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Glossary [I]

ILNThe ILN (=International Location Number) is a unique number for every company worldwide. This number is used to construct all barcodes, such as in the supermarket. The ILN is the company number. Combined with a continuous article number, you get the usual EAN barcode.
INVOICIf an EDI message type and corresponds to an invoice.
IP-NummerAn IP number is the address of a host that can be addressed via the TCP-IP protocol. Ultimately, all computers in the Internet or in the office environment are connected via the TCP network. A host is accordingly the address of a computer that can be accessed via this address. In addition to the IP number, computers can also be addressed by name.
These names are converted to IP addresses in the DNS server.
Each IP address is, for example,"". In addition to this IP4 address, which is quite "clear", the Internet is currently being massively expanded and the IP6 address is being introduced. The new number range is now so large that every electronic device could get its unique IP6 address.