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Glossary [G]

GLNThe Global Location Number (= GLN) is a globally unique number that identifies a partner on the EDIFACT system. This number used to be called the International Location Number (ILN).
The number consists of 13 digits, with the first three digits indicating the country code. The actual base number has between 7 and 9 digits, which is needed to generate the GTIN (formerly EAN). GLNs with long base numbers can therefore only generate a few article numbers.
GTINThe GTIN (= Global Trade Item Number) originated from the EAN (= European Article Number) and can be found as a barcode on all food packaging. As a rule, this number is 13 digits long. These numbers or the GLNs are managed by GS1.
See also: EAN
Gutschriftverf├╝gungThe credit order (= GSVERF) is a financial document issued by the customer. It has the same character as an invoice from the supplier to the customer, except that for simplification reasons the customer creates this special credit memo instead.
In the EDIFACT area, this is often done because suppliers deliver goods, but only those that have been sold are settled. This is usually the case. For deliveries in a consignment or consignment warehouse, the case.
The credit memo disposition (= GSVERF) is not a separate EDIFACT message type. This is displayed as an invoice (= INVOIC), but is treated in a special way in merchandise management.