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Serial numbers

Serial number and batches (optional)

The following chapter refers to the two optional EULANDA® program modules "Serial Number Management" and "Batch Management". All information about the serial number module also applies to batch management, unless otherwise stated. In some cases, the generic term "ID number" is also used in this manual.

The serial number module makes it possible to record the flow of goods at individual item level. For this purpose, a serial number is assigned to each individual piece of an article. This serial number can be used to track the movement of individual article units at any time.

Batch is the generalized form of serial numbers. A number is not assigned for an individual piece, but for a larger quantity (lot, batch). This is usually required if the assignment of individual numbers is technically not possible or practicable. For example, in the case of divisible raw materials such as flour.

Serial number module


  • Any number of serial numbers per item
  • Serial number lengths up to 60 characters
  • Specification of an alternative serial number
  • Stock journal per serial number
  • Goods receipt of sequential serial numbers
  • Transfer of serial numbers via the Windows clipboard thereby transfer from a text file
  • Listing of all serial numbers of all items in stock
  • Listing of all serial numbers of an item in stock
  • Printout of serial numbers on the delivery note
  • Use of serial numbers in BOMs (optional)
  • Storage of provisional serial numbers
  • Delayed entry of serial numbers at goods issue (provisional SN)
  • Locking individual serial numbers with text storage

Questions and Answers

Where do I specify that an item requires a serial number?

Call up the desired article in the article master and select the menu item "Switch on serial numbers" in the "Promotions" menu. The article must not have any stock. You may therefore have to create a goods issue first. The serial number requirement cannot be deactivated afterwards. (see also Serial Numbers in the Article section)

How do I disable the serial number requirement?

Once an item has been switched to serial number requirement, this setting cannot be undone. The setting should therefore be made carefully. A message is displayed when this menu item is activated


Of course you always have the possibility to rename the article number of the article and to create a new article with the old article number. For EULANDA®, however, these are two separate articles. This means, for example, that both articles are displayed separately in statistics.

How do I create a serial number?

Serial numbers are created automatically when the system is received. This means that as soon as an item requiring a serial number is booked, EULANDA® requests the corresponding number of serial numbers. A serial number does not have to be created beforehand. The following warehouse operations are referred to as system inbound:

  • Goods receipt in warehousing
  • Inbound delivery in Purchasing
  • Production of parts lists

What serial number do I have in stock?

If you are only interested in the serial numbers of an individual item, first call up this item in the article master. In the information system (CTRL+I) you will find the required list in the Warehouse folder.

If you need a list of all serial numbers, call up account 1000 in the Warehouse Account module. There you will find the desired information in the information system (CTRL+I) in the "Inventory" folder.

Can I correct a serial number if it was entered incorrectly?

Serial numbers can be changed later using the Serial Numbers module. You can also enter additional information here, such as the alternative serial number.

What does"Miscellaneous (reserved)" mean?

This is an automatically generated, internal pseudo serial number. In the activity Order -> Delivery note, the serial numbers are assigned when the delivery note is posted - typically by the employee who assembles the delivery in the warehouse.

When converting an order into a delivery note, which is typically initiated by sales, the serial number is not yet fixed. In order to prevent that the article is not converted more often than the stock allows, EULANDA® posts the corresponding articles to a reservation account.

Do I have to enter serial numbers at goods receipt or can I enter them later?

You can also enter the serial number at goods issue. However, this behavior must be activated in the settings under"Identification numbers SN/Charge". For more information, see the chapter entitled"Settings".


In warehousing, the item "ID number" can be called up. The search works here, as in all other areas. You enter the complete number or parts of it. The system searches for all operations for these numbers.

In the overview at the top right you can see all serial numbers found for your search. For each serial number, a list of all related processes is displayed in the lower area. You can immediately see when the serial number was entered and where it was sold to. In the case of credit memos, you can also see the reversal posting.

Changing serial numbers

The serial number, the alternative number and the info field can be changed later. Please note that this can also change serial numbers that have already been delivered. To enter the change mode, press the ENTER key. to save the changes, press CTRL+ENTER as usual. All changes to the actual serial number (not Info or Alt. SN) are logged and can be displayed in the tooltip ("View" menu item"Tooltip").

System serial numbers, such as"Miscellaneous (reserved)" cannot be changed. If you change such a serial number, you will receive a corresponding error message when saving.

Serial number locking

Individual serial numbers can be blocked. This prevents any stock posting, that is, stock placement or stock removal. To lock the serial number, select"Lock ident number" from the"Actions" menu.

Locked serial numbers are displayed in red in the overview. If the short info is displayed ("View" menu item"Short info"), you can also see when and from which work center the number was locked.

Goods receipt

As soon as an item with an item requiring a serial number has been created at goods receipt, EULANDA® prompts you to enter the serial numbers. This is a first-time access to the EULANDA® storage system. Unlike a delivery or return from a customer. The serial number is therefore not selected from a list but is completely re-entered.

Creating a Series

As soon as the dialog box appears, it automatically switches to input mode. The SN field is now highlighted in yellow. The serial numbers can now be entered via keyboard or barcode reader. When entering the keypad, the entry of the individual serial numbers is completed with the ENTER key. The next number can then be entered immediately. All numbers already entered are displayed in the form of a list.

The status area (above) shows how many serial numbers have already been entered and how many in total are to be entered. As soon as the required number has been entered, the dialog box closes.

If a serial number was entered incorrectly, it can be removed from the list at any time by double-clicking on it.

If several serial numbers have to be entered or if the serial numbers are already available as text files or similar, you can conveniently read them in or generate them using the"Enter serial numbers" function. A detailed description of this function can be found in the chapter Serial Numbers. After entering a series, the word"(series)" appears in the SN field. If you now save the entry by clicking on the check mark, all numbers of the series are transferred to the list.

The entry fields "ex bin" and "on bin" are only relevant if storage bins are used in conjunction with the multi-level module. The"Quantity" input field is only relevant for batch numbers.

Consecutive serial numbers

This dialog box allows you to enter longer lists of serial numbers for goods receipt. If the serial numbers are sequential, they can even be generated automatically. Serial numbers from other programs - for example Excel - can also be transferred via the Windows clipboard.

Way of proceeding

  • If you are in the Inventory Booking Details dialog box, select the"Enter series" command.
  • To create several consecutive numbers, enter the first number in the upper input field and set the desired number to the right of it. Then select the "Create series" button.
  • The generated serial numbers are displayed as a list for checking purposes.
  • You can delete individual numbers in the list using CTRL+Y or add new numbers.
  • The list can be edited like normal text. They can be inserted via e.g. numbers from the clipboard with CTRL+V.
  • If more serial numbers have been entered than required, EULANDA® displays the surplus numbers in red.

Storage lock

Individual serial numbers or batches can be blocked for all storage operations using the"Block ID number" item in the"Actions" menu. The reason for the block can also be stored as a short text. As soon as you try to post this number on, off, or repost, an error message is issued.

Block ID number

This brief information tells you whether a stock block exists for the currently displayed serial number and also shows the reason for the block. The date, time and PC name on which the lock was set up are also displayed.