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Glossary [M]

MDACMDAC (abbreviation for Microsoft Data Access Components) is a database connection software that connects the client, i. e. the workstation, to a database. This connection can also be made via the network. MDAC supports various database systems such as: ODBC, OLEDB, Excel, dBase, Jet, Access, SQL Server and others.
MDNThe MDN (= Message Disposition Notification) is a receipt receipt with which the sender can prove receipt of his message. This type of acknowledgement is standard for AS2 connections.
MendelsonMendelson is the manufacturer of the AS2-Server used by the EULANDA-EDI-Server.
MerkmalbaumThe characteristic tree stores any properties for data records in a tree structure. In addition to static properties that have to be set manually, dynamic properties are also distinguished, which "set" themselves according to rules in real time. Characteristics can be freely defined by the user.
MHDMinimum shelf life