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Glossary [K]

KalenderwocheThe numbering of the weeks in the respective year that is frequently used in Germany. Weeks that extend over the fiscal year change are added to the year in which more days lie. It is therefore possible that January 1 of the last calendar week of the previous year may be added. It follows from this that the calendar week is number 1:
Calendar week one is the first week of the year, which has at least four days in the year.
Calendar weeks are often noted with two digits and if necessary prezeroed. So KW05 KW52 etc.
KommissionslagerThis is a warehouse that is managed at the customer's site, but the goods belong to the vendor in terms of inventory. This is usually managed. by a commission agent, but also by the customer himself. This reports the sales to the vendor, who then issues an invoice or instead issues a credit memo to the customer.
KonsignationslagerThis is a warehouse managed and managed by the supplier close to the customer.