module.

The corresponding menu item is located in the "Actions" menu and is called "Complete delivery note (without rights) Undo".

radio scanner

Ticket: 00-624

Radio scanner storage location display

The SQL add-on mask (optional module) "cn_Picco_Disp_ArtLagerInfo" no longer displays the user field "UserVC3" by default, but the field "Storage bin" from the article master.


Ticket: 00-625

Post SQL event before delivery note

The new SQL event 10031 is triggered during conversion to a delivery note - in contrast to 10005 - before the delivery note is reserved or posted.


Ticket: 00-621

Insert new column in browser

When inserting new columns in the browser (CTRL+ENTER) or information system, some column names were sorted incorrectly because they contained a space at the beginning.

Version dated 04/27/2016


Ticket: 00-620

Order-related ordering (beta)

The following changes and corrections have been made to the"Order-related ordering" module:

- The selection of the supplier has been considerably improved. Instead of a simple list, which quickly becomes confusing with an extensive supplier base, the search is now carried out using its own search mask. The last 10 selected suppliers are also proposed.

- The standard browser view for entering quantities has been revised. The decisive field "Quantity" is now displayed by default.

- An error was displayed when the"Refresh" button was pressed. This button has no function when compiling the order and a corresponding message is now displayed.

Many thanks to Mr Beier of S+B for reporting the problems!


Ticket: 00-617

Various layout adjustments

- The text editor, which is used to enter the e-mail signature or in the registry editor, now also adapts to the font size defined in the settings.

- The settings page was not displayed correctly with high DPI numbers

service articles

Ticket: 00-618

service articles

Various improvements

- The exam dates 1 and 2 can now be transferred to Outlook by clicking with the mouse (suggestion from KHB)

- The appropriate appointment fields in the template are displayed next to each other. This leaves more space for the article image if the user fields are used extensively (suggestion by Mr. Geske)

- To the right of the purchase date, a purchase price can also be stored if the service articles are used, for example, to inventory your own inventory.

multiple bearings

Ticket: 00-619

Multi-storage in offers

When using the multi-bearing module, no selection box for the bearing selection was displayed in the quotation, but a field with the internal ID of the bearing group.

Reported by KH Beier


Ticket: 00-615

Printbox Icons too large

The icons for printing, preview, etc. displayed in the print box were too large. The icons for sending mails or output to file were not displayed.

Version dated 04/25/2016


Ticket: 00-608

Support for high resolution

The dialog box for creating a new client, the login box for user name and password and the start screen have been optimized to support high-resolution laptops.

Furthermore some minor design errors in the start menu have been fixed


Ticket: 00-611

SQL-Designer Layout

The SQL-Designer was adapted to the current layout and now also takes into account the font size set in EULANDA.


Ticket: 00-612

Printbox new layout

The print dialog box (CTRL+P) has been redesigned and now also takes into account the font size defined in the settings.


Ticket: 00-613


In the multi-warehouse module, an address can be assigned to a storage location, which is then also proposed during the stock transfer.


Ticket: 00-614

Specific purpose labels Postal address

- The three address label templates now display the address correctly by post. The lines are moved upwards and for foreign addresses the city is displayed in capital letters.

- The same applies to the stock transfer note from the multi-warehouse module.

service articles

Ticket: 00-609

Error when creating service articles

The following message was sometimes displayed when service articles were created:

The record was saved successfully.

However, an error occurred while synchronizing the display.

The fields displayed may not be correct.

Under certain circumstances, display problems could occur afterwards.


Ticket: 00-610

Small layout corrections

In the"SQL Registry" module, the width of the tree view on the left side was often reset to a narrow value when returning from another module.

In some selection windows the displayed entries were overlapped so that the text was not readable.


Ticket: 00-607

EULANDA in the Task Manager

When creating a new client or other actions that require administrator authorizations, it could happen that EULANDA was not closed. This could then only be ended in the task manager.

Version dated 04/14/2016


Ticket: 00-602

Non discountable articles

- If the"Non discountable items" feature is active, a corresponding field is displayed in the"Other" area of the quotation and order items. This allows you to set by item whether or not cash discounts may be granted.

- The cash discount setting was not copied when copying orders. (Reported by Dataline)

home menu

Ticket: 00-603

home menu

- The Start menu has been redesigned to take into account higher DPI settings (screen resolution), as they may occur with some newer laptop models.

- More than 8 entries are now displayed in the start menu.

- During the new installation, if no database has been created yet, EULANDA does not jump directly to the new installation mode, but allows the selection between new installation and restoring a data backup.

- Troubleshooting: No UDL (=menu entry) was created when you created it.

text editor

Ticket: 00-604

XML in the text editor

The integrated text editor (not the letter module) can be switched to syntax highlighting of XML data via the"View" menu.

Furthermore, XML data can be reformatted in the"Edit" menu.

service articles

Ticket: 00-605

Service articles with picture

An image can now be stored directly for service articles - as in the article module.


Ticket: 00-600

Invoice position search mask

The fields article, invoice and delivery note matchcode were not displayed in capital letters in the invoice item search mask - as usual.

Ticket: 00-601

GTIN 128

The determination of date values (e.g. Application Identifier 11 / "Production Date") in a GTIN 128 could return incorrect values or the code could not be scanned in.

Version from 04/01/2016

SQL 2014

Ticket: 00-598

Fixed compatibility issues with SQL 2014 SP1 CU5

Fixed compatibility issues with the last cumulative update 5 (CU5) to SQL Server 2014 that prevented EULANDA from starting.

We advise customers with EULANDA version 6.0 and against importing the SQL update. There is no workaround in older versions.


Ticket: 00-593

registry editor

The context-sensitive help in the registry editor has been significantly enhanced.

For important registry keys, such as ACTIONS and BANDS, templates are now available that specify basic registry values.


Ticket: 00-595


- In some masks, the different areas within the mask were not displayed flush. Depending on the screen resolution, the areas were shifted by a few pixels.

- The expandable input fields (e.g. customer group) were displayed clearly too wide on very high screen resolutions.


Ticket: 00-596

BETA: no report management in Small Business

Report management can now be used in the small business line again.

This can then be used to adjust the stationery or the e-mail settings for individual reports.


Ticket: 00-597

BUG: Distribute costs to goods receipt

The new function "Distribute costs to goods receipt" in the current EULANDA beta version had incorrectly considered decimal places and always split full Euros.

Thanks to Hottmeyer for reporting this error.


Ticket: 00-599

Suggestion for place of delivery

The function that determines a proposal for the city using the postal code and the country had generated incorrect values for the delivery address.

Thanks to Dataline for reporting this problem.

Report Designer

Ticket: 00-592

Items forgotten

In the new report designer of version 6.1 Beta, it may happen that elements contained in a region are not printed at the beginning of a new page during page breaks.

This depends on the option of wrapping. If the region option"Hold together" is used, this behavior occurs with the first position of a page, if this position should have been split.

Version dated 18.02.2016


Ticket: 00-588


- Minor optimizations to the standard order form

- When using the BOM module, the two fields "BOM (JN)" and "BOM part (JN)" are now displayed again in the article master on the extended card.

- In the report designer in the preview, an error"List index exceeds the maximum..." was sporadically displayed without any notable reason.


Ticket: 00-589


When exiting EULANDA, a "Memory Leak" window was always displayed when exiting the BETA version. This is now only output with the debug version.

A log file of the memory leaks is now generally output if the file "FastMM_FullDebugMode.dll" exists.


Ticket: 00-590


EULANDA is delivered with a new digital DUAL certificate. On the one hand with the SHA1 certificate, which is no longer so widely accepted, and additionally with the very secure SHA256 certificate.

Version dated 02/17/2016


Ticket: 00-584

Restart of EULANDA

Some settings only become active after restarting EULANDA - for example "User fields", features and program functions".

Instead of a simple hint message, EULANDA now offers the possibility to perform this restart immediately. (suggestion by UG)

In addition, the"Restart with this client" function has been fundamentally improved.


Ticket: 00-585

Recognition EU Member

The internal recognition of whether a country is an EU member now also takes into account Croatia's contribution on 1.7.2013.

This recognition is used in the automatic sales tax system.

For business transactions with Croatia with business customers (VAT ID exists), however, the sales tax schema can also be set manually to EU.


Ticket: 00-586


- The print preview partially displayed the image of the previous print preview for a short moment. Also, the preview did not always show the first page.

- For the service article module the same key combination was stored as for the article module (CTRL+ALT+A) - reported by U.Geske

- The field "Examination date 2" was displayed twice in the "Service article" mask.

- The field "Mileage" has been added to the service article module. Here, for example, the mileage or hourly output of a machine or the number of sheets for copiers can be stored.

- In the quotation system, the Valid From and Valid To date fields were displayed twice in the browser. One of which was always empty. (reported by M.Dirr)

report designer

Ticket: 00-587

report designer

When changing older reports, the form was destroyed under certain circumstances. This problem only affects the previous beta version from 6.0.26.xxxx.

Version dated 29.01.2016

delivery items

Ticket: 00-579

Delivery items in Purchasing

The fields "parent article number" and "supplier" are now linked. This means that you can switch to the master article or to the vendor at the click of a mouse. This function was previously already available via the"Go to" function.

Minor layout changes. Some fields, such as EK and VK are now displayed narrower. The VAT group is now displayed as a selection list (similar to the article master).

The following points are only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016:

The date of the last EC change and the original EC are now displayed in the mask and can also be searched for.

The stock is now available as an additional, purely informative field. Here you can store the available stock with the vendor. Here, too, a change date is maintained so that you can see at a glance how current this information is.

goods receipt

Ticket: 00-582

Distribute shipping costs to goods receipt

NOTE: This function is only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016.

After entering a cost amount - for example, shipping costs - these are distributed to the individual items of a goods receipt.

The allocation is weighted according to the purchase prices.


Ticket: 00-583


In invoice items, a button for calling up price information is now also available in the "Sales before discount" field.

BETA 2016

Ticket: 00-581

bug fix

- When calling up empty phrases using the key combinations CTRL+1 .. 9 could freeze EULANDA. (reported by KHB)

- When calling the print preview, errors could be displayed and even the program could crash.

- Some positions could not be entered into the quantity field with CTRL+ENTER.

Version from 01/21/2016


Ticket: 00-577


Standard fields in operations:

The matchcode can now also be used as the standard search field in the quotation order header. (inspired by WJ)

On the Eulanda homepage an old version was displayed: "What's new in version 2014".

search feature

Ticket: 00-578

Find values from clipboard

The new function "Find values from clipboard" shows the number of values not found and displays them as a list if desired.

Version from 01/202016


Ticket: 00-561

Convert orders into delivery notes

The window "Convert several orders into delivery note" and "Convert hits into delivery notes" now remembers the last window position and the size setting for the lower area "Positions".

It also prevents the window from being reduced to such an extent that the upper area disappears completely.

(suggestion by Mr Wagner)


Ticket: 00-562

archiving interface

- If an error occurs during archiving when using the optional archiving interface - for example, because the target folder is not available, the source of the error (archiving) is now clearly indicated.

Previously, only "The report could not be generated" was displayed.

- The optional archiving interface can now store the archive copies on an FTP server in addition to the file system and as an e-mail. This makes it possible, for example, to connect to "BvL Archivio®". Anonymous and simple authentication is supported - the FTP server should be located in the LAN accordingly.


Ticket: 00-563

Colors and display

- The total width of the input masks can now be adjusted in the "Colors and display" settings. In addition, it is possible to widen the right column with the object and info fields in the order masks.

- The color for the editing mode can be changed from light yellow to brighter yellow.

service articles

Ticket: 00-575

Master data and lists

- In the service article module, a master sheet with the most important data of the article can now be printed.

- A simple list report has also been added.

If the report designer is available, the forms can be copied and used as templates for individual changes.


Ticket: 00-576

Package tracking (Tracking)

The "Tracking" feature can now also be used to retrieve data on GLS packages.

The queries for Fedex and TNT have also been updated.


Ticket: 00-565

Working directory in menu commands

For developers.

For menu commands of the type "ShellExecute", the working directory can now be set via the registry value "Directory".


Ticket: 00-568

Searching for a List of Values

NOTE: This function is only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016.

It is now possible to search for a whole list of article numbers, invoice numbers, etc.

The values to be searched for must be in the Windows clipboard. For example, a column in an Excel file can be selected and copied. In the desired field in EULANDA, start the search with the command "Find values in clipboard" in the context menu (right mouse button or SHIFT+F10).

The search function is available in text fields and fields with integers (such as invoice numbers) and can easily be used for several thousand values.


Ticket: 00-569

SQL characteristics

The restriction to 4000 characters for the definition of SQL characteristics could now be removed. This allows you to create longer lists of values as search characteristics. However, it should be noted that the search speed slows noticeably for very long SQL queries.

credit limit

Ticket: 00-570

Credit limit warning

NOTE: This function is only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016.

In the"Conversion" settings, you can specify whether a warning is to be displayed when an order is created if a credit limit has been defined for the customer. The warning is activated by default.

The actual credit limit check (taking into account the open items and open delivery notes) only takes place when the order is posted or before it is converted into a delivery note. The new warning warns you at an early stage that there is a credit limit at all.


Ticket: 00-571

Maintain settings for delivery source

As standard, the purchase order prices are written back to the sources of supply (vendor assignment) when the purchase order is posted.

The settings/conversion can now be used to determine whether the discounted or the non-rebated price is to be used. You can also completely deactivate the maintenance of the sources of supply.

multiple bearings

Ticket: 00-572

Double bearing selection at startup

If the multi-warehouse module is used, the storage location is only queried once when EULANDA is started.

Depending on the EULANDA configuration, the selection of the warehouse was displayed several times.


Ticket: 00-573

Color of the checkboxes (checkbox)

The checkboxes in the input masks now automatically receive a white font color if the background color is dark to improve readability.

They are now displayed in the same way as the field names.

shipping address

Ticket: 00-574

shipping address

It is now prevented that the delivery address can be entered in the quotation and order if a delivery address has not been selected beforehand.

The corresponding address fields are grayed out until the delivery address has been selected using the button provided for this purpose.


Ticket: 00-564


- You can now call up the goods receipt module again by pressing the key combination CTRL+ALT+W.

(Noticed by Hubcom)

- Serial numbers: In the warehouse documents "Delivery note (purchasing)", "Inventory document" and "Stock transfer", the warehouse details with the serial numbers already entered can now be called up via the "Extended" menu.

(Suggestions from Hubcom)

- On the statistics page the year 2014 could not be selected

(Reported by Knuth)

- In the window with the contact persons the selection box with the "Type" was not displayed in the correct font size

Version dated 07.01.2016


Ticket: 00-553

Short info Contacts

In the short info "Contacts" in the address module, the telephone/fax number or mail address is now displayed when you move the mouse over the corresponding symbols (=Hint).


Ticket: 00-554

Merging addresses and articles

- Addresses can now also be merged if a SEPA mandate exists or service articles are available for the address.

- Merging articles is now also possible if the articles are assigned to a service article


Ticket: 00-555

Postal address

In all "PRINT" views, the field "PrintAddress" and, if applicable, "PrintAddress" (for the delivery address) are now available.

This is a memo field (long text field) that contains the complete address in several lines. For foreign addresses, the country name is listed correctly in upper case letters below the city. The city name is then also displayed in uppercase letters.

This simplifies the design of the forms, since only a single memo field has to be positioned on the form.

The standard quotation form for the quotation now displays a different delivery address.


Ticket: 00-556

Create quotation from address module

Similar to orders, an offer can now also be created directly from the address module. The function can be called up via the"File" ->"New" menu or via the key combination CTRL+Ö.

(Suggestion from WJ)


Ticket: 00-557

Warning when creating an order

When creating an order from the address module via CTRL+Ü, the warning stored in the customer master is now displayed.

A note is also displayed if a credit limit has been defined for this customer.

(Suggestion from WJ)

stacking activities

Ticket: 00-559

Delete in areas

NOTE: This function is only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016.

The"Apply menu actions to hits" feature can now also be used to delete data records.

This allows many articles, addresses or orders to be deleted at once after corresponding pre-selection of the data. The data records are deleted individually. If some records cannot be deleted, for example because an article has already been used, the process is not cancelled.

If there are more than 20 data records, a confirmation prompt is also displayed to prevent the action from being performed inadvertently.


Ticket: 00-560

Report designer revised

The report designer has been completely revised. The forms created in this way are no longer backwards compatible. Old forms are converted automatically.

New functions at a glance:

- Table object with master/detail and container function

- Support of layers (layers), which can also be shown and hidden by script

- The object inspector supports nested structures

- Support of transparent PNG image files (so-called alpha channel)

- Barcode extensions UPC with additional code etc.

- Vertical alignment of text elements

- Remove blank lines from long text elements (memo, rich text)

- Print dialog with file open option for PDF etc.

- Preview from Designer with continuous scrolling

- Improved caching of large reports

- Scriptability of different dialogs like printing, image objects etc.

the following points are only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016:

- 2D-Barcode Datamatrix (optional)

- 2D QR code (optional)

- Zoom (also Reduction) at the bottom right of the status bar. In addition to the

more precise work in zoom mode, it is also possible to move elements more easily in zoomed-down mode without having to"touch" the elements several times.

- Google map support (optional)

Version dated 12/15/2015

multiple bearings

Ticket: 00-549

Goods receipt with multiple warehouse

If you use the multi-warehouse module, all inactive storage groups are hidden when you create a new goods receipt.

bill of delivery

Ticket: 00-550

Delivery note quantities

It is now prevented that quantities can be changed in delivery note items if the delivery note has already been posted.


Ticket: 00-552

Error message at startup

If the client cannot be started for any reason and an error message was displayed, it disappears immediately.

The error message is now displayed for longer.


Ticket: 00-546

Decimal places Weight

The input field for"Weight" and the automatically calculated weight had different settings for the decimal places.

Thank you to Mr Hottmeyer for reporting this problem.


Ticket: 00-548

Various improvements and fixes

- In the standard form for printing purchase orders, a black frame was displayed around the first line of the item.

- In the input masks for goods receipt, delivery, warehouse account, warehouse posting and serial numbers, you can now jump to the respective article master by clicking on the "Item number" field label.

- The optional feature "Data Stamp" could not be installed

- In the information system, the information system tree (the overview display on the left-hand side) was always expanded completely. The status of the previous call to the information system is now restored.

Version dated 12/03/2015


Ticket: 00-543

Browser / List display

- You can now copy a single column to the Windows clipboard. This function can be accessed by right-clicking on the column header and selecting the menu item "Copy column to clipboard".

- The mouse wheel is now better supported in the browser and in the list display in the information system.


Ticket: 00-544

Order-related ordering

NOTE: This function is only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016.

This beta version contains preparations for the order-related ordering module.

This can be used to place an order directly for an order. Both the complete order and partial quantities can be ordered.

Partial quantities can also be ordered from different suppliers.

If you are interested in testing the new module, please contact

Prerequisite for participation is a current EULANDA 6, the software subscription and the purchasing module.


Ticket: 00-545

Online verification of the VAT ID

NOTE: This function is only available to customers with software subscriptions as a preview of EULANDA 2016.

An online check of the sales tax identification number has been integrated into EULANDA.

To check it, simply click on the corresponding link to the left of the customer's VAT ID field. The audit request is made via the web server of the Federal Ministry of Finance.


Ticket: 00-532

Support for more than 1,000,000 customers

With more than 1 million customers, no new orders have been created so far.

The restriction has now been increased to 11 million customers.


Ticket: 00-535

layout optimisation

- The currently selected line in the browser and in the information system etc. is now displayed in a more powerful yellow tone, since otherwise it could not be distinguished from the other lines in some monitor configurations.

- If the option "Display marked line(s) in bold" was selected in the settings/colors and display, this now also affects the information system and the BOM module.

- For higher DPI numbers (magnification level in"Display and Colors" settings), the column width is now enlarged accordingly in the short info.

- The setting pages, such as license or color settings, are displayed larger by default.

multi-bearing module

Ticket: 00-536

storage type

In the Enterprise line of EULANDA in conjunction with the optional multi-warehouse module, the storage type can now be changed by item. This allows you to change the default value if necessary and thus address a different warehouse account.


Ticket: 00-537

Error in copy function

Calling the function "Copy..." in the"Edit" menu displayed an error message in some modules.


Ticket: 00-539

Price lists and graduated prices

The price lists and scaled prices can now be called up again from the article when you are in change mode.

(suggestion by KHB/S+B)


Ticket: 00-540

Search for invoice items

- The invoice item search module (from EULANDA Pro.) could not be started in some cases

- When the EULANDA window is enlarged, the long text field is now enlarged and not the pricing.

service articles

Ticket: 00-541

service articles

The field descriptions, such as check date 1, are no longer fixed, but can be changed by solution partners.


Ticket: 00-542

Address in clipboard

The"Address to clipboard" function could not be called up

shipping address

Ticket: 00-538

Select delivery address

If the feature "Name types" was activated, no delivery address could be assigned in the offer/order in change mode. This only worked in scrolling mode.

(reported by KHB)

Datanorm export

Ticket: 00-533

Datanorm export

The serial number for the Datanorm export module was not recognized correctly.


Ticket: 00-534

Internal telephone number database

The SQL function for updating the internal phone number database ( dbo.cn_PhoneNumbers 'REFRESH') terminated with an error message if the phone number entries were invalid.

Note: This feature is only used by external programs and not by EULANDA.

Version dated 25.10.2015

service articles

Ticket: 00-527

service articles

The optional "Service Articles" module has been extended by the following functions:

- Copy service articles via the "Actions" menu or CTRL+Q

- Create a service article from an invoice item. The billing address, the article and the purchase date are automatically set.

- The article image is displayed in the short info of the service article.

- The service article has been extended to include the fields "Location" and "Manufacturer article number".

- From the article module it is now possible to jump to all suitable service articles via CTRL+G.


Ticket: 00-528

telnet client

A native Telnet client client has been added. This also has the function to "read" a response text and search for the phrase for the password so that it can be transmitted transparently to the Telnet server.

Telnet can be used, for example, to switch LANCOM routers and switch firewall rules on or off, so that a communication channel, e.g. to AS2 or X400, can be opened for the duration of a transmission.

The Telnet API is only available to registered developers with an extended license. The Telnet client is available as a separate module.

service articles

Ticket: 00-529

service articles

- Service articles can now also be created from the article master. The command for this can be found in the"File" menu under"New".

- Service item numbers are now automatically assigned a consecutive six-digit number when they are created or copied.

- You can create a cost proposal quotation from the service article ("File" /"New" menu). If a BOM is assigned to the corresponding main article, it is exploded and copied to the quotation. In this way, for example, typical spare parts can be stored.


Ticket: 00-530


Added the field "Homepage" to the contacts. As usual, the stored page can be called up by clicking on the word "Homepage".

All contact persons with the same address are now displayed in the quick info area of contacts. This way you can quickly jump within a contact to the other contacts of a company without having to change back to the master address.


Ticket: 00-531


In the article master, the corresponding unit is now displayed behind the fields "Procurement time", "Volume" and "Warranty", i.e. days, litres or months.

Version dated 22.10.2015


Ticket: 00-525

Acceleration Short info credit line

Under unfavorable circumstances - for databases with several GB and the SQL Server Express - the short info "credit line" can become very tough.

This can also have an effect when you select a customer in the order.

We have made some optimizations on the database side, which can result in an acceleration of factor 10 in these cases.


Ticket: 00-526

Error when calling some masks

Some masks or search functions could not be called. An error message "END without matching BEGIN" was displayed and the desired function could not be called.

Version dated 22.10.2015

long text

Ticket: 00-524

position input

Minor optimizations to the input mask:

- A minimum height is now specified for the long text in the items. Previously, you could reduce the window by making unfavorable settings so that only one line of the long text was displayed.

- The height of the info field was set to three lines, analogous to EULANDA 5.

- The short texts are now hidden by default, as already set in "Program functions and features" in EULANDA 5. Of course, you can show the short texts again at this point.

- In the header area, the terms of payment are no longer enlarged downwards.

Version dated 22.10.2015


Ticket: 00-522

Copying contact persons

A function for copying contact persons is now available (CTRL+Q). You can also select a different address.

Further changes in the contact person module:

- The address was moved up in the contact mask.

- If a contact is currently displayed, the original main address is automatically copied when a new contact is created.

service articles

Ticket: 00-523

service articles

The Go to function can now be used to jump from the address to the service articles.

long text

Ticket: 00-521

Enlarge long text

In items and in the article master, the long text field is now enlarged when the EULANDA main window is enlarged. Previously, only the pricing or information field was enlarged. The long text field always remained the same size.


Ticket: 00-520


- If no payment term was assigned to an address and an attempt was made to create an order, the order mask had left the logic path and had to be reset using CTRL+F5.

- An incorrect field was displayed as revenue in the order, quotation, and invoice. This did not include the total rebate. The internal calculations for statistics etc. were nevertheless calculated correctly, since these are performed completely in the SQL server.

- In the delivery note module, the sequence of long text and info text in the item area has been adjusted to the rest of the program.

- The master article number and the master match code have been added to delivery items.

- The long text field in the order mask may have been too narrow.

- Purchasing/Deliveries, the Storage bin field was displayed with the value "(NULL)", even if storage bin management was not installed.

- After feedback from many users, we have now set the standard font to "Calibri". If you have already made your own settings in"Display and Colors", the user setting has priority.

- If the"Features and Settings" module is closed using the Close Window icon, EULANDA checks whether changes have been made and displays a message in this case.

- The "Item browser in transaction header mask" feature, which is still being tested, meant that it was no longer easy to call up the items in the quotation and invoice.

Version dated 10/19/2015


Ticket: 00-518


- Until now, the entries on the EULANDA home page in the main menu area could only be called up by clicking on the actual text. Now you can click on any part of the bar.

- In delivery notes the info field has been added to the items

Some elements of the interface that were without function were removed:

- The menu item "Fixed Filter" in the toolbar with the funnel icon

- In the window "New call" or "New e-mail" some icons on the left side

- The word"Warning" appears twice in the"Warnings" info.

- In "Features and program functions" you could not easily see that the right area with the description of the program functions could be enlarged. We have coloured the bar grey to enlarge it.

Many thanks to our users for reporting these problems!

Open Items

Ticket: 00-519

Alternative surgery entry

A new option for searching in the OPs is available for the"Open items" module or the entry of incoming payments there. This option can be activated via "Features and program functions". It is called"Alternative search behavior in surgeries".

After entering an incoming payment, EULANDA normally returns to the search screen. The list of previous search results will disappear. With this option you can specify that EULANDA remains in the previous search results. This is useful, for example, if you want to process several surgeries for a customer.

This function could already be tested as "Beta"-version in version 5, if the plugin "Preview Features 2012" was installed. In the old version, however, there were problems if no more open items were found.

Version dated 10/19/2015


Ticket: 00-516


- The column headings in the browser have been revised. Better abbreviation variants are now used. For example,'Name 1' is no longer abbreviated to'N1'.

- The text with the payment term was missing in the'Open items' module.

- By clicking on the country name in the address module, a list of available countries is called up again.

- In the order system, the function to transfer appointments to Outlook was added.

- A new function for testing is available in'Features and program functions'. Via'Pos. browser in transaction header', a browser with the items can be displayed in the quotation and order on the'Header' tab. This function is still under development - we are happy to receive suggestions by e-mail.


Ticket: 00-517

Transfer of appointments to Outlook

You can now also create an appointment in Outlook by clicking on the word'delivery date' or'desired date' in the quotation system. Some data of the offer is also included in the memo part of the appointment, such as offer number, object and customer address. Both functions can also be accessed via the'File' menu and there the'New' submenu.

Version dated 10/16/2015


Ticket: 00-515

Error in v6.0.18

In version 6.0.18 an error crept in. The long text field was too large and the remaining input fields of the template could no longer be displayed.

Version dated 10/16/2015


Ticket: 00-511

for Developers

- A readonly recordset with static data can be created using ellib.internlib.GetCachedRecordset(SQL,""). This is buffered in the working memory. When retrieved again with the same SQL text, the cached version is returned.


Ticket: 00-513

Suggestion of the place in addresses

After entering the postcode, a location is suggested if possible when switching to the "City" field. This results from the addresses already entered. If you want to accept this suggestion, at least press the LEFT or RIGHT key, otherwise the suggestion will be discarded when you leave the input field.

If, as is not unusual in Germany, several towns share the same postal code, a list of deposited towns can be called up using the key combination SHIFT+ARROW DOWN.


Ticket: 00-514

Change or creation date

Both the modification date and the creation date of a data record are now displayed in the browser with the time.


Ticket: 00-512


- The name of the country code entered is now displayed in the address module.

Warehouse documents: goods receipt, delivery, stock transfer, physical inventory document:

- Display of the unit of measure next to the input field for quantity

- Adjustment of the layout of the four masks. The "Other" area is now two columns wide in all masks.

- The widening of the right column ("ActivityForm.Layout" setting) now also affects these four warehouse documents.

- The storage bin field from the article master is now displayed again by default instead of the same field from the multi-warehouse module.

- When using the Piccolink radio scanner module, the assigned scanner is displayed in the status area.

After calling the following functions in the address module, the corresponding combo box/ drop-down lists were not updated. Then you had to press CTRL+F5 to see the new entries:

- Release as supplier

- copy as a substitute

- as a trading group

- activate as group

- activate as employee

In the supply system:

- Mark as project

- If no entry has been made in the fax number, the system proposes the main number of the telephone number, that is, the number part without extension. If you leave the field without making an entry, it remains empty.

- The same applies to the telephone number and fax number in contacts. If required, the main number from the master address is proposed.

- When reading in Datamatrix 2D barcodes, which is an add-on module, certain "Application Identifier" with date values resulted in error messages and the barcode was not processed.

- A warning field may have been displayed in the "Contacts" input mask which was without function.

Version dated 10/10/2015


Ticket: 00-510


- When selecting articles during item creation, EULANDA now remembers all previously entered search terms and will also appear again in the previous field during the next article search.

- In the order template, the field with the calculated total weight (sum of the item weights) is displayed in the header area. On the "Texts" and "Positions" tabs, however, another field was displayed at the same position. This has now been unified. The same applies to offers and invoices.

- If the"Texts" program function is activated, you can now also call up text management using a small button in the warehouse text of the position.

Physical inventory documents/stock transfers

- In these masks there were some problems with the display of the positions.

Open Items

- The sequence of the areas was confused, here it was no longer possible to jump to the individual areas using the ALT + digit key.

- The yield field in the quotation and order items is now a normal input field, as in version 5.

- You can now select whether the marked lines are to be displayed in bold in the browser in the"Colors and Display" settings.

- The headings of the individual categories in the input masks had minor display problems. Especially when the ALT key is pressed.

- The measurement function (the small triangle button in the"Quantity" field of the items) is now deactivated by default, since it is a special function that is not required by all customers. If necessary, however, it can be reactivated in the"Features and program functions" settings. The feature is called "Oversize".

- The same applies to the calculation, which can be stored in the base price. This feature is called "Base price with spreadsheet".

- The settings page "Manage features and program functions" now remembers the division between the overview on the left and the detail page on the right.

- minor layout adjustments in the settings page "Terms of payment". Here some texts were cut off.

Version dated 10/08/2015


Ticket: 00-509


- The field "Vk before discount" in the items has been slightly widened.

- The short info with the items was not displayed in quotations.

- In the one-page masks, such as delivery note or goods receipt, the focus now switches automatically between header and items when one of the input fields is clicked.

- Since version 5, the Excel interface remembers the last opened file. If there were problems opening the last file, the Excel interface module could no longer be started. As a workaround you can use the key


- In the module "Delivery notes" you can now click on the field name "Match" to jump to the respective address.

- In the "Delivery notes" module, you can now click on the "Shipping type" field to go to the settings page with the shipping types.

- It was not possible to switch from the deliveries to the order via Gehezu (CTRL+G).

- When using the "Collis Serial Numbers" module, the corresponding brief information was not displayed in the serial number module.

- When using variants in BOMs, there was no option to go from the variant to the variant template.

- Resetting the module "Offer" via CTRL+F5 did not work even after the last update.

- The dialog window for entering the price list prices / graduated prices remembers the last window position and also which view was selected - i.e., classic view or new view.

- If the"Title management" program function is installed, a"New Title" button is displayed in the quotation and order items to add a title.

Version dated 10/02/2015


Ticket: 00-508


- Many more screenshots and new descriptions have been added to the settings

- In version an error crept in, which has now been fixed: Custom colors and font sizes no longer had any influence. Instead, the settings for"All Users" were used. If you cannot update to the latest version immediately, you can also delete the settings for"All Users" so that the user settings take precedence again. To do this, "\USER\.ALLUSER\Environment\ControlProperties" must be deleted from the SQL registry registry key.

- Color settings for administrators.

It is now possible to store certain settings of coloring and font size for all users. User-specific settings no longer have any influence.

This may be desired, for example, if a general company or client color is to be specified, but the user is still to be able to select the font size/typeface himself. Especially when different clients are used in one company, this is very helpful.

To do this, first copy the desired setting values from the user area to"\USER\.ALLUSER\Environment\ControlProperties". Then the registry value".NotInheritable" (string) must be created and edited with the multiline editor. For each line, the name of a registry setting value can be stored, which is then to be specified system-wide. For example "Accent.BackgroundColor" for the accent color.

- In the warehouse documents"Goods receipt","Delivery","Physical inventory" and"Stock transfer", the"Date" field to the right of the document number was missing.

- The start field in the "Contact person/contact" mask is now preset with "First name".

You can customize the defaults in the"Tools" menu under"Customize default fields".

- The start field in the"Vendor article" mask is now preset with"Article number".

You can customize the defaults in the"Tools" menu under"Customize default fields".

- In the"Customize default fields" settings, empty entries and fields that were not input fields at all were displayed in the selection lists.

- Setting the default search fields for item selection and address selection in the orders etc. had no effect. The article number or the address match code was always used.

- The maximum image size for the optional program function "Item images in short position information" is now set to 250 pixels width and 150 pixels height. This can be set by the administrator in the registry under \USER\.ALLUSER\OBJECTS\BANDS using the values

"ImgWidth" (string) Default value"250".

"ImgHeight" (string) Default value"150".

can be changed if necessary.

- The setting that the "Vk before discount" should remain fixed in the positions when changing the base price can no longer be made in the respective DATAOBJECT in the registry, but must be made in the corresponding ALLUSER area via the registry value "VkVRabFix" (numerical value).

- An error message was sometimes displayed in the parts list module, stating that the demo had expired even though the module was licensed correctly.

- When creating articles in items and selecting the address in the header, the last search text is proposed again. This also after termination of EULANDA received.

Version dated 10/01/2015


Ticket: 00-507


- Selecting the delivery address in the order and quotation now also works again during new creation or in change mode.

- For administrators:

The width of the input masks can be adjusted in the registry


DefaultCaptionWidth Default value is 13 (characters)

DefaultFieldWidth Default value is 25 (characters)

The width of the mask is calculated from these values and the font size.

- minor layout corrections

- The separate BOM input mask is now hidden by default, as it is still in the test phase. The normal BOM functionality in the "Extended" article master menu still exists, of course.

- Extension of the texts for features and program functions under Settings.

Version dated 09/30/2015


Ticket: 00-506

layout adjustments

- You can now set the default jump fields in all screens (with the exception of Open Items and Cash) using the Tools menu "Customize default fields". Among other things, the standard field for the search and editing mode and a field which is called with CTRL+ENTER can be stored.

- The layout of the warehouse documents"delivery","physical inventory documents" and"stock transfer" has been optimized. The field labels have been adjusted and the positions are now visually better separated from the header area.

- The aisle sequence in the quotation, order and invoice header has been adjusted and now corresponds to the version from EULANDA 5.

- When saving the long text with CTRL+ENTER in the delivery note items, EULANDA always first jumped to the Quantity field and you had to press CTRL+ENTER again. Now the position is saved immediately.

- Further extension of the texts and screen preview masks in the more than 200 possible features of EULANDA 6, which can be found under "Accessories/Settings/Features and Manage program functions".

Version dated 29.09.2015


Ticket: 00-505


- The Quantity field is wider in the quotation, order, and invoice because otherwise the underlying packaging unit was truncated.

- Global short info now also works in orders.

- Global short info now also works in open items.

- The"Cash documents" input mask has been modified. Pricing now takes up the entire width and is no longer truncated.

- A selection option for the period is now available on the statistics page. Previously, only the sales for the current year were displayed.

- The short info "Images" in positions is now limited in height, so that narrow images do not take up too much space.

- The headings in the main window are now also displayed in the set font.

- When using the program function "Package tracking" (= Tracking), a selection box with the available tracking providers is now displayed in the settings/shipment types and no longer a simple text field.

- Abbreviation updates for particularly large fonts in the internal dictionary.

- When moving the vertical scroll bar (= scrollbar) of the main mask, the mask now moves immediately (= hot tracking).

- The foreign language package has been updated. English and Italian are now about 95% translated.

- Updating of texts and sample images from the "Feature" settings.

Version dated 28.09.2015


Ticket: 00-500

Layout improvements and error corrections

- The global short info was cut off on the right side, so that the scroll bar (=Scrollbar) could not be displayed completely.

- The headlines in the short info are now displayed slightly larger

- small layout corrections in the invoice mask

- The Barcode field was missing in the items and is now displayed again by default. It can also be hidden (via the settings).


Ticket: 00-501

Address in clipboard

The function "Copy address to clipboard" now also transfers the mobile phone number.

article warning

Ticket: 00-502

Warning on main index card

If the"Display warning on main index card in the article master" feature is activated, the warning is no longer displayed between short text and long text but between long text and info.

goods receipt

Ticket: 00-503

goods receipt

When creating goods receipts (including stock transfers and physical inventory documents), EULANDA did not jump to the quantity after selection. In addition, when the ENTER key was pressed in the Quantity field, the data record was already saved and the next field was not skipped.


Ticket: 00-504


- When using the SPEA module, the mandate reference in the payment terms of order/offer/invoice is now displayed again.

- The package tracking function from the last version had no function yet

- After entering serial numbers in the goods receipt, a message of type"12222::445" was displayed. This is only a test output that could be ignored. However, this message is now switched off.

- Open items/incoming payments

The area for the second payment term was too small so that it could not be displayed in full.

- The packaging unit was not displayed in items.

Version dated 23.09.2015


Ticket: 00-499


The texts of this readme and the EULANDA homepage have been revised and corrected.

Version dated 23.09.2015


Ticket: 00-498

Updating the languages

The individual languages have been updated to the latest version 6


Ticket: 00-495

Second EK field in the article

Additional EK field in the article master - for free use.

This function is available from EULANDA Professional and can be activated in the "Feature and program functions" settings.


Ticket: 00-496

Troubleshooting and stability

- Minor layout problems in the "Wireless server" settings page


Ticket: 00-497

Read article

In processes such as quotations, orders, etc., no texts from the trunk could be added to the Texts tab. The message "The object does not support this property or method:'Dataset.update'.".

The only remedy was to copy the necessary text directly from the article master via the clipboard.

With this version the adding of texts works as desired again.

Version dated 22.09.2015


Ticket: 00-494

text corrections

Corrections in the readme and in the text resources of EULANDA.

Version dated 22.09.2015


Ticket: 00-492


API for determining the current field

"ellib.ActiveControlFieldname" returns the database field name of the currently focused field or an empty string if no database field is focused.

"ellib.ActiveFieldDataObject" returns the appropriate object class (e.g. "Eulanda.AuftragPos") for the current field name.

This new API can be used, for example, to implement hotkey functions that interact with the current field.


Ticket: 00-493


You can now define which characteristic is to be set directly using CTRL+T from the context menu - using the right mouse button - of the corresponding characteristic. The menu item is "Quick feature".

bearing group

Ticket: 00-487

Warehouse group in order

If the multi-warehouse module was used, the Warehouse group field in the order, quotation, and invoice was not displayed.


Ticket: 00-488

Stock Transfer Without Storage Locations

The warehouses could not be selected in the stock transfer slip.


Ticket: 00-489

Representative on behalf of

- The"Agent" field in the order is now linked. Click on "Representative" and you will be taken to the corresponding representative

- The commission record in the order was not displayed or the field was too small.

bug fixes

Ticket: 00-491

bug fixes

- The product manager statistics on the statistics page were not displayed although the product manager module was installed

- same manufacturer statistics

- The information system in the article module with the graduated prices was missing

- The fax settings were not displayed

- The Main Vendor field in the article master was missing, although vendor support was installed

- The sorting of the quick start bar in the "Master data" and "Orders" areas now corresponds again to the order known from version 5

Version dated 16.09.2015


Ticket: 00-485

Bug fixes and improvements

- No items could be entered in physical inventory documents

- The settings page for "Feature and program functions" has been completely revised. In addition to a search function, the presentation of the features has become considerably more extensive and is now partly supplemented by screenshots.

- In the settings for "Feature and program functions", the individual items are now divided into categories

- Compatibility issues with Windows Server 2008 fixed. The client could not be started. Error message flashed only briefly and you immediately returned to the main menu

- The "Warning" field in the article master now takes up the entire width of its area (as with long text or similar).

- The short info "Stock Details" was not displayed for some customers

- New mask "Search via invoice items"

- The vertical scroll bar ("Scrollbar") in long text fields is now displayed by default

Version dated 09/10/2015


Ticket: 00-484

new module service articles

The new, optional "Service Articles" module allows you to create your own class of articles or objects, independent of the "normal" articles, which are in the possession of your customer and need to be maintained, maintained or simply catalogued in some way.

here are some examples:

- Kfz (the VW Golf with registration K XY-123 of customer Meier)

- Machines and devices (The Hilti TE-2 M percussion drill at Tiefbau Müller KG)

- annexes

- software

- immovables

A service item is, for example, a special vehicle of a customer, a motor vehicle workshop or an electrical system or machine that has to be checked regularly.

In addition to manufacturers, serial numbers, test dates, warranty data and much more, you can also create your own user fields.

In connection with our DMS module, PDF images and other file types can of course also be stored. For example, scanned test protocols.

Maintain an overview:

Starting from the service article, you can immediately switch to all linked processes, such as cost estimates, orders and invoices.


Ticket: 00-482

Layout improvements

- If the main mask is too narrow, a scroll bar (= scrollbar) is displayed on the right side. This is particularly useful for certain notebooks with unfavorable aspect ratios. Or when using a touch screen in which the on-screen keyboard reserves a part of the monitor.

- The input masks now fill the existing area down better.

- The delivery note, goods receipt and some other masks now have colored frames, just like the other masks.


Ticket: 00-483

Serial Numbers/Batches

In the Identification numbers mask (serial numbers or batches) it is now possible to display user fields - analogous to articles, addresses etc..

Version dated 09/03/2015


Ticket: 00-481

layout corrections

- Several minor layout improvements

- The parts list module has been revised and now takes into account the layout specifications

- The window position of the parts list module was not always saved exactly

Version dated 09/02/2015


Ticket: 00-480


- Minor layout improvements

- The field Language (optional) has been moved from the extended tab in the "Communication" area to the front tab.

- The "Language" field is now also available as an input field in the deputy module

- In the settings the buttons (OK, Cancel etc.) and the tabs are enlarged.

- The color settings are displayed in a larger window by default

- Improved automatic detection of DPI scaling stored in Windows

- If the main window is wide enough, the global short info window is displayed automatically.

- The global short info now uses the available space. It is therefore automatically enlarged and reduced.

- The width of the characteristic tree is synchronized across modules - the layout looks correspondingly homogeneous.

Version dated 08/28/2015


Ticket: 00-478


- Information system and other windows, can also be moved by mouse and touch by clicking and dragging the title area

- Serial numbers: An information system is now available in the warehouse documents (goods receipt, delivery, and so on), which displays problematic entries that could prevent the document from being posted.


Ticket: 00-479

Color and display settings

- A preview function has been added to the settings page for colors and display. The effect of the set font size and colors is displayed in real time.

- For accent and background color some color presets have been integrated, which become effective by clicking on them. However, any colors can still be selected via the respective button.

- When setting the scaling to automatic, the default from Windows is now used. This is especially useful if you frequently switch between devices with different DPI settings, e.g. when using a tablet on the road or in the office with a connected monitor.

- Dark color settings for accent and background are now better supported in masks and web pages. In this case, the font color automatically switches to white.

- Font sizes are more consistent between the web pages and brief information and the input mask

Price list entry

Ticket: 00-490

Price entry simplified

An alternative view has been added to the price lists and scale price entry. Scaled prices - up to a maximum of 10 - can now be edited in a clear display form from left to right.

Version dated 20.08.2015


Ticket: 00-477

Bug fixes and stability

Bug fix:

- The"Revenue" field was not displayed in the quotation and order items


- In the"Colors and Display" settings, options for 50% and 75% have been removed, as they do not make sense. For 4K systems, the magnification has been increased to 300%.

The following dialog windows have been changed to the new layout and take the stored font size into account:

- Datanorm import

- Fibunorm export

- Outlook interface

- ZVEH import

- CSV export

- Excel import/export

- EDI data exchange

- DIGIS interface (in order processing)

- Stack article pictures

- Data browser (CTRL+ENTER)

Yes/No fields are now also displayed as checkboxes

- user fields

- EULANDA System Information

- Vendor assignment (in the article master)

- phrase editor (text macros)

- Inserting special characters in the phrase editor

- Information system (started)

- BOMs (started)

- Stock details (SN, batches, storage bins) started

- Start of empty phrases (keyboard macros)

Version dated 31.07.2015


Ticket: 00-476

Troubleshooting and improvements

The following dialog windows have been revised and now take the color setting and font sizes into account:

- Report management/letterheads/printer groups

- print preview

Many other dialog windows have been adapted in the menu font and color scheme.

- Corrections to the layout and mask system. The alignment of the individual sections has been improved

- Fields such as article number and matchcode were not displayed in the delivery note form

- Fields for entering a transit storage location in physical inventory documents and inbound deliveries were removed; these had no function.

- If the feature "Packaging units" was deactivated, no quantities could be changed in order items (reoccurred)

Version dated 28.07.2015


Ticket: 00-471

supplier cleansing

The plugin "Supplier Cleanup" from the user forum is now included in EULANDA by default. This can be used to delete unused items that have been imported via wholesale files such as Datanorm, for example.

The function can be activated in "Programs and Features".

If the "Supplier Cleanup" plugin is installed, it can be uninstalled without hesitation.


Ticket: 00-472

multi-client support

If several clients have been licensed, individual registry keys can now be copied back and forth between the clients. To do this, right-click on the respective registry key and select "Copy to client...".


Ticket: 00-474

Cash documents and open items

The input masks "Cash documents", "Storage bins" and "Open items" have been converted to the new mask system. All main masks are now dynamic and adapt to the font size and scaling defaults from the settings.


Ticket: 00-475

Show images in positions

The article pictures can now be shown in the short information on the items. To do this, the "Item image in item short info" feature must be activated.


Ticket: 00-473

bug fixes

- No quantity could be changed in the order items if the "Price units" feature was deactivated

- The"Credit line" field in the address master was not displayed although the corresponding feature was active

- No new terms of payment could be assigned in the quotation or order.

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