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Glossary [F]

FileworksIt is a mail program that transmits text and files via the X400 protocol. It is a program that can be purchased from Deutsche Telekom and is needed if a partner wants to use the X400 protocol for EDI files.
FirmwareSoftware, which is directly integrated in a device. Often it can be updated via a flash update. LANCOM units can be updated via a USB stick and the firmware installed on it.
FTPFTP (= File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol for exchanging files over the Internet. With an FTP client you can access an FTP server and download or upload files. To ensure security, login with a user name and password. Both are transmitted in plain text, resulting in an unencrypted connection. Nevertheless, the FTP procedure is still very important and efficient today. With the Windows File Explorer you can directly access an FTP server. To do this, you only have to enter the protocol "ftp://" and the server name in the title bar. So e. g."".