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History of all updates of version 7.x

Created on: 12.07.2018 12:36:30

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Version dated 12/07/2018

bar code

Ticket: 00-831

Serial barcode readers (software option)

Quantity/Code Mode" of the Datalogic scanner with 16 keys is now supported. In addition to the scanned barcode, a quantity can also be entered via the keyboard. This means that articles in the POS system and in the order can be entered directly from the scanner with quantities.

This mode must be activated in the scanner. Furthermore, a separator or separating string must be stored in the scanner in order to distinguish the quantity from the code.

See also:äte-2

goods receipt

Ticket: 00-830

Goods receipt could not be created in some cases

When a goods receipt was created, the error message"The field Price retail was not found" was displayed in part.

Version from 07/01/2018


Ticket: 00-820


With the new DATEV-CSV export, the due date (net target) is now transferred in document field 2.

news story

Ticket: 00-821

Short information on stock details in the article master

In the short information "Stock Details" in the article master the delivery date from the order is now displayed, if such is stored.


Ticket: 00-822

Supplies - Sources of supply

In addition to the Ek net, changes to the price unit are now logged and displayed in the screen.

dunning system

Ticket: 00-825

Open item order data

In the"Open items" module, the fields

Order date, order-through, order number, and order status.


Ticket: 00-826

Datev CSV Interface - Zero Revenue

In the new Datev-CSV interface, zero revenues or zero invoices are no longer transferred by default. However, the corresponding invoices are still fixed.


Ticket: 00-827

Serial barcode support

Support for serial barcode readers (paid software option) has been extended by the following functions.

- Decoding of AIs (Application Identifiers) besides Code128 now also in Datamatrix-Codes

- Support for a shortened URL form for QR codes to reduce code complexity "eul:DOC/AR/123" instead of "eulanda://./DOC/Eulanda.Artikel/123".

- Support of the "Acknowledge" function of Datalogic DM9500 radio scanners; an error message appears on the scanner display if the GTIN was not found.

- via VBScript the barcode functionality can be switched off or activated with new parameters

ellib.initBarcode "port=COMx"


- The barcode COM options used are output in the debug console (command line parameter -debugconsole). In addition, a message about the successful opening of the COM port or, otherwise, an error message is displayed.


Ticket: 00-828

Cash statistics on start page

Revenue accounts can be marked as "costs", "adjustments" or "transactions" in the settings. These are then no longer included in the cash statistics on the start page.


Ticket: 00-829

Manual VAT scheme on offer

If a VAT scheme has been entered manually in an offer, this is now also adopted when converting it into an order.

information system

Ticket: 00-823

Information system (hits) with extensive queries

The"Info system (hits)" could not be called with very extensive search conditions. For example, if several hundred customer matchcodes were queried using the"Find values from clipboard" function. (reported by Nico F.)

Update Title Selection Box

Ticket: 00-824

Update Title Selection Box

The selection list with the titles in the positions did not update immediately after a new title was created but only after 5 minutes or by pressing CTRL+F5.

Version dated 16.12.2017


Ticket: 00-815

Ordering Orders

- In the overview display of the order items, the column with the name of the main supplier can now be displayed (suggested by Mr. Heinz)

- After calling up "Add to existing order..." the EULANDA main window no longer had the input focus. Press ALT+TAB first. (reported by Mr. Juchmeß)


Ticket: 00-816

cashing up

In the new print form "Kassenabrechnung" (which will be available from 2017) - the VAT was displayed incorrectly. If this new form was used, the corresponding settlements can be reprinted using Cash documents / Print / Cash accounting.

The problem concerns only the above printout and not the cash documents, the database or the transfer for tax audit.


Ticket: 00-818

Datev-CSV Postcode etc.

- The postal code was not transferred in the DATEV-CSV interface.

- The VAT ID was transferred incorrectly in the customer file.

- In the settings for the DATEV-CSV module it can be set that the account labels are not generated during export. In contrast to the customer file, only the matchcode is transferred for the account labels and not the address, and so on.


Ticket: 00-819

Print logging and customer-specific article numbers

The Print Logging plugin and custom part numbers no longer worked on some versions of Windows.

Version dated 06.12.2017


Ticket: 00-813

DATEV interface 2018

If you have licensed the DATEV module, a completely newly developed interface is now available in addition to the familiar interface. This supports a new DATEV format, which will replace the original format from 2018.

Since the DATEV interface is not only used by DATEV's own programs but also by other financial accounting systems, the original EULANDA-DATEV interface is retained under "Accessories".

IMPORTANT: You will find the new interface in the"File" menu of the invoice module. The menu item is"DATEV-CSV Export".

The settings of the new interface are also independent of the old interface. Please make the same settings as the consultant number of the tax consultant under "Settings / Accounting / DATEV-CSV Export".

IMPORTANT: If the"Commit" option is activated in the settings (which is the default value), the exported invoices are blocked and can no longer be changed or deleted.

goods receipt

Ticket: 00-806

Goods Receipt ³ Distribute Costs to Document

If the document has already been posted, a warning appears, indicating that the changes no longer affect the article master. Inspired by Mr. Gath.


Ticket: 00-807


- The editor in the spreadsheet, the iScript editor and the allowance window is much faster than before. This is particularly noticeable with remote desktop connections. The keystrokes were partly very delayed.


Ticket: 00-808


The following changes are only relevant for developers of program enhancements:

- When activating the developer mode the HTML cache is now disabled by default

- in the iScript editor, the script engine is reset before each execution, making it easier to work with constants and classes.

high DPI

Ticket: 00-809

High resolution enhancement

Better display at high screen resolutions (4K) and consideration of the set font in the following areas:

- General information and messages

- Error messages (with detail button)

- Registry input of numerical and text values

- Display of hexadecimal data in the registry

- the display in the spreadsheet and in the iScript editor has been optimized

Furthermore, the scaling can be set finer in the settings. An additional 250% and 350% are now available.


Ticket: 00-803

Placeholders and Windows environment variables

In the email preferences for reports, the global email signature and at other places (creation of short info etc.), the Windows environment variables can now also be accessed. This is done using a placeholder of the following type:


In addition, the placeholders "session.*", "basic values.*" and "user basic values.*" can now be used to check whether the respective key or value exists in the registry. To do this, add the function".KeyExists()" or".ValueExists()" after the key or value name. For example:



Ticket: 00-804

Support for Windows 10 PDF printer drivers

Windows 10 provides its own PDF printer driver in the newer versions. This is"Microsoft Print to PDF". It is thus possible to create PDF files from any application without additional programs.

If required, this printer driver can now also be used in EULANDA as an alternative to internal PDF generation, for example to create e-mails. This can be useful if features are used in the forms that the internal generator does not support, such as certain fonts or rotated labels.

The corresponding setting is in Settings\Print and File Output\PDF.

The other alternative PDF generators, such as Acrobat and Ghostscript, are only delivered for compatibility reasons and are no longer covered by support. These drivers should no longer be used. A last adjustment was made to the Ghostscript driver, where there was a compatibility problem with the 64-bit variant under Windows 10. Further adaptations to other or future versions of Ghostscript are not planned.

service articles

Ticket: 00-805

Service articles various

- An error was displayed when assigning a delivery address if no main address had been assigned yet

- after successfully creating a service article from the article master (File->New->Service article) an incorrect message was displayed


Ticket: 00-812

several banks SEPA direct debits

The SEPA Direct Debit module did not always correctly accept a second house bank when selected. reported by Mr Dommenget

Version dated 03.11.2017


Ticket: 00-802

Preparation for DATEV update

Changes that prepare EULANDA for the upcoming DATEV update.


Ticket: 00-797

Information System for Vendors for Open Purchase Orders

The information system "Purchase orders open" in the vendor has been extended by the fields Order number (article number from vendor assignment), Order match and Storage bin (from article master).


Ticket: 00-798

Terms of payment in purchase order

The restriction on the terms of payment in purchase orders has now been lifted. Previously, this field was limited to 400 characters. Inspired by Mr. Heinz.


Ticket: 00-799

Miscellaneous for developers

The SQL function dbo.cnf_RegValues() now makes it easy to output all values of a registry path. Example:

select * from dbo.cnf_RegValues('\MODULES\Basicvalues\Company')

The VBScript command text of IScript actions can now access other values in the registry of the action via placeholders: %NameDesRegistryWertes%

This keeps the VBScript source code general and variable parts, such as file names or e-mail templates can be stored in the registry. To ensure compatibility with old actions, the placeholders are not activated by default. This is activated by a string value "ReplaceCommandText" with the value "1".


Ticket: 00-800

Merge multiple addresses

It is now possible to combine several addresses at once to one destination address. This is useful, for example, if you want to remove old addresses from your address root (suggested by Mr. Gath).

To do this, select the desired addresses in the address mask (hits), click on the button "Perform actions for all hits" in the hit dialog and then "Merge addresses".

The hit dialog is called up by pressing CTRL+# or by clicking on the target symbol in the status bar.

Prerequisite: The "Batch menu actions" feature must be activated in "Settings"/"Features and program functions".


Ticket: 00-801

Order Enter further

The function "Submit order" always caused an error in the last EULANDA version.

Version dated 10/12/2017

Orders etc.

Ticket: 00-787

"Edited By " Default

By default, the Windows logon name is stored in the "Edited By" field when you create a new quotation or order. Now this is not always identical with the employee name or consists only of anonymous designations from the IT department, such as User05.

In the settings, a meaningful name can be stored for each logon name under "General"/"Manage agents". This is then used when creating orders, quotations or purchase orders.


Ticket: 00-788

Order-related ordering

The module "Order-related ordering", which was already available as preview function since version 6, is now officially integrated into the standard scope (prerequisite is the purchasing module)!

We thank our customers and dealers for the many useful suggestions and bug reports.

The following corrections have still been incorporated into this version:

- The current user is entered in the generated order and no longer the database user "eulanda".

- The buttons "<<" and ">>" were removed because they had no function

- The tab order of the buttons has been corrected

- The columns of the list view can now be navigated more easily with the arrow keys or the TAB key

- The window position and the set columns were partially overwritten by other EULANDA modules, so that these dents often had to be repaired.

- The exploded parts of the BOM are displayed in a lighter beige.

preliminary calculation

Ticket: 00-789

Update after preliminary costing

After calling up the preliminary cost estimate, the current order or quotation is displayed again. reported by Mr. Juchmes


Ticket: 00-791


for Developers

The SQL function dbo.cnf_ExtractSubField for extracting subareas from a long text now also supports Unix line breaks (0x10).


Ticket: 00-795

Information system for cumulative articles in order processing

The"Cumulated articles" information system for the current hits in order management now also displays the total yield per article. Furthermore, when you use the multi-currency module, the totals are translated into the master currency.


Ticket: 00-796

Copy purchase order with prices adjustable

Previously, the prices used to be the current order prices when copying orders.

This behaviour can now be set individually via Settings/Conversion. The corresponding setting is located at the bottom of the window (scrolling).

title management

Ticket: 00-786

Removing all titles from an offer/order

You can now use a menu item to remove all title assignments from the items and delete the respective titles. The existing items are NOT deleted.

This function can be found in the"Advanced" menu in the quotation or order module. Inspired by Mrs. Franke


Ticket: 00-792

Assign delivery address

If you have assigned a delivery address to an offer or order, the entries in the last field you were in were discarded.


Ticket: 00-793

Saving the data set in a date field

Various abbreviations are supported when entering date values. For example, a single point for"today" or 1405 for May 14 of the current year. (See also

If such an abbreviation was used and the date field still contained the data record could not be saved directly. But one had to change to the next field first.


Ticket: 00-794


- The functions "Recalculate quotations and orders" now display a message after successful processing. Inspired by KHB

- In the"Administration" menu in the Start menu, there was the item"License data", which had no function. Reported by Mr. Heinz-

The registry editor can now handle key names containing square brackets. This applies in particular to renaming, copying, importing and exporting registry data.


Ticket: 00-790

VAT setting in order

In principle, it is not (ever) possible to change the VAT scheme subsequently in the ordering system. The schema from the respective address is always used. To avoid misunderstandings, the corresponding fields in the mask are now write-protected.

Version dated 21.09.2017


Ticket: 00-771


Negative inventories are now allowed by default for new installations, as this is useful during the test or implementation phase.

The option can be changed as usual in the settings "Warehouse and Logistics" / "Warehouse". Existing systems are not affected by this change.


Ticket: 00-772

Keyboard operation in the cash register module

The following cash register functions can now be accessed via key combinations

Cashier module Log off: CTRL+L

Switch between different cash registers in the login screen: F7 (analog to print box)


Ticket: 00-774

Short information in change mode

For developers:

From now on it is possible to create short information especially for the edit mode. To do this, add :edit in the "Context" field, e.g. "DOC.eulanda.Adresse:edit". This is a pre-function.

service articles

Ticket: 00-777

Selection list extended

- The selection list with the service articles in the quotation, order, etc. has been extended. Service items matching the delivery address are now also displayed. In addition, the address stored as a location in the service article is also included. Inspired by Mr Beier/S+B.

- In addition to the service article number, the manufacturer and type are now also displayed. The displayed fields can be adjusted by the administrator via the SQL registry.


Ticket: 00-778

POS display serial support

When setting up the POS display, the serial ports COM5 to COM9 can now be set.


Ticket: 00-779

Standard form for go to and short info links

If several forms are active for an object type (e.g. "Offer"/ "Offer short" or "Delivery note"/"Delivery note long"), you can now specify in the registry which of them should be used by default.

To do this, a corresponding key with the form name must be created in the registry. For "Offer Short", for example:


In this key, the numerical value "NavigateDefault" must now be created with the value 0 or 1.


Ticket: 00-783

Change cash documents

In addition to changing the total amount, the date, the document number, and so on, changing the means of payment and the change money is now also prevented, since these fields are also included in the calculation of the checksum. The integration in the checksum already existed with the change to the GoBD. This ensures that the document is not subsequently changed.


Ticket: 00-784

Article with serial scanner in receipt

In the POS module it is now possible to include an article directly in the receipt using a serial scanner (optional module). The input focus does not necessarily have to be in the "Barcode" field. Furthermore, articles can also be added to the receipt via an external link (eulanda://).

service articles

Ticket: 00-785

Service articles brief information, etc.

- Via CTRL+G (Go to) you can now jump not only to offers, orders and invoices but also to associated orders and delivery notes.

- The short information area now contains the latest offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices and orders.

- BUG] If a service item was copied, it could no longer be deleted. reported by Mr. Beier.

SQL registry

Ticket: 00-780

Incorrect entries in the Edit menu in the registry editor

In the "Edit" menu, a submenu item "Copy to client" or "aCopyToClient" was displayed, which contained incorrect subitems. This point was then also displayed in other modules.


Ticket: 00-781

Cash handover for tax audit

A file necessary for data transfer (IDEA interface) was not installed correctly on some EULANDA systems.

If file transfer is required, this update must be applied.


Ticket: 00-782

Warning for long matchcodes

For matchcodes with more than 40 characters, this was truncated in the warning when an order etc. was created. In addition, the new longer matchcodes are now also supported in other places. Reported by Mr. Hottmeyer

goods receipt

Ticket: 00-775

Import to layer documents from Excel

When importing articles into a warehouse document (goods receipt, inventory, stock transfer), quantities were imported incorrectly if an article number did not exist.

However, the article numbers not found were displayed in the error list.


Ticket: 00-776

Copying articles and addresses

When copying articles and addresses, the matchcode or article number was truncated if it was longer than 40 characters. Reported by Mr. Hottmeyer


Ticket: 00-773


- Spelling errors in"Features and program functions

- Short info in search mode (optional feature) were no longer displayed in the previous EULANDA version - reported by Mr. Beier

Version dated 08.08.2017


Ticket: 00-769


API extension to support a SHOP with gross prices.


Ticket: 00-767

Add to existing order

If the completed purchase order was already called up in the Purchasing module, the display is updated. So you don't have to press F5 anymore.

high DPI

Ticket: 00-768

SQL-Designer high resolution

The SQL-Designer has been revised for high resolutions. Among other things, the window size and the division of the individual areas has been improved.

Furthermore, the registry editor, which can be called from the SQL Designer in the "Tools" menu, has been revised for high resolutions. And also in this registry editor help texts are now available for many areas (as in the editor in the main program).


Ticket: 00-755

Delivery address in order

The removal of the delivery address in orders has been simplified. You can access this function via the "Remove delivery address" menu item in the "Actions" menu. Inspired by Mr. Heinz.


Ticket: 00-756

Micro ("Mü") symbol

It was not possible to enter the"Mü" special character using AltGR + M, as this called up the administration page in EULANDA. Inspired by Mr. Juchmes.

user fields

Ticket: 00-757

User fields with drop-down list

If a lookup definition is stored for a user field of type "integer", the selection field is now displayed wider. Inspired by Mr. Heinz.


Ticket: 00-758

Background processing accelerated

The background processing, and in particular the shop interface, has been optimized and now places significantly less load on the SQL server.

sales receipt

Ticket: 00-759

receipt header and footer text

For the standard receipt, the footer ("Thank you, ...") and the header text (e.g. address) can now be adapted outside the form. The setting option can be found in "Cashier/Settings/Cash register" and there in the "Print receipt" area.

radio scanner

Ticket: 00-760

Delivery with radio scanner

The"Print packing list" option is now only offered in the"Dispatch module" module of the radio scanner if a packing list form has been stored in the settings.

This makes the "Packing list command" field easier to access from the hand-held scanner.

Dunning collective address

Ticket: 00-762

Dunning collective address

The printing of the address in the forms "Reminder collected" and "Reminder hits" has been improved. Blank lines in the name lines are now merged (as with bill printing, and so on). Inspired by Mr. Juchmess


Ticket: 00-763

Service articles for ordering

The service article module - if licensed - can now also be used in purchasing. Service articles can be assigned to the order header there.

In contrast to sales, all service articles are displayed for selection. Inspired by Mr. Heinz.

news story

Ticket: 00-752

Barcode of the outer packaging

A new input field (30 characters, text) is available in the article mask for the barcode of the outer box or packaging unit (from EULANDA Professional). This is required by the EDI interface and is otherwise only informal. It can of course be used on labels or in reports if required.

This is an optional feature which can be activated via Settings -> "Features and program functions". It can be found there under"Barcode of the packaging unit".

postcode search

Ticket: 00-753

Geographical search

Several detail improvements of the geographical search. Using the geo search you can display addresses of a feature on a map or search for addresses in the vicinity of a specific postcode. To call the function, right-click on the required characteristic.

- The display of the characteristic elements on the map is now also possible for much more complex SQL characteristics. Previously, this was limited to 1000 characters of SQL code.

- Furthermore, up to 10,000 addresses can now be displayed on the map instead of just 500 coordinates.

- The list display can now be transferred directly to Excel® without the detour via the clipboard.

- Various layout improvements.

- The option "Show same coordinates larger" leads to a more balanced display.

- Some characteristics could not be displayed (error message "ambiguous column name country" or similar)


Ticket: 00-754

Short information in order items

If the supplier matchcode was greater than 40 characters, the short info could not be displayed. Reported by Mr. Heinz


Ticket: 00-764

Incorrect Excel file

If the last imported Excel file is no longer readable (due to external influences), the Excel import module could no longer be started.

dunning system

Ticket: 00-766

Open items - incorrect entry

If an invalid character was entered when entering an incoming payment and CTRL+ENTER was pressed immediately, the OR module no longer worked. Reported by Mr. Hottmeyer

text module

Ticket: 00-761

Select All in Text Module

In the text module, the complete text can now be marked again using the key combination CTRL+A. This was previously only possible via the context menu. Reported by Mr. Geske.


Ticket: 00-770

Datanorm-Import - Set characteristics

The function "Set characteristics automatically" during Datanorm and ZVEH import had not always set all affected articles.

An error due to timeout could occur when importing large Datanorm datasets.

Version dated 06/2017


Ticket: 00-742

Vendor assignment and maximum length of item no.

In purchasing, too, long article numbers and matchcodes can now be up to 80 characters long; previously the limit was 70 or 50 characters.


Ticket: 00-743

Information field in orders

An information field for entering notes is now also available in the order module, as in the quotation system. Inspired by Mr Fassl.


Ticket: 00-744

Order-related ordering

In order-related ordering, the purchasing packaging units are now also taken into account for exploded BOMs and price calculations implemented as special programming.


Ticket: 00-746

Font for reports

The font used in orders, invoices etc. can now be stored via a central setting (Settings -> Reports -> Font).


Ticket: 00-747

last search words

In the search mask the last search terms can be called up via SHIFT+ARROW-NACH- DOWN


Ticket: 00-748

Images in compressed Jpeg format

The article images (among others) are now saved in the space-saving, lossy Jpeg format by default. The improved compression also made it possible to save the images larger. The maximum dimensions are now 1100x1100 pixels instead of the previous 600x500. 70% storage space can be saved by the new format despite larger dimensions.

The size of the preview images has also been increased. This is now 350x350 pixels. This has a positive effect on high-resolution monitors in particular.

All dimensions can be defined in "Settings" "General/Images" per table. If necessary, the lossless (original) BMP format can also be set here again.

The existing images are not automatically converted during the Eulanda update. However, this can be done at any time using the settings.

In the article mask (among other things), the current size and format can be called up by right-clicking on the image via "Properties".


Ticket: 00-749

Representative e-mail for printing

When printing as an e-mail, the representative is now also offered as a possible recipient in the print box (the button with the three dots"..." next to the e-mail address).

The same generally applies to telephone dialing via CTRL+F8 or quick e-mail via CTRL+F7.


Ticket: 00-750

Customer/discount groups

- The discount matrix, i.e. the assignment of discounts to customer and discount groups, can now be copied to the clipboard for viewing in a spreadsheet program. (In Settings RG/KG)

- Small layout improvements in the settings RG/KG.

Version dated 03.05.2017


Ticket: 00-740

Home page in 4K resolution

The EULANDA homepage has been optimized for 4K monitors

networking problems

Ticket: 00-741

networking problems

SQL Server terminations improvements

Version dated 04/27/2017

Multiple languages

Ticket: 00-733

Language support Mandarin / Turkish

The preliminary language support of the EULANDA interface for Mandarin (China) and Turkish is completely discontinued with this version.

The database size and also the size of the Eulanda.exe is reduced by the omission of some 10,000 text fragments.


Ticket: 00-736

Search words greater than 40 characters

Search terms longer than 40 characters are now supported for the evaluation of search terms in the input mask. Many thanks to Mr Hottmeyer for this suggestion.

file size

Ticket: 00-739


By optimizing the internal registration database of EULANDA the file size of the EULANDA.EXE could be reduced by almost 10MB.


Ticket: 00-734

Newly created databases since 2015

For new clients created in the last three years, some indexes (lookup list) were not created optimally. This could have a partly negative effect on the database size.

Older clients are not affected. Here the indexes were already optimized.


Ticket: 00-735

Problems starting the program

If Windows was busy (e.g. by a virus scanner) or several EULANDAs were started simultaneously, it could happen that EULANDA was not started correctly. The homepage could then display errors or no icons were displayed in the quick start bar, for example.


Ticket: 00-737

Log off cash register / close program module

After logging off from the POS or generally when closing a module via CTRL+F4, EULANDA now jumps to the EULANDA start page. Noted by Mr Hottmeyer et al.

news story

Ticket: 00-738

Article number and matchcode in the mask

The field description for the fields article number and matchcode has not been displayed in the template since the last version.

Version dated 04/13/2017


Ticket: 00-727

Recalculate offers

The "Recalculate offers" function no longer applies to all offers by default, but a specific filter must be explicitly selected.


Ticket: 00-728

Debug function for scripting

for developers:

via ellib.DebugOut, you can output debug information about the standard debug output of the application. If the"debuglog.txt" file exists, this output is added there. Using the command line parameter -debugconsole, the output can also be output in a separate window next to EULANDA.


Ticket: 00-729

Sales representative settlement - commissionable articles

In the article master, the commission eligibility per article can be deactivated on the "Advanced" tab. This can be useful for shipping items, for example.

This has an effect on the standard report"Substitute billing" supplied by EULANDA. Custom reports are not affected.


Ticket: 00-730

Checkout miscellaneous

- In the "Pay" dialog box, the entry is now displayed again by default in the "Payment amount" field.

- The size of the images for quick articles can now be adjusted. This allows you to indirectly influence the number of quick articles displayed. The setting is made in the registry under \MODULES\Cash\Checkouts\<Checkout name>

Here you can store the values"Fast Item.Width" and"Fast Item.Height". The default values are "48".


Ticket: 00-731

shop reference

The "ShopRef" field in the address master used for internal matching has been increased to 80 characters.

Also, by default, the field from the item to be deleted now takes precedence when merging addresses.


Ticket: 00-732

Cursor keys in view mode

If the input mask is in view mode and you are in a long text field, you can now use the cursor keys (up, down, left, right) to navigate within the long text without jumping to the next or previous data record.

Version dated 03/15/2017

home page

Ticket: 00-724

Home page with outdated Internet Explorer

The EULANDA start page reported an error under Windows XP and also under Windows 7, if the old Internet Explorer 8 was still used. The error has been fixed, but the start page is not displayed optimally, because the old Explorer does not have all necessary functions.

Under Windows 7 we recommend updating Internet Explorer to version 11.

Windows XP and Vista are no longer officially supported by EULANDA since version 6.0 (released in 2015). For Windows Vista there is a version 9 of Internet Explorer, which contains at least some of the new functions.


Ticket: 00-726

EULANDA update

The update process has been improved. If there are other EULANDA programs open on the local PC, they are closed.

These can also be non-responsive EULANDA programs that are not visible on the normal screen, but can only be accessed via the Windows task manager.

news story

Ticket: 00-725

Extended discount group statistics

The extended discount group statistics and the extended revenue group statistics could not be printed if the "Merchandise Categories" feature was deactivated.

Reported by Mr. Broschard

Version from 03/09/2017


Ticket: 00-716

Improvement of the receipt

The standard receipt has been improved in the following points. If an adjusted receipt form is used, the changes have no effect:

- The amount given by the customer and the change are now displayed by default.

- When using the optional serial number module, the serial numbers are now printed below the item text by default.

- If a total discount has been granted, it is now better displayed.

- The included VAT with the respective VAT rate is now displayed in tabular form.

- If there are different tax rates in the receipt, the receipt lines are marked with the letters A, B and C and the same name is used in the VAT table.

- A multiline text for the header area and one for the footer area of the receipt can be stored in the registry. This can be, for example, the address or a phrase of thanks.


Ticket: 00-717

Cash desk Miscellaneous

- The numeric keypad in touchscreen mode has been extended by the minus button.

- Batch articles can now also be sold in the POS module

- A "Full Screen" button is now available which can also be used to switch to full screen mode via touch screen. The menu bar, the status bar, etc. are hidden.

- minor layout improvements

Info field in open items

Ticket: 00-718

Info field in open items

The info field from the invoice can now be displayed in the open items in the browser.


Ticket: 00-720

High resolution

The properties window for SQL features has been optimized for high resolutions. The"Test" button was not visible in some cases.


Ticket: 00-722

EULANDA Homepage

The EULANDA home page has been redesigned. With the appropriate window size, the displayed brief information is now displayed in two columns and the space is used better.

The same applies to the item "Settings" under "Accessories".

characteristics tree

Ticket: 00-723

Stability problems in the characteristic tree

Sporadic error messages when using the feature tree fixed.

delivery items

Ticket: 00-721

Clean up suppliers

Delivery items could not be cleaned up if service articles were created for some articles.

service articles

Ticket: 00-719

service articles

In the standard forms quotation, order and invoice, the information on the service article may have been displayed incorrectly.

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