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Glossary [O]

OCRStands for the English expression "optical character recognition" in German for "optical character recognition" and refers to a software that analyzes an image file (scan, photo etc.) and converts the text contained therein into a computer understandable form (for example a Word file).
ODBCODBC is a standardized interface to access any database. The prerequisite is that this database provides an ODBC driver. Access and Excel, for example, can access the EULANDA® database directly via ODBC.
Optionen-StringIn some settings it is possible to set different properties. These are marked in the tables with "option string". To do this, you must always specify the name of the property followed by an equals sign and the assigned value. Several properties are separated by semicolons.
If the value contains a semicolon, the value must be set in double quotation marks. If there are double quotation marks in the quotes, they must be doubled. Example:
Info="Respect for "";"" in the text"; color=green
ORDERSIf an EDI message type and corresponds to a request.