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Glossary [B]

Binär The binary system consists of only two states "0" and "1" or "TRUE" and "FALSE". Often one speaks of binary files and means that they are not directly readable by humans. Like program files, they consist of arbitrary characters.
Blättermodus In paging mode, you can scroll left/right from one record to the next using the cursor keys, displaying the record in full screen mode.

The radian (Radian, abbreviation rad) is an alternative but common unit for the angle. While the angle is given in degrees from 0-360 degrees, the radian measure is called 0-2 PI (=3.1415926...). The full angle is 2*PI (=360 degrees).

Programming languages like JScript, Pascal-Script and T-SQL require the parameters of the angle functions, like sin, cos, tan etc. in radians.

The sin(45) is therefore expected in radians as sin (PI/4). If the angle is in degrees, you will find instructions for conversion to radians here.

Angel Radian
0 0
45 1/4
90 1/2
180 1
270 3/2
360 2

Conversion from degrees to radians

Radian = Degree * PI / 180

Conversion from radians to degrees

Degree = Radian * 180 / PI