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Glossary [E]

EANThe EAN or GTIN (=Global Trade Item Number) is represented as EAN (=European article number) or with the directly related UCC (=Uniform Code Council) as a standard numbering structure.
The EAN number has meanwhile been renamed into the global GTIN (= Global Trade Item Number).
It is a globally unique article number, which is part of the number itself. This number is generally applied to retail packaging in the form of a barcode.
EANCOMEANCOMĀ® is a subset (= subset of UN/EDIFACT). EANCOMĀ® (=European Article Number Communication) was developed by the international EAN organisation ( in Brussels and is based on a numbering system for the articles and business partners. The data exchange is generally referred to as EDI.
EDIThe general term EDI (=Electronic Data Interchange) is understood to mean automated data exchange via computer systems for business processes such as orders, invoices etc.
Often EDI is also used as a generic term of EDIFACT or EANCOM.
EDIFACTEDIFACT (= Electronic Data Interchange For Administration Commerce and Transport) is a worldwide data exchange format in exchange with companies.
EurodnsEurodns is the name of an Internet company. They offer a web-administrative DNS (= Domain Name Server) and meanwhile register hundreds of different top-level domains such as ". eu",". de" etc.